Herald Report


Herald Report

Though I am off by nearly two or three weeks, this report is to mark my 4th year, (damn, has it really been that long?), as Herald. Since taking office, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing artists, create things I never thought possible, and I feel as if I am slowly but surely improving as a designer. I admit that there are things I want to improve on but for the most part I am glad to see that the work myself, and especially my Staff, does goes appreciated.

My goals going into this 4th year are simple yet massive in scale. I plan on creating a custom face selector tool for members who are Equite 3 or higher, finish the current plan for a face selector base for people to choose from, as well as hit the ground running on the- Nevermind, I can't tell you my third plan. ;-). While I am overseas, I plan on spending some of my spare time working on these projects and making sure the final result is a product you all will enjoy. That said, we have some projects currently ready for your enjoyment.

The robe for you all is called "Destiny", based on the comic book character, Zayne Carrick. This robe will be available to Dark Jedi Knight and higher. Also going to DJK+ is the single handed saber, "Heresy". Honestly, I was playing Dead Space when I was working on this design so I wanted that same kind of feel to come out in the look. Finally for Equite 3+, I have combined my first two single handed sabers the Wolf's Fang and Savage to create the saber set, "Primal". I hope you all enjoy these items as much as I have enjoyed designing them.

Now, let's move on to the sexiness.

Completed by Ekeia:

Drodik Va'lence al'Tor Korroth Akatsuki Tamalar James Roberts-Brannigan

Completed by Jeric:

Ayden Dane

None to preview at the moment.

Various members ask: "Will there be lightsabers and robes for the winners of the Great Jedi War?"

Yes. How we will do this depending on positions will be up to Muz and myself, (mostly Muz), and the Summits will be contacted as to what they get.

Wuntila asks: "Can I have a Sheensaber for being super awesome this GJW?"

You know, I'm thinking something that epitomizes the term "Winning" should be designed and awarded to a victor of sorts. Keep your eyes open for more details later. ;)

Yacks asks: "What is the meaning of life?"


Sildrin asks: "When will you redo the DJB gfx? It's quite old now."

Actually, this thought hadn't occurred to me. This may be something that myself, Muz, Halc, and Orv will have to sit down and talk about. Thank you for the question! Once I have something more definitive, I will make certain to have a better answer in the next report.

Howlader asks: "How awesome will Herald Style Hanukkah be?"

It'll be epic. Like, an epic of epic epicness. This is the goal we set for ourselves. Will it have as many items as last time? No. We're aiming for higher quality this time around while giving a good amount of quantity.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to send me an email or find me in #HRLD_Office you can also ask a question here.

Robes: 141 Lightsabers: 735 Warbanners: 452 Miscellaneous: 132

-DA Shikyo Keibatsu Sadow Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Samurai of the Keibatsu Bloodline

Destiny shows up in the lightsaber selector tool, not in the robe tool. Great designs, Shik.

I still believe there should be Robes of Winning and a Saber of Duh.

I have the Destiny robes... oh wait, I've HAD them for a while now. ;) <3 Shik.

And Kiritea, they should be up on the selector very soon. When the Herald announces new stuff it isn't always coded fullly into the system, and thus takes some time for that to happen. Hope that helps some.

Actually, sexy Shaz'air, what Kiritea is saying is that both the Destiny and Heresy files got loaded into the Lightsaber Selector, even though Destiny is a robe. Just a quick fiix when Shik has the time, I'm sure.

Anyhoo, very nice work, Shik, and congratulations on 4 years! :D

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