Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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House Galeres Aedile Report

<small>House Galeres Aedile Report #1</small>


Sanguinius slouched in the chair, temporarily at ease as he studied the man before him. The Anaxsi had a reputation of being a mild-mannered gentle person, but he relished this time to relax for once before a subordinate. The man before him was not one he trusted at the best of times, knowing the Miralukan's reputation of buying and selling information to the highest bidder meant that there was no point in a wasted performance.

"I see you've settled in alright, Balthier," the Entar frowned as his newly appointed Aedile appraised the decanter of aged Anaxsi brandy resting on his desk beside two glass tumblers.

The d'Tana smiled lightly at his new "boss". There was a light shrug to his shoulder, the only response that the Entar was really able to get on some days. The Miraluka had always been shrouded in a sense of mystery. He usually kept to himself and stayed far beneath the radar of the Summits.

The surprise when he actively sought the position brought a good deal of concern to the Anaxsi's mind. What were the goals of this enigma? His motives could never be entirely trusted due to his connections and the known fact that the man was a thief.

"You've read the dossier on Starscream Tactical Solutions then?" Sang enquired.

Balthier nodded, refusing to give voice to his answers.

The Anaxsi's eyes narrowed in annoyance, at odds with his carefully chosen facade. His temper was usually kept in check behind a mask of benevolence, yet the d'Tana knew where the line was and how far he could cross it.

"Your recommendations, Balthier?" Sanguinius looked at the datapad lying on the desk before him. "They're all noted down here?"

Again, the Miralukan nodded.

"Very well, I'll take them under advisement."

Balthier grinned at the man across from him. He scratched idly at the blue-black cloth covering his eyes and tilted his head to the side. "You know, Sang. You could really use some more vibrant colors in here."

The Quaestor stared pointedly at the blind man, "You're hilarious, you're as blind as a bat." He pointed to the decanter, "Help yourself, I inherited the decor from the previous resident."

Sitting up straight, the Prelate clasped his hands together, tapping his chin with his right index finger, debating inwardly about several issues. He took advantage of the Miralukan's new found verbosity. "Our old friends; Mal Company, have been intruding on our contracts....any suggestions?"

The d'Tana shrugged slightly, a wicked smile ghosting on his lips. "Mal Company you say? In the Family, we deal with these things very forcefully. Well, we did when there were more of us."

He walked over to the decanter and poured two fingers of brandy into a glass. "We simply killed or purchased our rivals. No more rival then see?" The Prelate chuckled politely before taking a sip of the brandy.

"This is very good stuff. If you come across anymore, I'll be happy to buy it from you." the d'Tana said quietly.

Gesturing to the decanter with a dismissive wave, the Obelisk spoke, "I import it in, not as cheap as the local stuff. But it reminds me of home, back when times were simpler."

He turned toward Sang and watched him seriously. "However, killing them will not stop it, nor will buying them and we both know this. Right?"

Sanguinius nodded, grunting in agreement, " what do you suggest?" He brought his right hand up to his forehead, rubbing it in an attempt to relieve stress. "If we can't kill them, nor buy them, then how the feth do we deal with these di'kuts?"

Balthier looked at Sang seriously, his lips split with a malicious grin. "When hunting, you simply train a better predator. We need to get someone in there to learn how they operate. Once we learn that, we can work against them and keep our contacts and resources safer."

He waved his free hand slightly as he took another sip of brandy. He pulled the glass from his lips after swallowing the slug of liquor.

Sanguinius chuckled dryly. "I knew there was a reason I picked you," he slammed his fist down on the table. "You're cruel, clever and ambitious... I'd better watch my back eh, d'Tana?" He joked.

Balthier gave a nonchalant shrug. "Nothing is ever truly safe, Sanguinius Entar. However for now, I require you to be exactly where you are. I will let you know when that changes, of course."

Sang seemed taken aback by the sheer bluntness and balls needed to make that statement. Picking up on that, the Prelate shrugged. "Simple statement of facts. I need your help and you need mine. We'll work together for now. If it proves to be useful to the both of us? Well, we will simply have to continue to keep up the contract."

Sang glowered at his fellow Prelate, "I'll take that under advisement Prelate Demen." His mind whirred, creating machinations and putting plans into place to protect himself in the future. "I think our little meeting is adjourned. Send in the operatives that I know you've already hand picked for this plan of yours."

The Entar suddenly smiled, "That's right Balthier, I'm not as disconnected as one might think. Remember that in the future."

Balther grinned slightly, a movement filled with a warmth that unnerved the Quaestor even more about the mystery. The words were kind, almost gentle. "I have a few hand picked operatives that I'm willing to lend you, Prelate Tsucyra. There is also one that you will never see or even know the name of. I must protect their identity and thereby, insure their safety."

Sang looked at the Miralukan curiously. "Were any of these selected from the House?"

Balther shook his head, with a grin. "I'm not finished reading their dossiers yet. When I am finished with that, I will take care of training your new breed of predator. A new breed of criminal to combat what's already setting the whorehouse on fire."

Sanguinius bristled with righteous fury at the nobleman's arrogance, biting back the retorts that he so dearly wanted to issue, he nodded slowly, "I would suggest reading the dossier on Celevon, he seems eager enough to do the Shadow Clan's bidding."

The Shadesworn stood up, pushing his chair back. Turning to face away from his Aedile, the Entar stared at a large printing of a photograph taken several years ago back when the Anaxsi was a Journeyman in Plagueis. It showed Sanguinius standing there with what seemed a Cathar female and two male humans; one young, another old.

"Why do you keep that picture?" The d'Tana inquired.

"It reminds me of a simpler time, just like the brandy..." He glanced over his shoulder, "You seem to be forgetting that our meeting is adjourned, Balthier. I'll expect to hear back from you shortly on who else you'll be suggesting for this mission of yours."

Balthier finished his brandy and set the glass on the desk. "You aren't the only one who dreams of simpler times, Sang."

As he turned to leave, Balthier pulled a printing from his coat pocket and dropped it on the table. It clearly showed two much younger men. The blindfolded visage of the d'Tana was unmistakable from the look of disgust clearly etched into the man's face. The second man's face screamed at the Quaestor from his past.

"I will be seeing you very soon, Prelate Tsucrya. Very soon indeed."

The man turned toward the door, but the sound of opening never came as Sanguinius focused on the picture, ignoring his surroundings...

"What....what have you shown me Bal..." words failed the Entar as he stared at the pict.

Suppressed emotions flooded to the surface, exploding into life as an embodiment of the living Force. Shattering the crystal decanter and scattering glass shards everywhere, the dark liquid once contained within seeped into the cracks in the desk.

The ghosting chuckle of the long absent Prelate seemed to float in the room for only a moment as the door closed behind him.

-> **


Balthier stepped back into his office sometime later. A man stood in a darker corner, cleaning his fingernails with a blade. "How'd it go?"

The Miraluka grinned viciously. "It went well. Don't you have other tasks to attend?"

The figure shrugged. "Nope. Already done with most."

The Aedile nodded shortly as his smile grew wider. "Excellent news. Find the one called Celevon Edraven for me, brother. I will need him before this is all over."

The Mirialan stepped from the shadows and nodded once to Balthier before leaving in silence.


Well, Galereans, this is my first report as Aedile. It will likely be short and sweet so bear with me. There are a few things I would like to address. First of which being:

Open Door!

I cannot stress this enough. If you have a problem, come find me. If you need help with ANYTHING (not medically related), I'm here to help. Lead through servitude. I am here to assist each and every one of you. My door, or inbox, is always open for any of you that need me. I know I have a reputation as an asshole. Let's see what we can do about proving that wrong, yeah?

I will assist with specific problems as well as general grumblings. If you have a problem with me, come to me and I will explain myself to you. If you are still unclear, I will get a translator (read: Sang) who speaks Jack.


These items are things that I am taking a personal hand in either creating or finishing from leftovers in the past.

The current one being that of Starscream Tactical Solutions. This idea, in and of itself, is a solid thing. However, not only does the name need some work, I also will need a small team of dedicated members to help with the polishing and final touches. Those who help will be suitably rewarded.

Member of the Month: While not an actual competition, you are free to treat this as such. I, along with Sang, will select one member each month to be recognized as the one who had the most improvement, had the highest level of activity, etc. Summit will be excluded from this because we're all expected to possess some level of badassery. This is a special kind of love for the working man.


Here is where I will list the competitions running. As you may have noticed, I will strictly deal with in-house items in my reports. You get everything else you need from those higher than me. So, competitions from Sang and I will be listed in my reports. I will provide information on other competitions if asked, but overloading you guys with regurgitated information is not the purpose of these things. So we continue to move forward.

There will typically be 2-4 competitions per month from the Galeres Summit. Be on the lookout for them as I will always let you know.

Galeres Competitions:

Do ALL the RAGE!!! | Make your Mark!

Arcona Competitions

Family Feud: Aftermath | { {Most Improved: Family Feud}} <-

Closing Thoughts

I look forward to working with all of you. This section will typically contain details on ideas and a wrap-up of current projects.

TL;DR <li>First report - Yay</li> <li>Starscream Tactical Solutions - Fixed, finished, then implemented</li> <li>Member of the Month - Shiny for who?</li>

In Darkness,

~Balthier mied Demen d'Tana, Aedile of House Galeres.

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