Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


Kuro breathed in the stale air; Pilus did not often come here. Orders were often given in person, or in less formal areas. Their 'official' meeting place... neither of his predecessors trusted the security of a constant meeting place. He wasn't sure whether he kept their paranoia out of suspicion or tradition, but the phrase 'usual meeting place' managed to serve as a message to hurry for his team. That, alone, was good enough to warrent its occasional usage. That directions were never given meant that the area was rather secure; he liked it. Most of his team was already there, sitting in silence. Waiting for their commander to speak. He had expected the last one to take a bit of extra time, likely being on some assignment for the Aedile. Kuro had been toying with an ornately decorated dagger, leaving the blade sheathed; while it was more to pass the time, if he was asked then Kuro would not deny being aware than the blade was unnerving to his team, considering his recent speechs and threats to them. Telum walked in, the cyborg taking a seat with his back to the wall. Kuro nodded at his presense, setting down the weapon. "We are all here then? Good. Don't worry; you're not here to witness the execution of one, or several, of your own." A few of the younger members visibly relaxed, being aware of the history of Pilus commanders being willing to torture, and sometimes if rarely kill, useless members. "After all; I expect we will be having some suicide missions rather soon, and I see no reason to take your lives when Clan Sadow will do it for me." A few of the less mentally stable members began to smile, seeing where Kuro was going. The Pilus commander laughed darkly, shaking his head. "You'll need to share some of that Sadowan blood with Scholae Palatinae; The Clan may be strong, but they evidently aren't smart enough to focus their efforts." Kuro picked up the dagger, sliding it from its sheathe. He held up the blade, letting the edge gleam in the low light of the room. "It would be foolish to take on a Clan by ourselves, of course. Thus, it would be smart of Sadow to take us on by themselves. Are they idiots?" Kuro stabbed the dagger into the desk, burying the six inch blade halfway into the wood, the dull thunk reverberating through the room. "Of course not. They're a Clan; they got back there for a reason. So they're confident. But then again... combined, Plagueis and Scholae have more than a hundred members. Sadow can't have more than seventy five. "I'm sure they have a reason to be confident. Anyone attacking a force outnumbering them four to three has to be. So don't get confident; they may have back up. They may have new ships that our intel isn't aware of. By the Force, they may have a few Grandmasters coming out of retirement for the sole purpose of smacking us around a bit. So don't. Get. Confident. "But more important than not getting confident... know who we are. Never forget that we are Primus Pilus. We are the Blade of Plagueis. What the summit commands, we do. Ours is not to make reply. Ours is to to question why. Ours is but to do and die. I have been wondering the worth of many of you... and you know what? Just this once... I wanna be proven wrong." Kuro stood up, and began to walk from the room. His team stayed in their seats, confused at their commanders actions. "So get out there and show me that I made a mistake. Dismissed."

(thanks Kave for the awesome fiction) <p>


<p> NEWS:</FONT SIZE> <p> Like Tra`an said, We have a Feud coming up. We are not only fighting a House, we are fighting a Clan. Now is the perfect chance to show the Brotherhood just how bad ass we are. It would make us look even more bad ass if us as a House beats the snot out of a clan AND another house even thoue the other house is our ally. what would make us look even more bad ass then that? If the majority of the points that made us win came from Primus Pilus. Lets Kick some ASS!

THIS is why I, along with Furios and Kodais have been cracking down on activity. This is out 1st BIG house wide event as Primus Pilus. We need to show the Summit, taking us in and calling us The Blade Of Plagueis, Is not a waste of their trust.

Kal mentioned that the ACC training event he was hosting is being put on hold. He as well as the rest of the summit have alot on our plates. So some of the "smaller" plans are being put on hold for the more important things.

This is pretty much all the news. On a unrelated topic. I just worked one of the longest weeks Ive worked in a long time. 8 days in a row of 12 hour shifts. I am WORN OUT. I did tougher work at the Steel Mill when I did Security and Safety. Doing 16 Hour days, but with 3 hr breaks and still had at lease 2 days off a week LOL. <p>


<p> COMPS:</font size> <p> This is a New comp out. Its great practice for the up coming feud. Write it the best you can and be creative. It will also put a smile on my face if you have yourself confront Umbra and beat him silly :D

But in all seriousness, i want yall to at lease attempt this. It does not matter that you may not be the best writer, we have a awesome beta to help out with that. Send it to Unus (Kave) for a proofing, his method to help make fiction sound better is AMAZING (no offense Kal)

Should hurry though, it ends on the 20th

Of a Nature Abominable


<p> ATR: (Activity Tracking Reports)</font size> <p> Zuser</font size> LOA (e-mail contact) <font size="12">Varoth</font size> LOA <font size="12">Nariah</font size> Reported In <font size="12">Telum Vas Umbra</font size> Reported In <font size="12">Octavia</font size>LOA (e-mail contact)

Thank you for yalls reports. Those of you who are on LOA, IF yall see this report, try to have things situated where yall can make some sort of return next week.

I know you, as well as myself, can not control what happens in RL, but I need this team to be here. can not have a "Team" of two people. If you see yourself going on LOA quiet often, Please contact me, we may need to talk.



"If you dont stand for something, You will fall for anything"</p></font></font></font></font></p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

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