Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Aedile Report #4- 3/8/2011

Iwu Gioki- Present Day

The wind whipped off the slopes of the Blue Mountains the evening as the Aedile from Odan arrived at the Gioki village of Nundushi. Evening was upon the face of Harakoa, cold was gripping these upper altitudes. The Nagai made his way through the small village made of brick and mortar thatched dwellings. THe smell from fires inside the hovels warmed the settlement air as best it could.

He finally arrived just outside the city, tread the stone steps leading to the enclave of the Optui Turico. The massive wooden doors creaked as they opened, a servant came leading Drodik through the monastery.

They walked past exquisite wooden architecture gilded and breathtaking. A great deluge of smoke from the incense filled the cavity of the chamber as Drodik entered the encirclement of seated Turicos.

The Turicos, Harakoan holy men; in their traditions they are the living lineage of the first people and the stewards for all Harakoans and the bearers of the sins of the past fathers. These twelve priests of the Turico caste sat deep in prayer. They sat upon a great circular stone carved floor directly above them the stars of the system were clear through the absence of a ceiling.

Drodik trod the circular enclosure surrounding the stone prayer circle, witnessing the ritual. He waited…

After a few hours the Nagai was finally summoned into the circle. He approached the central pit and as was instructed offered a sacrifice of twigs, a strip of cloth, and water from the river valley below. Upon adding the water the fire was extinguished.

The room became calm and quiet, darkness abated at the presence of the lunar celestial bodies overhead; their blue light shone down upon the room. As soon as the steam from the coals cleared a voice from the darkness echoed. The body of a Harakoan priest, nearly six feet tall approached. His old burgundy robes seemed black.

The Turico known as Thanata, came to the Aedile. He spoke in his native language whilst gesturing to a handful of dirt he was carrying. He turned his attention in great exaltation to the stars, pointing out their movements with his fingers. He touched his temple several times and bowed. He took a coal from the pit, laid it on the stone slab and spoke.

Crushing it with his heel into several glowing shards he then doused them with the handful of sand.

Drodik looked on.

Thanata Turico reached in and pulled out the extinguished coals with his hand.

In Giokese he said, “Darkness, will engulf the light; day into night, night into day. Protect your fire, protect your light into the coming sun.”

He blew the ash from his hand and sat to discuss an ancient evil.

House Shtuff:

Wiki Team Needed: Several of the Odan-Urr wiki pages need work so I’m calling for a team of volunteers to email the summit. What I ask for is that you have wiki know how (If not go take the wiki exam at the SA) and that you can see your work through to completion. Some pages just need an up to date refresher while others need all out from the ground up expansion. Here are the pages needing work:

House Odan-Urr Main Page:

House Odan-Urr Prospectus:

Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force:

Guardian Order:

Consular Order:

Ji’s Lightsaber:

If you see any other house pages that need work go for it. The harder you guys work the more we can award you for your efforts J (Shinies and promos suckas!)

Competition Survey: I released a competition survey a few months ago which (thankfully) Protector Sal has uncovered. Your input is greatly appreciated as you get a say in which types of competitions get created. I think most of the Pillars comps were created from the limited response I got last time. Here’s the link, and voice up peeps:

Pillars Of Menat: The last installment of the Pillars Of Menat is out. With it come great changes in our house canon, I’ll release a brief overview of the major events this week but the main thing is for you all to think of your characters place during all of this. The Pillars story (sorry guys) really needed to deal more with developing the environment that our characters are impacted by in a linear story. The next story arc will probably be entirely character (you’s guys) driven as far as impacting the direction of the story; but you will as an individual have more of a role and presence. That last part I sorta flubbed with in Pillars for the sake of getting a story through to completion and ‘setting the framework’. Forgive me.

Anyh00t, Pillars 4 is out, get caught up and enjoy, my gift to you guys :D

House Run-On: I didn’t see Ambitions coming, which makes our house run-on ill-timed. I’d rather your full attention go toward one run-on or the other so here are the options, we can do the two run-ons side by side or we can wait to do the house run-on after Ambitions is over. I’ll await feedback from you guys till we get a general opinion ok. Any other suggestions I’m all ears.

Competitions: There are several competitions out there for everyone to participate in. These are a great way to play with your character, propel the story of their time on New Tython, show that you’re an active and engaged member, as well as just have fun. Do them so we can reward you, because we like to award you guys.

The Adios:

Have a great weekend and spring break everyone. Here’s one of my paintings:

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