Herald Report


Herald Report

Vaults of the Herald Location Redacted Antei

He couldn't stand artificial light, especially in this area. The crystals and novae radiated with such exquisiteness from the torches that Shikyo couldn't help but admire them more. They were fragile items in the grand scheme of things but placed within the hilt of a lightsaber, they yielded a power far beyond their capability. The light from the torches only increased their hidden qualities in the eyes of the Herald. Looking over the vast quantities of gemstones, he wondered if the Heralds before him saw the same thing he did.

The soft, sharp clicking of heels on the cobblestone floor snapped the Kyataran from his thoughts as he turned his direction towards his Praetor. Onyx and scarlet bangs hung gently over the young woman's eyes though the Elder couldn't see the fatigue hanging on them. He had tasked her with sitting in for him as he dealt with the Light Side menace and while she held her own well, she did not have the same kind of experience the Keibatsu did. She fought hard to avoid the world of politics but they were coming back for her and they came with a vengeance.

With a slight smirk, Shikyo turned away from the Hapan and focused his attention on one of his most prized acquisitions: an obsidian crystal with a faint, violet tint.

"The storm has not passed yet."

Placing her hands on her hips and shifting her weight slightly, Ekeia furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance.

"So, why have you returned, Master?"

Turning towards the young woman, the Keibatsu placed the crystal into a mini pouch hanging from his belt before unclipping his lightsabers. Sasuke snapped the blades to life and smirked playfully before responding.

"To make sure you have not forgotten your way."

Damask Square Muunlinst System Muunlinst

Ekeia took her right shoulder into her hand, feeling the swollen skin beneath her dress top. The tattoo she had received after the duel with her Master was a symbol of her devotion to his cause. She had grown tired of the political game that she had been forced to play but now understood why she had to take the burden from the Kyataran, if for only the moment. She understood the secret missions, the reasons why he went blood drunk at the sight of a Jedi, why the Elder refused to discuss his past, especially now. She understood why she had to play the role of the Herald.

Closing her eyes, she refused to use the Force to control her pain. It would serve as a reminder to the task at hand and to the level of her devotion. Not only was it to the man but it was to what the man represented: the strength and resolve for the Brotherhood. It was now her task to make certain that the Brotherhood was stocked and prepared for whatever threats dared to challenge it. She could only hope that whatever knowledge the Keibatsu was seeking, he would find it soon and reclaim his position. She was not the leader he was but she had accepted her place for the time being.

'There are leaders, followers, and parasites. One day, you may find yourself standing at a crossroad between these options. On that day, you will decide who you are and who you may need to become.'

Pondering the words of the Herald, Ekeia shoved her burdens aside and assumed the mantle of a leader, if only for the moment. The Muuns she would be dealing with would not accept the word of a follower, especially considering the offer she was about to present them.

Captain's Quarters KIN Masarao Location Redacted

Shikyo looked over the crystal he had dubbed the "Nightshade" crystal before turning his attention to the ornate box he had received from his eldest brother. His missions were coming to an end and there were still a few more challenges for him to meet. Secured in his belief that he had left his seat of power to the right person, the Elder opened the box once more and looked at the container within. Something stirred within him each time he gazed upon the item; a sense of pride, at first, followed closely by something resembling lamentation. In the end, all Sasuke knew was that one day, he would grow too restless with his position and would one day allow his ambitions to run free.

Until that day, he would continue to serve, continue to train, and continue to fight...

Please, do not send a request to me via my Gmail account. I will not be able to receive it. If you send any HRLD-related request to my Gmail, it will get lost in the mass amount of emails I already have. Please send all HRLD-related questions and requests to my Praetor, Ekeia Iclo, until I am officially off my Leave of Absence.

So even now, one of the most coveted items to receive from the HRLD's office is a set of custom robes. Once upon a time, we use to have many competitions to award a set out to the masses. Then one day, Muz and I were discussing the Possessions system and realized the number of custom robes, the number of selector ones, and the number we had yet to create for the system would only add more work to the Senechal's office. So, we decided to start limiting the number of robes awarded. However, I still believe that there are members who are hardworking, determined, and while not noticed instantly, have proven that their work ethic has had a strong positive influence over those they work alongside.

With this said, Sai has been one of these members. Through his work as a Quaestor, he helped in re-clanning Naga Sadow and provided priceless leadership assistance to the next generation of leaders in his clan. For his work, I have awarded him a set of custom robes. Expect another set to be given out later on this year!

I am still on the search of someone who can work on a lot of menial yet important-to-me tasks. This will require adding new lightsabers and robes to our current Wiki page, cleaning up links on the Wikipedia, as well as working on some fictional background work for the Herald's Office. While this is extremely tedious and bland work, this is the kind of stuff that needs to get done, helps with potential awards, and creates a foothold for future work. If anyone is interested in helping out, please send your applications to Ekeia Iclo. I will be reviewing the information as well but not through my Gmail account hence why I have not asked for applications to be sent there. I am removing the timeline and extending this invitation until a suitable applicant has been found.

For this report's Legendary saber, I needed something for the Light side that wasn't double bladed. While technically a former Sith Lord, I figured a redeemed version of Ulic Qel-Droma was a little more fitting, considering the number of Sith sabers we have. So, may I present to you the light saber of Ulic Qel-Droma.

While I've been doing a lot of things that are character developing in my report fictions, I honestly needed to do something that shows what we do, in character, in the Herald's Office. Not only do we just get shinies for everyone to have in their lightsabers but we also negotiate the sales of our exports, as well as purchase things that the Brotherhood will need. In essence, we're negotiators. Even if that means becoming aggressive negotiators. ;)

Now, let's move on to the sexiness!

Completed by Ekeia:

Ginnafae Delacor Atra Ventus Telum Vas Umbra Kalia Phoenyx Anigrel

Teu Pepoi

Created by Ekeia:

Silent Kaira Rohana

So for over 8 months, I have traveled the world, seen a number of people from cultures much different from my own and met people from the United States that came from much different backgrounds than I. In this time, I've learned one universal fundamental that has helped me survive this deployment with no issues: courtesy and respect have never died out. From the highest link in the chain of command to the lowest man on the Totem pole, respect and courtesy goes a long way and forges bonds that can certainly come in handy in the long run.

Now, this may seem weird coming from nowhere but I've thought back to my days in the general membership all the way up to my position now in the Dark Council. I've thought about how I could have improved as a leader by using basic courtesies towards fellow leaders and how by just being a decent to people would have given me less headaches and hassle than what was necessary. Just some food for thought.

Lastly, I'm coming back very soon. For those of you who don't know me, you will soon. That said; get ready for my 5 year Anniversary and Herald Style Hanukkah. I've been working like a fiend for you all and I hope you enjoy it. ;)

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to send me an email or find me in #HRLD_Office you can also ask a question here.

Robes: 231 Lightsabers: 1,080 Warbanners: 493 Miscellaneous: 194

-DA Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Daimyo of the Keibatsu Bloodline

I feel like a boss...good lookin' out, cuzzo! ;)

I feel like a boss...good lookin' out, cuzzo! ;)

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