Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

…..Initiating Surveillance Log #-ID—00679A…..


=Playing: #-ID—00679A=

Assembly Chamber- Ooroo Abbey- Months Ago

“The K.U.D.F. investigators have failed to find any connection between wanted terrorist Cy Thuron and the New Dawn, Senior Councilors. While our sympathies may resonate with the madmans own, the fact remains true that the cooperation and goodwill of our people clearly indicates that absolutely no connection to the suspected harboring of Mr. Thuron at our settlements exists.”

It was when the black uniformed individual, known as Ozan Miliet, head of the socio-political New Dawn separatist movement lowered his arms in his plea to the council end the ongoing investigation of his people, that a dull silence filled the air of the assembly room.

The vast chamber, the former seat of the Jedi of Urr and cultural battleground of all Tythonians, native and foreign echoed now with the cries of the ghosts who’ve died within its grounds. Erected some years prior under the Jedi, the massive structure befell the onslaught of the combined Brotherhood forces, several attacks during the civil unrest of the previous year and now the politicking to prevent civil war had begun.

The silence lingered.

“The militia are not even professional, Councilors. Home invasions, assaults, thievery, and a fair amount of corruption are plaguing our settlements. Our children are witnesses to the abuse by your subordinates.” Mr. Miliet focused himself as he glared into the eyes of the six Councilors of the Menat Ombo government.

“With no military with which to defend my people Councilors, this needlessly prolonged investigation and our settlements under occupation by units from K.U.D.F. will dare I say be considered an act of war. There is no connection between Cy Thuron and my people Councilors; You have found nothing more than sympathetic ties. The Peoples New Dawn IS a sovereign nation. Withdraw K.U.D.F.”

=End Of Log: #-ID—00679A=

House Stuff

Hey everyone!

So Its that time of year again huh? To those of you in school I wish you good luck and a good start, I hope you had a good summer break. As for those who aren’t in school, well I hope you’re doing great just the same! No doubt if you’re even reading this you’ve maintained an interest in being active here despite your RL obligations, so I congratulate you, you’ve found a cool place to linger :D

I want to hit on several important things so we can get back into the swing of things now that (hopefully) the recent lull can be remedied. First I want to address the “lull”. Its understandable everyone has their RL obligations and as a general common sense rule, DB life should never take priority over RL but the fact remains that we’ve had a dramatic decline in activity that needs to be addressed.

I’m not gonna guilt trip you lot, I’m just gonna ask of everyone to take the initiative to have fun and contribute to the future legacy of Odan-Urr. I might be the QUA or High Councilor or whatever title it might be, but Odan-Urr needs to function differently than the traditional House-Unit of the Brotherhood. This is YOUR house, YOUR story, these are YOUR characters, not only mine, I’m just setting the stage.

Horizons is ironically, on the horizon so it seems. Our placing in the last GJW wasn’t award winning but the success we achieved cooperating together as a unit was incredible and I believe surpassed even the first place baddies. We have to build on our successes as a unit okay? Let’s face it, we’re still the underdogs of the DB, lets fight da powah!


Fictional Overview

For those new members and veterans, I highly suggest you get caught up on house lore. You can find everything from the House’s founding through Great Jedi War X and the Pillars Of Menat story arc as well as the Bastions Of Knowledge story on the Odan-Urr Wiki page and wordpress site. Both links will be at the bottom of this Report.

Here is a general overview of the story of House Odan-Urr canon fictional story post-Great Jedi War X to present day. For further details you should do the actual reading of the source material:

A: Pillars Of Menat Overview

After the combined forces of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood withdrew from the New Tythonian system, they left behind a city and people in ashes. The areas surrounding and the city of Menat Ombo (The capital and only metropolitan district) itself were left as near ruins. The city and its people struggled to rebuild in the wake of the violent war. Eventually the city healed itself; and while many remains from the war lingered, the city was renewed and prospered.

In the period during and after the rebuilding a certain Anti-Jedi sentiment swept through the city. The people themselves had lost confidence and trust in their Jedi protectors and the government they had situated themselves upon. The anti-Jedi sentiments quickly coagulated into a full blown rejection of the people to be governed by what they saw was a weak and ultimately powerless faction. At the behest of the people, the Jedi Councilor led by Ji, Drodik, and Jendan ceded control of the government to a combined civilian cabinet comprising three Human Tythonians, and three native Harakoans.

The radical change in political atmosphere angered the speciest Tythonians (many of whom harbor a long standing hatred of the native Harakoan species) and further spurred a hermit known only as Cy to continue to prey on the populace’s anger and fears. A seemingly master manipulator, the ‘Crazed Hermit’ as he became known rallied the cities hateful and dissident citizens into a paramilitary organization over the course of a few months. Quickly attracting citizens and inciting violence across Menat Ombo in the name of Tythonian superiority, anti-Jedi beliefs and what they saw as a puppet government backed by the Jedi further fueled the movements actions.

Following a riot which lasted for days the city calmed. Although Cy was now in hiding and wanted by the K.U.D.F. and Jedi for inciting civil unrest and forming his paramilitary units to be used in acts of aggression; rumors bound that during this period he had fled to the city as he has not been seen since.

Conversely at the same time that Cy had rallied the cities followers another local Tythonian by the name of Gideon Varos began an underground movement. He preached a message of peace and unity for a stronger Menat Ombo. Following the devastation of the rioting, Gideons movement gained more ground. At the behest of his followers and his own intentions he was to address the New City Council and the people of his expansive peace movement at Ooroo Abbey. That same day at the March Of Unity an explosive device attached to a man went off killing dozens inside the Abbey including famed High Councilor Ji , who acted to contain and deflect the blast with the force. Among those also killed was City Councilor Marten.

High Councilor Ji died later that night in his quarters surrounded by a handful of Jedi from Odan-Urr. His last act was the passing on of the title of High Councilor to secondary Councilor (Aedile) Drodik Va’lence. Moments later he spoke the Gand words of his homeland and surrendered himself to the force. In the aftermath of the terrorist attack, several delegates from the Peoples New Dawn, a socio-political movement comprised of civilians from Cy’s paramilitary group announced to the surviving City Councilors their intentions for secession. With no ties to Cy and the attacks, and the lack of support to subdue the movement, the Peoples New Dawn left Menat Ombo the morning following Ji’s death to points north.

B: Bastions Of Knowledge Overview w/Run-On Summary-Present

The Jedi Order, having earlier ceded the government previously to the new city Council was itself uprooted from Ooroo Abbey (which had acted as a Jedi temple) and moved to the Halls Of The Watchmen. And a shining beacon of hope and promise for the Jedi Order in the form of a Praxeum became established in the east of the city.

The Jedi, now acting solely as mediators, ambassadors, and guardians of the peace were granted limited priveleges in the realm of martial force but were instilled through the office of the High Councilors a detachment of units from within K.U.D.F. The unit’s head commander Deo Sol works in conjunction with the Knights Of Urr and City Council.

The newly constructed Praxeum and Library, funded to safeguard and archive Jedi knowledge and several darkside artifacts became the focus of a surprise attack by an as of yet unknown military group. Combatants rushed into the city assaulting it with blaster fire and explosives; at least one known force-wielding aggressor is known.

The target of the assault seems to have been the vaults of the Library from which was stolen the valuable Holocron Of Antiquities, a device containing ancient knowledge of Odan-Urr and several of his contemporaries. Unaware of the identity or aims of the agressors, High Councilor Drodik initiated the Odanites to invesitigate and report on the attack and whereabouts of the Holocron.

With little evidence to go on the Odanites struggled to link the attack to any one faction or even a trail to start on. Cy and his renegades were seemingly disbanded or lying low, and the New Dawn were themselves preoccupied with carving a life out in the wilderness.

Kaira Rohana eventually came by word from a Harakoan contact of a suspicious human male who had sustained several injuries during apprehension. Kaira traveled to investigate and found the man to be valid enough of a lead to bring to the attention of the High Councilor. She brought the individual in for questioning to which he claimed Drodik to be a violent warlord. The man refused to name himself but claimed he was one of many. That moment an attack on the Praxeum grounds erupted again as well as blaster fire outside the Halls of The Watchmen themselves.

A brutal battle waged between the (theorized) Mercanry army and K.U.D.F. as well as several Jedi into the morning, after which the attacking forces retreated having completed their attack run. Several casualties were inflicted on but the strength and autonomy of Menat Ombo’s new government had shone through the valor and responsiveness of its military Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force. The attackers were repelled by morning.

More Fiction News

Pending the end of the Bastions Run-On the next major story arc is already being written out so look for that in the near future.

HOU Aedile Applications

That’s right. Mr. Ji is stepping down officially so with that the slot for AED has opened. Interested and serious applicants send your apps to me at ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and cc Muz ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Halc ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) . I only ask that you include a 30-60-90 day plan as well as a few samples of your fiction writing which you feel best represents your style.

I’ll be taking applications from in-house until the 30th afterwhich DB-wide applicants (including in-house) will be accepted until the 6th when the new Aedile will be announced.

Are we green, super-green?


And that’s all I have for now. Have a cool start to the semester everyone!

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