Master at Arms report


Master at Arms report

Oh Noes! A report!

I promise it'll be short, though.

EQ Promotion requirements I've slightly changed this, after recieving feedback from several sources. EQ1: unchanged. SC or higher needed. EQ2: 3 months as AED or higher, or a similiar amount of leadership experience in other forms. EQ3: student trained to DJK, or 6 months as AED or higher.

Revan House Revan is now closed. Those who want to transfer to another unit can do so. All who were still in Revan have been rogued.

Email For some reason, Gmail sees fit to send a disproportionate amount of mails straight to spam. I look through it regularly, but some mails miss my attention. If you don't recieve an answer from me within 24 hours, feel free to send it again. The best thing to do, however, is alert me on IRC that you sent it.

Post-GJW It seems like most GJW-related medals and promotions have been done now. there have been too much to sum it all up here, so I'll give one large collective Congrats! to all here.

so: Congrats!

And that's it. I told you it'd be short. Now, there's whisky.

What about promo reqs to EQ4?

Tarax, you are fire. No DA for you. <3


Wat about my promotion from EQ1 to EQ5 instantly?

It's under review until you reach EQ1.

There's EQ5? :P

All former Revanites are welcome in Plagueis.

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