Seneschal Report


Seneschal Report

<div class="header">## Office of the Seneschal Report

May 28, 2011

</div> <div class="divider">### News </div>

DJB Wiki Update

The wiki has had some problems of late. If you've been living under a rock and are curious what those issues have been, check out this news post. After many many hours of downloading cached files from Google, coding, testing, coding, testing, and coding...the Wiki is almost back in business. I've turned the Wiki Staff and a few volunteers loose on the DJB Wiki for serious cleanup action. While a LOT of stuff was recovered and cleaned...there's still a lot more to do. Make sure you thank those guys for the effort they are putting in!

New Praetor

I've chosen Celahir as my Praetor! Celahir is coming to the SCL Office with some experience in PHP and MySQL via the Arcona site. Over the past year and a half he's sent enough questions my way that I've taken notice of his interest. When he informed me of is RL need to learn a lot more about PHP and databases by the fall due to an internship, I figured the best way for him to accomplish those RL goals is to be thrust into a demanding coding position in the DJB. I attribute my start and much of my early advancement in development to Star Wars clubs. Having something you enjoy fuel your Real Life advancement is a wonderful thing. I believe Celahir will do well and I already have him working on re-coding the Test of Lore :)

Next SCL Task

With Celahir working on the Test of Lore, I'm going to re-direct my attention to the DJB Join Form and recode that. As some of you may or may not be aware, the Join form is SUPER buggy and isn't distributing new members appropriately. It'll soon be PHP-driven and a bit cleaner if all goes well.

<div class="divider">### SCL Q&A </div> Here's a few questions I've been asked via my FormSpring account.

Q: How far along is the Possession System (percentage wise, not counting images not finished by Muz/Shik)? A: 40-60% Yeah...that's a wide range. I'd like to think that it is 60%, however, I'm sure there will be stuff that I haven't foreseen that will creep in to frustrate me.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a BAMF are you for charging headlong into the fray of recovering the DJBwiki, most likely with a spear and bloody teeth? _A: I will defer to my fellow DJB members for that determination. But I've written a boatload of code to breathe life into that bastard...all coded using the end of my spear!

And by spear, I mean penis._

<div class="divider">### Closing Remarks </div>

I participated in/completed Tough Mudder New England with a mohawk. I have since shaved my head. I just ate some cake. I'm out of sunflower seeds. I don't own a cat, squirrel, or armadillo but I do have a waffle iron.

Thank you. That is all. Bork, bork, bork!

Orv is the awesome :D

Congrats on the new job, Irfan! Don't forget me when you're important and stuff <3

Oh, and as a followup: I am now backing up the wiki and the forums every week and transferring duplicate backups off-server. I aim to not have this issue again.

I thought you had a cat! :O

Not a cat. A 3-toed sloth.

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