Master at Arms report


Master at Arms report

Promotion guidelines These have now seen a major overhaul, due to ToR being added. Please look them over. A lot of ToR options have been added. It is not mandatory to do ToR only, you can freely mix and match with all the available optionals.

As for this, there will be a one week grace period. Leaders, if your members have already completed more than one rank with the new guidelines, email Dash and me with what they have reached, and of course a recc. We will change the rank of the member in question manually.

Crescents You all know that competition levels are downgraded when not enough people participate. Of course, it would seem fair if the reverse is also true. As of right now, if a competition reaches 10 or more participants, the crescent level is raised by one. Obviously, it can never get higher than first level.

AWOL That's right.. an AWOL is coming in march. Keep an eye on this page, and your inboxes.

Ask the MAA: Howie: Q: The Giant Panda: Great bear or greatest bear? A: Greatest, obviously. Everyone knows that.

Malik: Q: Can we promote Howie to Dark Jedi Panda? A: No. that much panda would break the site. We wouldn't want that.

Sang: Q: Question for the MAA, Have you got any spare Space Marines? A: Never. can't have enough of those.

And also.. no. I am not buying anyone a titan.

i can fly a titian with max skills +1

I will get those Space Marines Korras. :P

Imperial Guard > Space Marines.

Howie didnt ask that. Youre just pandering to him. [insert weird smiley that broke the site here -Jam3z]

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