Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


Welcome to yet another report of Caliburnus Battleteam. We have quite a bit of things to speak about, so let’s get down to the bussiness.

I News

DB News

GJW X incoming! If you have not heard about that yet, the Great Jedi War X starts on the 25th of September. It is one of the largests events in the Dark Brotherhood, a type of Vendetta, in which the Houses and the Clans fight for awards decided by the Dark Council. It is great opportunity to prove that our House is one of the best and the most active units in the Dark Brotherhood and to earn your own high level awards, including Merit Awards or field promotions.

Today is the last day, when applications for Left Hand of Justice are accepted. More details at

There have been numerous DC and Clan / House reports released during last month. Go read, if you want to know what is going on in the Dark Brotherhood.

House News

The Shards of Darkness Run-On is in its final phase. Hopefully, we can finish it soon!

Numerous awards, both competition and merit ones ( and promotions! ), have been awarded to the members of our Houses. Congrats to all of you !

II Battleteam Leader Office

All further character development competitions are postponed until the GJW X results, so we all may focus on participation in this great event.

Soon after the GJW X, we shall have first competiton specifically designed for our Battleteam, as it is high time to develop our unit background and lore.

Welcome to Rasilvenaira StormRaven and Shadow Nighthunter, who have joined our Battleteam in recent month.

Congratulations to Shadow Nighthunter on her promotion to Protector!

III Featured Competitions

There are several competitions to be featured this month. Let’s see what interesting stuff we have to submit to.

Current House Comps

Strenghts of Scholae competition is being run by Akatsuki. You can find more details at

Current DB-wide Comps

Favourite weapons is the DB-wide competition of my idea. More details at

Take the Cruiser is the MAA competition, which seems to be very exciting. It is the only chance to cooperate with MAA himself during a dangerous mission! More details at

If you are a graphician, you may try your skills in Men / Women of the Brotherhood Calendar competitions.

IV Awards

As mentioned before, members of Caliburnus grabbed numerous awards in recent days. This time, my special congratulations and thanks go to Akatsuki Tamalar, as she has earned numerous Crescents and the Dark Cross. Join me in congratulating them!

Rasilvenaira StormRaven

3x Crescent with Sapphire Star

2x Crescent with Emerald Star

Akatsuki Tamalar

1x Dark Cross

1x Crescent with Sapphire Star

1x Crescent with Amethyst Star

1x Crescent with Emerald Star

2x Crescent with Topaz Star

Shadow Nighthunter

2x Crescent with Topaz Star

1x Crescent with Quartz Star

Thran Occasus

1x Crescent with Sapphire Star

3x Crescents with Emerald Star


3x Crescent with Emerald Star

3x Crescent with Topaz Star

V Key Issue

This time, we shall come back to the matter of regaining the status of Clan. We all know that the status of the Clan is very beneficial both for the unit and its members. It brings numerous advantages like more command positions to earn experience, Clan-wide competitions with 2nd level Crescents to grab, better conditions for fictional development of the unit and much more.

Currently, we are the biggest House in the Dark Brotherhood and I believe that we are on good way to regain the status of the Clan. However, we shall much to do yet and that is what I would like to deal with in this edition of Key Issue in particular.

What we need the most is activity. As the Awards section suggests, only members of our Battleteam have earned 23 Crescents and 1 Dark Cross in the last month. There is visible progress in this area, because in the time from July report to August report, we have earn only 4 Crescents, 1 Legion of the Scholar and 2 Dark Crosses. What is more, the number of awards does not reflect number of entries, submitted by members of our Battleteam and House, which is a bit higher. I am very happy to see that, especially that there are also other members of the House earned quite a lot of awards. However, I believe that we might use some more out-of-competition activities. High level of activity ( both individual members being very active and high number of members being active in general ) shows that we are ready for regaining the status of Clan.

The upcoming Great Jedi War is very exceptional event in our quest. It is one of few events, which may crown our efforts to reclan our House with success. However, if we wish to make it happen, we must show off and prove that we are ready to become the Clan again. We can achieve it only with very high level of participation and ( if possible ) placing in as many subevents as possible. The competition from the other Houses and Clans shall be very strong, but I believe that we may show off no matter of that.

Another important area is communication. I mean the forums and the our mailing group. If we show that something is actually HAPPENING there, we shall prove the Dark Council ( and other Houses / Clan ) that we are trying to do our best to improve all aspects of the community ( the COMMUNITY is the key here! ) – our House. Believe me, we have great potential in this area, so do not hesitate to make a post on the forums or send an e-mail to the mailing group if you think that you have something interesting to say. Also, if you have a general question ( like my about the ACC volunteers to kick my butt ), do not be afraid to ask it on the forums or via the mailing group! Maybe someone will be able to help you!

Also, if there are any positions ( especially Magistrates or Preators to the Dark Council members ) open for applications, do not hesitate to apply, if you only fulfill basic requirements, like rank, leadership experience or SA course completed. I have used the opportunity and now I can learn how to deal with processing promotions, awards and transfers within the Dark Brotherhood, as I have been appointed to the position of Magistrate to Master-At-Arms on the 1st of September. Do not worry, if you do not get the job, you apply for. Your application is enough to show your interest. If you get the job, always make sure to do your best at what you do, so that the Dark Council may see that our work is of very high quality. It not only affects your own image, but has also great influence on the image of the our Battleteam / House.

The issue of regaining the status of Clan is very difficult to explain it shortly. The things, I have mentioned above, are the crucial ones in my opinion. So, if you wish to help the House become the Clan once again, focus on these things and make sure that you do work as much as you can ( which means “as much as the real life allows you” ).


DJK Xantros,

BTL of Caliburnus

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