Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Dusk Station Hangar Bay 4

Kalon eased in with the control yolk as the Stealth-X began to lower slowly onto the deck. With the flick of a switch the landing gear jutted from the craft and one small bump later the starfighter was neatly parked besides the others. Kalon powered down the engines before releasing the cockpit and climbed out into the hangar bay. His astromech droid beeped at him and the pilot looked up at the gold and black-plated machine and sighed, reaching back into the cockpit to flick yet another switch which in turn caused the small platform of the Stealth-X where the droid was located to lower the droid safely to the ground.

R9-J8 beeped ecstatically and began to roll in circles. Kalon acknowledged this as a "thank you" and nodded in return to R9.

"You're too energetic." The Mandalorian surmised, rather amused. At first Kalon disliked the idea of having an R9 series come with his Stealth-X, but his opinion changed as he started to believe they were ideal to cheer him up if he was annoyed, and this would hopefully prevent him damaging anything or anyone.


The Jedi Hunter spun round to see Teroch, facing him, his face was a mixture of disappointment and pride. This was the same expression Kalon would usually see adorn the Adept's face.

"What can I do for you, Teroch?" The Jedi Hunter asked. Despite siding with the Entars during the feud in Arcona and suffering a lightsaber wound for it. Kalon still held great respect for the son of Sashar, even if he wouldn't admit it. They were both sons of Mandalore, after all.

"I need to speak to you in private." The Combat master explained, his eyes showed impatience. Kalon looked around the hangar. Beside him and Teroch, there was no one else in sight.

"Looks like there's nobody here. What is it you want to tell me?"

Teroch sighed and began to speak, something about his voice matched the expression on his face. "On Wuntila's orders, I am to return to House Galeres and take charge of Soulfire Strike Team again. After speaking to the summit, you are to be appointed Void Squadron's new Commander." The Dark Adept wasted no time with his words, each one that came from his mouth was sharp and decisive, as if he had thought about it over and over in his mind before speaking.

Kalon half-gasped, actually aware that he didn't want to show his shock to the news but also not wanting to appear as if he didn't care, either. The whole thought of taking charge of a Squadron was a new thing for the Journeymen. The last time he had done anything close was when he was still aligned with the Mandalorian Clan Beviin.

"I..don't really know quite what to say." He began, almost immediately being cut off by the Erinos' voice.

"You don't need to say anything, just don't let me down. Now, come with me, we need to discuss a few more things."

The Journeyman nodded and swiftly followed the Adept out of the Hangar bay.

<(+)> REPORT

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.

This is my first report as your Battleteam leader as well as being my first report ever. So if you find flaws with it, you only get better with practise. I hoped you enjoyed the fiction, shame on you if you didn't read it as I put so much blood, sweat, effort and tears into it (10 minutes which I would have used failing in a Flash Point on TOR).

Getting more serious now, as most of you should already know. To get your own Stealth-X starfighter as well as the R9 droid that comes with it AND your own Callsign you will need to complete both the Astronomy course and the Starfighter Studies exam within the SA. These are linked below if you really are a lazy git and can't be assed to actually manually get onto the site and find the courses. Just because I care that much. <3


*Snabbie promoted to Protector.

Congratulations to Snabbie on his promotion. Keep up the nice work, chum.

<(+)> AWARDS

*Solus Gar was awarded 60 Cluster of Fire.

*Solus Gar was awarded a Crescent with Sapphire Star.

*Maaks Erinos was awarded a Crescent with Emerald Star.

*Maaks Erinos was awarded a Crescent with Sapphire Star.

*Kalon was awarded an Anteian Cross.

*Kalon was awarded a Crescent with Topaz Star.

Good job, gentlemen. Very well earned. I hope to see even more awards given out in the next report.


*Andrelious J. Inahj passed Test of Power.

*Snabbie passed Training Saber Basics.

*Snabbie passed Obelisk Core.

*Snabbie passed ACC Basics.

*Snabbie passed Wiki Basics.

*Snabbie passed Clan Plagueis History.

*Snabbie passed Clan Arcona History.

*Snabbie passed Starfighter Studies.

*Snabbie passed Astronomy Studies.

A major shout out to Snabbie for all those exams. This is just an example of why Void kicks ass. Very well done.


Recently I set up two competitions for Void Squadron, these received little or no entries. Despite this however, I will be creating more competitions for Void in the coming weeks and I strongly urge you to participate. Even if the entry is not perfect it still contributes to the activity of Void Squadron.

Simply go to the competitions list and click on "Stuff that matters to me" to see a range of competitions that you can compete in and hopefully win some shinies.


*I spent 10 minutes on the fiction, woo-hoo.

*Snabbie promoted to Protector.

*Solus Gar received a cozy 60 Clusters of Fire.

*Snabbie did a crazy amount of SA exams. That's what I like to see.

*Go do some competitions.

Astronomy Course

Starfighter Studies

Random Quote:

<*Kalon> Watch it! We gotta bad-ass over here!! <*Mal|Dead> I thought every day was Sang's mother's day <@Sang> Every mother's day needs a mother's night * Celevon shakes his head and turns on Alice Cooper

Jedi Hunter Kalon Squadron Leader, Void Squadron

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