Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Tarax asked for a Summit Report so here it is!

Your Aedile has been sick this past week, but she's starting to feel better. Damnable co-workers with their damnable colds. Grr!

Anywho, my ACC match with Halc is officially finished...Halc won. Big surprise there, right? :-P I had many f*ck ups. Halc had a few too, but I think my biggest problem was that my DP wasn't really a DP. I mis-calculated that one and well... sigh

So here it is if anyone is interested: Halc vs Ashia

What's next? Well, I will be participating in the VOICE's competition Ambitions , with Muz, Shikyo and Vodo. Our fifth is yet to be determined right now as it is between two skilled Journeymen at the moment. They have been given a task by the Grand Master to write a ficition and submit it. The best one wins the spot on our team.

You're probably wondering how the VOICE can participate in his own comp. Well, that is because he isn't judging this one. Our very own Anubis is! Good luck Ani. It's a great comp idea! <3

Alliance of Steel was a bust! We had very few people sign up for this and some of those that did, weren't able to actually complete and submit for one reason or another. This was on both sides, not just Tal. It was very disappointing

I blame ToR. It seems that was the only comp that got anything.

So what's next for Tal? Good question. We'd like to do more stuff with CNS but that really depends on what you guys think and want. So, if anyone has any comments, questions or snide remarks to make regarding this little experiment, please let Sid and I know. We can't improve/change things without feedback. Did you like it? Hate it? Think it was lame? Let us know!

New/Returned Members We have a few new members to Taldryan: Xtal, Natronis, Aleera Welcome, all of you!

Kir has returned home! Kir has retired from Justicar after numerous years of service to the Iron Throne. Thank you for all you have done for the DB. We are glad you are back in Tal! <3

Competitions! Aside from Ambitions mentioned above, there are a few others:

Betrayal and Deceit Ends March 8th.

Seven Levels of Hell Ends March 8th

Revan No More Ends Feb 29th

There are a bunch more comps going on. Gaming, fiction, trivia, etc. Log in to the DB site, click on the Competition Listing under the Main menu and click on 'Stuff that matters to me'. You have to be logged in for this work, but it will show you all the comps you can participate in.

Final Thoughts When life gives you a bad cold, make Tequila Sunrises! :-) -1 jigger of tequila -3/4 cup of orange juice -1/2 a jigger of grenadine syrup

Stir or shake Tequila and OJ. Fill a 12 oz. glass with ice and pour in oj mixture. Slowly pour in grenadine and allow to settle at the bottom (be patient). The grenadine will rise slightly giving it that perfect sunrise effect.


You forgot the most important part:

Kir is gay.

I figured that was a given so... :-P

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