Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report


_Primus Pilus returned to the relative serenity of the Dark Tower on Kapsina, but before The Commander and his trusted Flight Leader, Furios, could think about relaxing, they wanted to go visit the wounded heroes in the med bay.

walking up to the med bay doors, cries could be heard from the other said of the door, blood puddles were visible from underneath the door. Kuro and Furios looked at eachother then pushed the doors open.

A doctor shouted out "Attention!" Kuro just waved his hand in passing

"dont mind us, were here to visit the wounded and thank them for their valiant efforts"

"Oh..ok then, go on ahead sirs"

Kuro and Furios walk past the cots that wounded Jedi laid on, blood stained sheets. Kuro leaned over to one of the wounded and put his hand on his shoulder. "You fought bravely, Knight. your sacrifice will no be forgotten"

Kuro and Furios spent a few hours in the med bay for there were many wounded, but after wards, they headed back to their office.

As Kuro and Furios got back to the Commanders office, they both wondered why Kodias wasn't there. "Where is he? last I saw, when we landed, he went off with Kal, that had to of been several hours ago" Furios asked.

"I dont know, They dont ever tell me anything" Kuro said

After a few minuets, though, Kuro found a note on his desk.

"Form the Desk of the Queastor" was on the front of it. Kuro opened it up and read the message. "Due to his extraordinary work, Kodais Solatus is being elevated to Rollmaster. Should be made official in the next few days.

Tra'an Reith"

"Well great, we loose a member, but its ok, we are still strong, even stronger then ever now that we got a tase for blood, im sure they will want more" Kuro said in a menacing manner. Just as Kuro put the note away, Kodais walked in. "Sir im sure you heard the news?" he asked. "yes, we were just talking about it" Kuro stood up and walked over to him and gave him a soft, playful punch in the shoulder. "congrats man. You were a great Flight Leader, I know youll be a even great Rollmaster" Kodais thanked them and rushed off, he had to pack his things to move into his new quarters.

After Furios and Kodais left, Kuro sat back down at his desk to reflect on the fight with Mirado Pepoi. "That man, he brought something out in me. Something...unnatural...I kinda liked it" Kuro said with a grin. "I will travel to the ends of the galaxy to see that he meets a tragic end" _


NEWS:</font size>

Well the Feud is over! I think it turned out pretty well, not as well as we would of hoped but everyone in the Team participated, I couldn't of asked for more. Thank you all for yalls hard work. Im sure all the results will be released soon enough, do not bug Tra'an for them

On another note, Primus is with out Flight Leaders. As yall may know, Kodais was promoted to the position of Rollmaster. I would like all of yall to thank him for all his hard work and his continued leadership with the house. Furios, He had to step down due to personal matters. He will stay in the house, but not the team due to not being able to fulfill the requirements. When things slow down for him, he will be welcomed back with open arms. I would like yall to keep him and his family in yalls thoughts.

Since I dont have any Flight Leaders now, I do not want to hear yall asking me for the position or about Apps. I will keep yall updated on the position. Also, this tells yall I have two more spots for the team. I mean there is no limit to membership But i will not just let anyone in. Now is the time to Shine, Now is the time to show me that your ready for leadership.

Summer Feud Results:</font size>

Week 1: Nariah got 3rd place in week one Graphics

Week 2: To Be Announced

Week 3: To Be Announced


Competitions:</font size>

No competitons at this time.


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