Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Hello Taldryan! Once again, I seemed to have managed to get off my report scheduled. I do apologize. This past week, has not been productive for me at all. I hope to remedy that going forward.

For those of you in the states, I hope you had a good holiday. I enjoyed too much food with my family, but as always, it was good to spend time with them.

Runon Update: I am still working on the storyline for this. My original idea got changed according to the feedback we got so, I'm going a different direction. I had planned to have this up and going by now, but this past week especially, threw me off my schedule. Watch your email for more updates on this.

New/Returned Members NexusMage Taldrya, Kanzuki Ozen, Bane Valance have rejoined us. Welcome back!

New to the DB and as well as Taldyran: Epyon QwopChamp Voth-Boma Welcome all of you! We hope you enjoy this club as much as we do.

Promotions Carissus was recently promoted to Protector.
Voth-Boma was recently promoted to Novice. Congrats to both of you!

The big promo goes out to Halc though who was recently made Dark Prophet. Halc has worn many hats in this club; Combat Master, Consul, VOICE and DGM to name but a few. In every aspect, he has helped make the DB what it is today. Congrats, Halc! Much deserved!

Awards Legion of the Scholar! These were awarded to the following for participation in GM Drunken Trivia on 11/18/11: Shadow Tarax Howie Ashia Sid Ben Congrats to you all!

Our loverly Sidarce got a Steel Cross for his participation in GJW X! Way to go, Sid!!

Howie got a Crescent with Quartz Star for being the first to guess the lyrics in Halc's Report. Congrats, Howie!

Can't wait for that run-on goodness!

Agreed! It's gonna be killa!

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