Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


_Deflecting plasma charged bolt after plasma charged bolt, Furios felt blood pound through his head as his arms almost danced in the air, the fluid defensive style being used to its upmost.

Though just training, Furios only turned down the bolts from the level of lethality; a single one would give enough pain to bring an average man to his knees. Though Furios' physical condition would keep him from falling with just a single strike, he kenw it would set off a domino effect; the first burn would only be the first of many. And the machine would certainly not stop till the timer ran down, or he could summon the concentration to turn it off from a distance.


His commanders shout nearly shocked him into feeling the pain that had motivated him when his enhanced speed waned in the past. Turning off the training machine with a small bit of telekinesis while dodging and deflecting the last few bolts, Furios turned to Kuro.

The Pilus commander certainly looked like he had been through hell; the upper left part of his shirt had been completely ripped off, his torso looking as if it had been sandblasted. There was an odd level of crookedness to his nose, as if it had been recently broken and then set into place by its owner. The hair on his heads left side was matted down with dried blood, a gash slightly visible underneath. In his right hand, he carried a slightly charred Devaronian head by its only unbroken horn.

"Sadow seems to be going down the chain of command, which makes you next. If you're still alive in three hours, I have an assignment for you."


If you're recieving this, it means two things. One; Plagueis is under attack by Naga Sadow. Two; You're not dead yet. Both of these are good things. The former because we now have an excuse to blow them out of the night sky without the Dark Council complaining about our power. The latter, because it means you're not entirely incompetant.

The summit has been attacked, I have been attacked, and I assume that Furios will be attacked soon. The rest of you may follow, but since you are not a part of Plagueis leadership, you may well be left alone till the regular soldiers come.

I do not care that I was attacked. I do not care that Furios might be killed. What I do care about is that I did not hear anything of these attacks till after they happened. What I do care about is that Naga Sadow was able to get assassins within firing range of a Plaguian without my knowledge and the express approval of Tra'an.

This will not happen again. Are we clear?

Good. Now get out there and kill some Sadowans for me.


Thanks for the awesome Fiction, Unus (Kave)

Wartime Report - Day 1</font size>

As yall have heard, we are working with House Scholae Palatinae to Invade Clan Naga Sadow. They recently had an event amongst themselves to tie in with this feud. Fictionally, it left big holes in their structure, We will be taking advantage of that weakness to bring them down.

Although we will be working with Scholae, we need to out shine them as well as Sadow. Just think of how bad ass it would make us look, to whoop up on a Clan with our size as well as out shine and out medal our own allies.

With all this "Fighting" going on, please dont forget that this is meant to be a fun event, it will help you make new friends in other houses/clans. We may be in a different house, but we ALL are apart of the same Brotherhood. Be nice, fare and have good sportsmanship and above all...have fun.

Each week I will be releasing a Wartime report with updates (that most of yall will probably already know) just so everyone will know what events are going on, standings and fiction updates.

Lets get this going and remember; We are the Blade of Plagueis, We are the Face of Plagueis, Your actions represent Plagueis. Project your self in a professional and friendly manner.....or I WILL kill you.

Commander Kuro Kogarasu-

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