Fist of the Brotherhood Report


Fist of the Brotherhood Report

Sooo.. I'm back after not having power for about 4 days, which is an utter relief. Was about to go insane without having my normal internet/gaming fix. Got a bit of a long report to go through this month, so bare with me here.

With the war on the 25th of this month, I'm sponsoring members that want to 'train' or rather get some tips on a certain game. This will be simple, those of you that want learn, email myself and Araxis, and we'll point you to the person that knows that platform.

There's been a slight adjustment with the Rites of Combat pertaining to FFA with JA and JO. FFA matches that have 3 to 6 members playing, will only have to play to 15, while matches with 7 and more members will still play to 25.

I want to mention about gaming nights for a moment. From Sunday until Friday, there will be 24 hour gaming nights. On Saturdays its the ICGE, where you can earn All-Star, crescents, and a PoB, so everything gaming should be over there, unless it is for Soul Calibur 4 on the 3rd weekend of the month, which is the 17th and 18th of this month.

Something fun that a member pushed me towards was Gratuitous Space Battles. I played through it and its a lot of fun planning out your ships, and then seeing if your fleet will take down the opponents. I've also talked to this member into modifying an existing mod (read it will be for the DJB's use only) and would like to actually see this as a playable platform once the mod is complete. But! For the time being we have a competition until the war for this platform so, pick it up off Steam, and get some CF's early before the mod officially comes out.

This month I created a wiki page for The Old Republic Guild. Mainly it gives all the info that I've given out for our guild structure, links to both guilds, the [TOR] roster, ventrilo server, and the forums we use. It'll eventually hold more info about what we are doing there, rewards, raid leaders, and guild officers.

I've had a few pm's this month while I'm AFK and when I go to respond the member isn't around anymore. If you have a question, email me and Araxis. Continuing on this line of thought though, on anything gaming related please CC Araxis. Chances are he will be able to answer the question before me if I'm at work or asleep.

Another thing I've been tinkering around with, is Twitter. To a bunch of gamers I've been poking them to possibly get a program called Raptr, which works just like XFire, but has the ability to track your Xbox Live, PS3, Steam, and other PC games and achievements. With Raptr though I've asked some gamers to link their Raptr accounts with their Twitter to promote gaming in the DJB by setting it so when a gamer starts playing a game their twitter feed has "Come join the #darkjedibrotherhood and game! #starwars" along with the game they are playing.Example: Eiko's Twitter. After some time of messing around I've set up a re-tweeting bot that will find anything with the #darkjedibrotherhood tag, and 're-tweet' it so more people can see the message. It also 're-tweets' #starwars tags.

If you want to get involved with this, feel free to email me.

TOR related videos and news posts from this month: Jedi Consular Details TOR PvP aka Huttball TOR Eternity Vault Walkthrough... OMG ITS JAC

Videos from PAX: <a href="" Huttball Play by Play Alderaan Warzone: Mando vs Mercenary Alderaan Warzone: Trooper vs Sith Assassin Alderaan Warzone: Jedi Sentinel vs Maruder, Juggernaught Huttball with a Jedi Sentinel SWTOR Razor Products

There were two members at PAX this past weekend and they did get to play TOR. I'm waiting for them to send me their experiences with the game and I'll post that up as soon as I get them.

This month with TOR though, I want to unofficially open up applications so I can gather names for when TOR is released. Basically it will be broken down into the following: M:FISTs, Raid leaders, PvP group leaders, and Community Helpers aka the guys who recruit and help low level toons out. These "applications" are pretty well going to be open indefinitely. This isn't official yet, so all you have to really do is the following:

-Email Myself and Araxis and Tyno -State which position you would like -Why you would want that position (I'm not looking for an essay here :P) -Past MMO experiences. -Whether or not you have pre-ordered the game or plan on purchasing on launch day

This is again, unofficial, meaning I'm going to be watching you guys when TOR is released and then make a decision when I think someone is worthy. ;)

Winners of last month's competitions:


Kell Palpatine Dante and Giovanni Palermo tied for first place

Furios and Kelvis tied for second place

League of Legends:

No one participated

Curbstomp the Gamers:

Kell Palpatine Dante with 127 matches for first place

Tiamath with 122 matches for second place

Enapace with 99 matches for third place

Halo Reach: Firefight

Locke Sonjie with 71 matches for first place

Tra'an Reith with 53 matches for second place

Tirano Yamayura with 14 matches for third place

Beat up the Fist:

Tirano Yamayura with 9 wins over me for first place

Tiamath with 6 wins over me for second place

Araxis Pepoi Farron with 4 wins over me for third place

Gaming Stats Breakdown for August: Members gamed: 34 Up 7 from July's 27 Matches Played: 970 Up 356 from July's 614

GMRG Breakdown Total Members: 84 Rank 1: 69 Rank 2: 4 Rank 3: 3 Rank 4: 5 Rank 5: 0 Rank 6: 0 Rank 7: 3

Congrats to Kell Palpatine Dante for making it to rank 7 in the GMRG!

For full stats go here.

Just a reminder of the commands in #dbgaming:

!lookup RC Server !lookup JA Server !lookup JO Server !lookup MW Server !lookup GMRG !lookup Rules !lookup Ventrilo

TL:DR -Email Fremoc/Araxis to be prepared for the war in gaming -Gaming Nights: Sunday to Friday, ICGE is Saturday -Look at Gratuitous Space Battles and prepare for the DJB mod -FFA modification to the RoC -Everything DJB TOR is under one wiki page -If I'm not around email me -CC Araxis on emails -Raptr + Twitter for recruitment (Fremoc and FistBot) -Dante = rank 7 in GMRG -TOR positions in 'indefinite, looking for people interested' mode

Like always, hit me up in an email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), here, or on IRC for any questions, comments or concerns.

I'll see you in #dbgaming or #outerrim.

-Fremoc Pepoi Sadow Fist of the Brotherhood Son of Sadow

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