Master at Arms report


Master at Arms report

Oh noes, a report! A short one, but a report nonetheless!

M:MAA: First things first: DJK Xantros is the new M:MAA. If you want things from me, email him as well (along Dash and me). It will only speed things up, so it's in your own advantage. ;)

Family Audit: It's time for one. Over the next two weeks, well be going over the family names, who has what names, etc.

For this, I'd like to receive a list from all family representatives as to whom is in their family. After a week, I'll start deciding which families stay, and which will have their official recognition removed. This recognition includes protection of the family names. So, please make sure I have the lists in one week. If I don't, it'll definitely not look good for your family.

GJW: get ready. It's going to be fun.

Questions: Malik: can I haz promotion? Answer: as soon as you work for it. :)

Howie: promotion for Panda? Answer: I can promote you to panda?

Malik: can ben and I haz promotiounz? Answer: .. really?

Howie: How's the stamp? Answer: very good, thank you. ;)

I think you get the gist of the kind of questions kept coming. I guess that means no-one has any real questions. :P

To be fair I also asked if the MAA office was working on anything interesting at the moment :P

No, we're not. :P

Fair enough. :P

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