April Fools


April Fools

In case you wondered why your rank, Clan and House affiliation and other things on the Brotherhood changed during the last day - it was the date such things occasionally happen. Now you may wonder if your dossier has actually changed - it has not (unless someone manually interfered, more on that in a second).

What was actually done was not to change the things that were - only the human-readable names were changed. So even if an Acolyte was listed as a Dark Jedi Master, he was actually still an Acolyte. And those Golden Lightsabers were still just Clusters of Fire (which you could actually see by clicking on them or just comparing the upgrades.)

Even the Dark Council members just had their positions renamed - which you could see by the fact that even the headings on long since submitted reports changed. They still had their normal privileges - Master at Arms Kaiann was still working the Shadow Academy and not eligible to promote anyone, much as he would have wanted :)

Now what complicated things is that a few people thought they could fix things - and by that actually messed them up (Remember, nothing was actually changed, it just got named differently). This is just a tiny handful of cases and we know which they are. So everything is back to normal, and next time, check the date :)

Also, comments, flames or praises are welcome.


The Entar April committee for humor in the Brotherhood,

JaM3z Lucius Entar
Cyberguy Quiritatio Entar
Kaiann Yetaru Entar

We love you too, Yacks :-)


And one of those rare cases had to involve FF of course :o)

What would have been better is if you guys made a second site template, or changed the current site, with un-readable foreign mumbo-jumbo text and blurred graphics. And to make if more fun you could swap the links around. So people would spend hours trying to find the rosters :P But obviously you guys opted for the less challenging and less annoying "joke"

Selket :P

Goat - anytime you fancy a spell as KHP, just let me know ;o)

I thought it was a good laugh,


I thought it was clever. Gave me a good chuckle.

Well Selket... guess you could join the Committee for next year :P

i didnt know there was an april fools day so i freaked out :-P

For a few minutes I thought the database had majorly screwed up... then I saw 'GM Firefox Pimp Shadow Taldrya Cantor Entar-Long' (or whatever his big long name was) in the sidebar. Gave me a few laughs. =D

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