Aedile Report


Aedile Report

This is my first report since I’ve filled Callus’s rather large shoes. I commend Callus on his job as the Aedile. It really is hard work, something I’ve only begun to appreciate. And I want to wish him the best of luck as he continues to serve Revan as its Rollmaster.

As Aedile, I will do anything I possibly can to make Revan better and its members interested and thrilled. If you have any ideas or thoughts, please email me. I can be reached at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Since the Quaestor’s report on the 4th, we have had a bit happen. Aurek Cell is finally opened up to the mass and there are still six seats left for anyone who wants to participate. I’m sure that Elad is looking for good people. Send an email to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] if you’re interested.

Awards and Promotions: I would like to congratulate those who have worked to earn promotions, awards, and completed SA Courses.

Eiko: Pendant of Blood, 14 CFs Elad: Chamber of Justice I, Cr-1E, 5 CFs James: Cr-1E, 18 CFs Tiamath: NOV, ACO, PRT, Training Saber Basics, 10 CFs

New Members: Tiamath Tiamath deserves some special recognition. Since joining House Revan, Tiamath has completed the requirements for NOV, ACO, and PRT in a very short amount of time. He has won many battles in JA, is one of two currently to defeat Dante in this months “Kill Dante” competition and completed the DB Basics with an exceptional 91%. Keep it up Tiamath!

Competitions We have several competitions out to those who want to participate or have time on their hands. The House is running two competitions:

Trivia: So far, only three submissions to the Trivia ladder. Since the ladder won’t end until September, don’t let victory slip out of your hands because of a missed month. It takes about 30 minutes and covers both Star Wars and the Dark Brotherhood.

Revan: For those of you who have more than a blank look when asked what comes to mind when asked what Revan means to you. It’s simple, all formats are welcomed and there is no right or wrong answer. So far, no submissions have been submitted, a fact which pains me because I really am curious as to how people feel about Revan.

ACC Venue: For Aurek Cell members, Elad has put out an order for a dojo to be built to train members of the Aurek Cell and Revanites. This competition is looking mighty appealing, great for all of you creative Revanites. How will you plan to torture your fellow members to make them stronger and harder?

The FIST has a handful of competitions out with several games. The one I want to point out is the “Kill Dante” comp. So far, only two people have defeated Dante. We really need to give Dante a run for his money, kill him more. This month is perfect as there is a price on his head and I smell vengeance in the air, a result of countless defeats at Dante’s hands. So get on IRC, challenge Dante, and smite him! [FIST] JA Smash [FIST] JO Mosh Pit [FIST] Killzone [FIST]Beat up the Fist's Magistrate: Dante [FIST]Special Gaming Event: Gears of War

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