Herald Report


Herald Report

While the last report was relatively short, this report is going to be filled with awesomeness! The first thing I would like to announce is that our very own Ekeia Iclo will be stepping up to become Praetor to the Herald. She has been a Magistrate for some time and I feel it is her time to see what happens more behind the curtain. Please congratulate her on her new position.

Secondly, I had announced a competition called Operation: Hardware. This round involved the creation of a new blaster that will be implemented into the Possessions system. I have the top three competitors here, as well as a couple of honorable mentions.

1st: Lynyrd Pepoi 2nd: Tyno 3rd: Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae

Honorable mentions go to Maaks Erinos and Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart. Congratulations on your entries and expect renditions made soon!

Next, I have been spending my time reorganizing some projects and getting something together to make it more time efficient and to bring the sexiness to you all in a timely manner. So, please keep a look out for announcements and teasers for these projects and many others!

Lastly, I was looking at the Order items in our selectors and realized that we have a lot of the same old items but nothing else to really look forward to. So, Muz and I have decided to bring the sexiness to you. We have new Order items, one robe and saber, for each Order. I hope you enjoy!


Also, Muz has gone out and given an older robe a new rendition for the Jedi in the Brotherhood.

Now, let's get the sexiness under way.

Taigikori Aybara Dupar

Completed by Ekeia:

Valkas Tamalar Palpatine Kant Lavar Talos Erinos Kratus Vahillus Locke Sonjie

Completed by Jeric:

Archean Erinos Tarentae Rian Aslar Eiko

Completed by Ekeia:

Valkas Tamalar Palpatine Xathia Vahillus

Completed by Jeric:

Archean Erinos Tarentae Jeric Cyrin Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart

Tra'an asks: "What's your favorite Possessions' graphic that you can't reveal yet but can tease us about?"

The first thing that comes to mind was some architecture images I was working on that now I kinda sit back and go, "Man, I really oughta revamp these things, especially since my skills have improved since then." I hope you guys will really dig it.

Archangel asks: "When's the next HRLD Custom Robe competition?"

I hate being the guy that tells the kids that there's no Santa Claus. Competitions for custom robes are gone. The reason for this is that with Possessions on the verge of completion, the more items we add, custom or selector, the more we're gonna have to throw into Possessions. There will be more details as to robes, armor, and custom items as time goes on.

Korras asks: "How far are you with the Possessions graphics?"

Right now, the biggest speed bump we have is ships. gasp Did Shikyo just say ships? Yes, boys and girls, we got Death Star... well, not really but ya know what I mean. Problem is there are a lot of ships and a lot of things that go on ships. This is where the major problem comes in is finding images to render and design for the ships. However, there has been some progress with this aspect of the project and I am certain we will be making progress with it soon.

Halc asks: "Can we 'order' graphical work from the HRLD staff outside of warbanners and lightsabers? I.e. Report headers, forum sig banners, etc...?"

For things like this, you can ask but we easily reserve the right to say no on it, if we're time crunched to work on a project for the entire DB. As things like these make for good competitions for House/Clan members, I normally like to encourage that. However, if we're feeling creative and we love you long time, then those people may ask and we'll be more lenient to accept the request. There really is no formal approach for this. Usually a direct email to the Staff members will do, however I would ask that if you'd like a Praetor or Magistrate to do work for you that I be CC'd on the request. That way if they do accept, I can give them credit for their work.

Mirado asks: "Will we see more 'Clothing' style options in robe selector soon as opposed to robe style stuff?"

Very possible, especially considering the fact that people will be traveling across the galaxy. Anyone walking around in robes, with a lightsaber on them, will be come an instant target. So more natural looks will help members blend in to disguise themselves. There's a couple of ideas I have been thinking about that will not see production this year, but hopefully next year, if I'm still around.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to send me an email or find me in #HRLD_Office you can also ask a question here.

Robes: 131 Lightsabers: 685 Warbanners: 449 Miscellaneous: 132

-DA Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Samurai of the Keibatsu Bloodline

That Krath Robe made me shiver. The Obbie Robe is wangtastic.

May I just say... I'm extremely, highly, utterly impressed! Those robes/armor and Lightsabers for the Dark Jedi really embody what each Order generally focuses on. Shik, you pwn. And I like the new 'Lightie Blizard robes. They're sick.

Also, I'm not trying to brag here... but I am. Shik did one hell of a job on my new custom. Check it out!

Congratulations, Ekeia! /me wipes a tear. You make me so proud! =D

Those robes are the definition of sexy! And each saber really embodies its specific Order! Great job, Shikyo and Muz..thank you!

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