Fist of the Brotherhood Report


Fist of the Brotherhood Report

<small>Report #20</small>

Apologies for my tardiness with this report, but nonetheless lets begin.

Last month ToR started its free character transfer service, and sadly we were on a server that under-populated and was told to move to the more populated Jedi Covenant. I know that I had given everyone little warning about the move until the day of, but this is because I only knew certain details and was waiting for the full story. Since, we have moved both Empire and Republic guilds over and have our guild banks up and running. This move actually did us a favor though of purging all the people that had let their subscriptions run out, so we have more space to invite people to our guild. With the free character transfers we do get to indulge on some free gifts of 25 Black Hole Commendations and a pet. For more details: Click here

We also got to see 1.3 finally launch with ranked warzones and legacy perks to help level your alts faster. They honestly do make quite a bit of difference when you are grinding up characters, especially having speeder piloting at level 10. There are a few perks for level 50's though, having priority travel passes to your Capital planet, the Vanguard vessel (where you start raids), the Outlaw's Den, and the Black Hole dailies, as well as a mobile repair droid and a mailbox. Some others include crafting and affection gain for your companions. These perks are character specific though, so make sure your spending your credits on the character you want those perks to be on.

Last month we also announced that Diablo 3 is a supported platform, where it has its own CF table and rules. Just like the ToR submissions from last month, Jamez coded in a link for Diablo submissions as well. Submit Diablo 3 activity here

I was going to be posting the video to Battlefront 3 but Halc already did that. :P Honestly its very raw, but I'm hoping they brush it off again somewhere in the future. Would definitely love to get back into playing Battlefront in some new settings.

Competitions running this month:

Jedi Knight Ladder #5

Diablo 3 - To Hell and Back

ToR: Overall Codex Complete

Retro Gaming: XWA/XvT

Normal Gaming: Players Gamed: 2 Matches played 12

Shout out to Locke and Zuser for playing Halo Reach last month.

GMRG Breakdown Total Members: 154 Rank 1: 123 Rank 2: 5 Rank 3: 0 Rank 4: 18 Rank 5: 5 Rank 6: 0 Rank 7: 6 Rank 8: 0 Rank 9: 0 Rank 10: 0 Rank 11: 0 Rank 12: 1

Those with rank 7 please email me who you would like to be a guardsman for. I'm going to be assigning/re-assigning people to Dark Council members over the next month.

For full stats go here.

For a list of the commands in #dbgaming either do !help, or click here.

TL:DR -Transfered Servers -1.3 with Character specific perks -Watch out for those tusken raiders - Diablo 3 for CF's -Those in the Third Echelon Email me who you would like to Guard

Like always, hit me up in an email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), here, or on IRC for any questions, comments or concerns.

-Primarch Fremoc Pepoi Fist of the Brotherhood Son of Sadow

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