Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Sanguinius drank copiously, slowly recovering from the shock that he had been plunged into with the revelation he had received from viewing the pict shown him by Balthier. The barve had lied to him, and now he knew of the Anaxsi's weakness....Vorrac.

The name was the Entar's bane, reminding him of the horrific experiences he had undergone in his former Clan, Plagueis. Kallidrad Vorrac, the current Praetor to the Grand Master had mentally scarred the Prelate back when he was a Journeyman, leading him to proclaim the Battlelord his nemesis. Struggling to bring his anger and shock under control, the Quaestor studied the data-slab on his desk for a few seconds before throwing it back down on the teak surface.

He had made his decision, ever since he had been forced to close down Revenance Virtuom, a move the Prelate had regretted. There had been a void within Galeres that needed to be filled, there were several names he had banded around within his strained mind that could be entrusted with the responsibility of leading a new Battleteam and he had finally settled on one.

_Celevon. _

Sanguinius nodded, seeking to reassure himself on his choice. Knocking back another slug of the rich oak coloured liquid, he proceeded to hurl the tumbler at the wall. Swearing and raging against the d'Tana for making him look a fool. The fething barve wouldn't do that twice, the Entar scowled before activating the comlink built into his desk.

"Knight Edraven, your presence is requested, report to my office on the double." The Anaxsi's voice was smooth and refined, at odds with his current dishevelled appearance brought on with the drink. "We have much to talk about."

House News

So welcome to another Quaestor report, you will notice that we have got a new Battleteam open in Galeres; Spectre Cell. This is headed up by our very own Celevon Edraven, who I hope will prove to be a future leader of Arcona. So far it has 5 members, but if you are interested in joining and having access to extra competitions/events and fictional development, then Spectre Cell is the place for you.

You can check out the wiki page for the team here


We have also got a competition out to rename Starscream Tactical Solutions, mainly because everyone knows Optimus Prime is the best....Fuck the Decepticons!!! Try and get involved with that and have an impact on your House.

We will also be sending out a survey to all Galereans to fill out, mainly so we can get some feedback and see what YOU want from us. Expect to see the survey in your inboxes this week!

Clan News

So our beloved Proconsul, Marick, is working on his personal project of creating a newsletter/media platform for Arcona to showcase what you guys do and to give you all another outlet for your creative juices (No sex puns please).

You will also notice that Project Redacted over in Qel Droma is developing well, especially if you are involved in it. It is great to see so many people involved in it. I only hope that we can continue to encapsulate the awesomeness that is the Shadow Clan. You guys are what make this place awesome, so remember to contribute, and have fun while doing so.

Invictus and I have been taking a backseat these past couple of weeks, but expect us to get into top gear with projects and competitions over the coming weeks and months. We have got plenty of stuff in the works for the future, which we hope will have you lot begging for more.

Dark Brotherhood News

The ACC Championships are in full swing, only three more matches left to play out in the 2nd round. So far, the competition seems to be dominated by Arcona. Just goes to show the calibre of the writers in the Clan. I have been reading Timeros Vs Invictus and I am flabbergasted at how fantastic these two guys are. If you've not been keeping up on what is going on, then check it all out here:


The Ambitions Order RO is also in full swing, with a multitude of teams going at it. I am happy to say that my team of Obelisks are going strong. If you have not been reading these ROs, which will all have an impact on the respective character's fictional development, then check them out here:


There is also a new DB TOR site that has been set up by Jac and Sarin, if you are a TOR nut and you want to know when the next raid; or Flashpoint is going on. This is the place to check out.


Clan Naga Sadow is looking for a new Consul, if you think you have got what it takes, then apply. Why you would do that, I do not know. The requirements are on the front page. Our very own Jam3z has also fiddled with the site to upgrade Competition request forms, which are pretty shiny. He has also coded in the Master/Student relationships on your dossiers. So if you have got a Master, or a Student. Check your dossier and see the new addition.

Now onto the shinys!


A massive amount of CFs for Valhavoc, he is on fire...literally! He has been downing the bosses and owning Flashpoints like a boss.

Celevon Edraven: Crescent with Ruby Star, Crescent with Amethyst Star


APP Michael54 in from the Shadow Academy

APP Tubesox in from the Shadow Academy

APP Starkiller54 in from the Shadow Academy

OP Du Maurier d'Tana in from the Rogues

SBM Cassandra El'sin out to House Odan Urr


Celevon Edraven vs Shikyo Keibatsu: Celevon Edraven victorious!

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar vs Macron Goura Sadow: Sanguinius victorious!

Celevon Edraven has a new CS

Anigrel has a new CS


Anigrel: NOV to ACO to PRT. Nice work Anigrel, keep it up mate.

Valhavoc: PRT to GRD. Way to go Valhavoc.

Shadow Academy

Anigrel: Obelisk Core, GMRG History, ACC Basics, Training Saber, Advancement Survey

Celevon Edraven: Krath Philosophy


I would list all the competitions available to you, but the site seems to be rather precocious tonight and is refusing to load the competitions page. I assure you that there are a multitude of different competitions to choose from. Ranging from TOR, to fiction, to graphics, to flash games. So whatever you like, you've got something to do.

Closing thoughts

I would just like to apologise to you all for not stepping up to the plate as Quaestor. I have kind of let the standard slip, which Wally and Sam brought to my attention and I have promised them and I will promise YOU that I will sort shit out and get on top of things. I have been busy with family and trying to find a job while Ingeus (A company I've been sent to by the Job Centre to help me find work) have me running around like a headless chicken, just so I can keep my benefits. Not gonna lie, it is quite demoralising, so I have been focusing on that. Now that my dad has moved down to Cornwall, I have a bit of time freed up that I did not have before. So I will be focusing on increasing activity within Galeres. We were once the dominant House in Arcona; seems a shame that we have let it slide and now House Qel-Droma is in the spotlight.

Spectre Cell is just the first in many changes I have to Galeres as I try to do my job. Balthier will be assisting me by concentrating on running competitions and working on a couple of projects with me, namely the renamed STS and fictional development of Galeres.

You can all expect to see me in a bad mood on Saturday night/Sunday as I am going paintballing on Saturday. I am a big guy...so plenty of me for people to hit. Not gonna lie, I will probably be annihilated.

Otherwise, I'll leave you all with this.

@Sangreport wolf whistles @Sangreport> at Celevon* <@Sangreport> :P <@Celevon|ACC> Oi! <@Celevon|ACC> I'm behaving. :P <@Sangreport> No homo? <@WallyPCON> No homo is implied :P <@Sangreport> It always is <@Sangreport> But I like to cover my bases <@Sangreport> You know...in case of a CoJ case :P <@WallyPCON> psh <@Celevon|ACC> Plausible deniability, Sang? :P <@Sangreport> Yes <@Sangreport> I did not have sexual relations with Mr Edraven <@WallyPCON> @Celevon|ACC rolls his eyes :P


  • Ambitions ROs progressing
  • ACC Championship dominated by Arconans. ARCONA INVICTA!!!!
  • Spectre Cell opens
  • Anigrel and Valhavoc are awesome, that is all.

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