Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Speakers and amplifiers thump with the band’s music. People of random species are sitting around the room and enjoying the alcoholic beverage of their choice. The blues and booze give off a masculine vibe that attracts people from all over the Sepros System. A rough man stands behind the bar cleaning glasses and every so often he slides a drink down the bar and into the hand of an awaiting patron. The Crossroads is the perfect place for any Sadowan to relax, but the sergeant of The Regulators calls it home.

Hey everyone, THERE IS AN AWOL CHECK!! Great things coming soon! The Run On is still going strong (most likely never ending) and soon we will have the tenth Great Jedi War to look forward too! Also please congratulate Locke on his promotion to Aedile of House Shar Dakhan! Also in recent news I have a form spring now, so all of you can anonymously ask me anything about my plans for The Regulators (or you can just ask me random questions about life). Another bit of news is that the wiki is now updated and you can see the new changes here:


Comps: [VOICE] Choose Your Own Adventure

A String of Fortune

Men of the Brotherhood Calendar

Women of the Brotherhood Calendar

[Fortune] Thirsty?

Participation: *Creon Exams: Pre-Republic History, Sith Empire II, Krath Core, and Hand-to-Hand Combat Character Sheet Approved Degree: Combat Maven! Medals: Dark Cross! And a crescent with a quartz star

*Roxas Character sheet approved

*Locke= AED!

OK, not a lot of participation lately…but someone’s got the idea. We gotta keep going strong and show everyone why The Regulators are the best!

DJK Roxas Buurenaar (Obelisk)/SGT/Shar Dakhan of Naga Sadow [ACC: CAN] DC / Cr-1S-3E-2T-6Q / CI-PC / S:-3De


I missed a few comps (thanks for bringing to my attention Fremoc), so be sure to check the comps page!

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