Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Cethgus sat in his office, looking at the datapad as always it seemed he had one in his hand, sighing to himself he knew that things would happen in the future that would shape the path forever. Instantly his thoughts were shattered as a knock on the door drew his attention from the current information held in his palm.

“You must be the new recruit that I was expecting, you currently are joining a squad that have been through a war, we are a closely knit group of fighters, I expect you to do well when you join and look forward to seeing what you are able to do.”

Cethgus stood up and looked towards the new member his eyes almost calculating and instantly judging what was in front of him. Smiling to himself experience told me that other things would come in time, for now he needed to be settled into the team, that itself would take long enough of course though Cethgus was sure he wouldn’t have a problem with anyone.

“I welcome you to Revenance Virtoum then, and just know where my office is, if you need anything I’m always available at any point in time, welcome BlareX”



Well not much to say really on this front, just keep an eye on the news page for any updates on positions that are currently up for application, after all they normally get up there before anyone hears anything else about them now days.

The only bit of news really going is that our esteemed proconsul Wuntila made Consul, Equite three and Arconae if you haven’t already had the chance give him a congratulations he has done this clan a massive achievement and made all of us proud of him.

At the moment PCON and CM are up for applications so just keep an eye and try and see who gets those positions or if you feel like applying feel free to do so. But just keep your eyes open for anything in that front that will be up for grabs and look for any position that has been filled.

_ Medals _

I would like to say a massive congratulations to everyone who has managed to get a medal through doing competitions and any other form or work they have been doing, I want to see more coming in soon so just keep working hard and making sure that you do the very best of your ability in order to achieve the very best, so the following medals have been handed out this week:

Saarin – Crescent with Emerald Star Balthier – Crescent with Topaz Star BlareX – Dark Cross

Antei Combat Centre Right, I haven’t seen much in the way of the ACC recently, and I know that most of us are gamers but I would like to see more activity from this area, this means that I want to see more fights taking place as soon as possible and at the same time I wish to do anything to help more of you taking part, what does that mean, it means that if you need a fight and simply cannot find one in the ACC then please feel free to challenge me I will accept it to get things moving quickly.

_ Shadow Academy_

Again with the Shadow Academy, it seems that things in this area have died down a lot since my last report, so I want to see this increase once more people, I know some of you have free time, and on that note I want to see someone of you taking exams when you have free time, they don’t take long but just remember if you do have free time try one people.

_ Transfers _

Not much normally happens in here, but I would like to say a massive welcome to the newest member of the team, BlareX has joined us and I would like to say welcome to the team, everyone make him feel at him and everything will go smoothly.


If you work hard you will be rewarded, that has always been my moto as your leader, and all of you know this so I look forward to seeing more from you in the future, just keep working hard and I know that you will be able to achieve any goal that you set out for and of course I would like to say congratulations to the following:

Protector Blarex to the rank of Guardian.

_ Competitions _

Title: War is over

Specifics: Now that the war is over, you have yourself some time to kill relaxing, but of course like anyone you all have diffrent tastes.

Descibe what your character does with this free time and how they relax and enjoy there free time. It is required to be funny and no less than half a page.

Start Date: 11/15/2011 End Date: 12/2/2011

Unit in Competition: Battle Team Revenance Virtuom Other:

Platforms: And word doc platform.

Awards: 5th Level Crescent

Comments: Approved by Battle Team Leader

Title: Weapons or War

Specifics: You have been given the oppertunity to create a weapon for the team, you must build and design it, what will you come up with.

Draw a weapon that could be used by the team, think about what RV does and why this weapon would be suited to the team. Have fun and funny stuff counts as well ;)

Start Date: 11/15/2011 End Date: 12/2/2011

Unit in Competition: Battle Team Revenance Virtuom Other:

Platforms: Any Graphcis Platform

Awards: 5th Level Crescents

Wiki hunt:

The competition states it starts 11/28 but this can be started immediately and will still end on the stated date.

Using the information on the form linked below, follow the clues through the DJB Wiki and provide the person, place, item, ship, etc each clue references.

The answer for each entry is found on the page of the answer preceding it. For example, the answer for question two is a link on the page for the answer of question one.

Each question is worth one point with the bonus being worth two. The highest score wins and in the event of a tie, the first submission wins.


Running Time: From Nov 28, 2011 until Dec 12, 2011

Unit: Clan Arcona

Platforms: DJB Wiki

Awards: Fourth Level Crescents

_ Final Words _

Right that is the report done so welcome aboard BlareX and other than that just keep up the hard work. Remember that if you do have any problems don’t hesitate to get hold of me and I will always be willing to help you as soon as possible. Other than that have fun and do as much as you can remember I’m always watching you.

Cethgus Entar

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