ISP messup: Update 3


ISP messup: Update 3

It seems my connection is fully restored, but from what I heard, several other members in Europe experienced similar problems. So it looks to be a more global issue.

The problem is that usually, PCs send data in chunks (packets) of 1500 bytes. Unfortunately, one major line provider has decided to not route any packets larger than 1452 bytes. Which means, basically every file larger than 1452 bytes won't make it to your machine, unless the place you request it from sends smaller chunks. Luckily, seems to be one of those small-chunk servers or I wouldn't have gotten here this morning :)

So, if you can read this and have problems connecting, you can adjust your OS to send and accept only 1448-sized packets. This should instantly restore your internet connection. Windows users can download a tool for making this setting from my system which you should be able to reach without trouble as I have set this smaller size already.

In the top data (MTU), you'll have to enter 1448 and then hit "setzen" (set). You'll then have to reboot; afterwards you'll be running a setup compatible with the new settings (it'll still work even when things are back to normal although you may experience about a 0.5% performance loss. Whopping, I know :) )

Good luck!


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