Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

For weeks members of Arcona had spent their spare time in games arcades across the Dajorra System. Some had played only one of the many games, but others had worked hard, often even ignoring their regular assignments, to compete in the now well known 'Dozen of Games' competition that Andrelious had been running.

Now, with the last game vital to the final standings, the competitiors, joined not only by their clanmates but even by several Dajorran media outlets.

Inahj had summoned those who were interested to a small room he had purchased in Estle City. The Battlelord had even decorated the room and had christened it the 'Head Office' of the 'Arconan Gaming Championship Association', the 'official' name for Dozen of Games.

Speaking into a microphone, Inahj began: "Friends and viewers. I would like to thank those of you who have supported the inaugural gaming championship. This was at first a small idea of mine, but with the support of Invictus, Socorra and the rest of the Arconan summit for allowing me to run it. I would also like to thank the eighteen of you who entered at least one event. Without further ado, however, it is time to announce the final standings."

The Battlelord paused for a moment as the assembled crowd quietened. Snabbie and Scelestus, the two main contenders, looked nervous, though Andrel sensed that Snabbie also felt a tinge of disappointment.

"As you all will no doubt know thanks to my...friends..in the media, Snabbie needed to win the last event. I can tell you now that he did not win, coming only 3rd, with Strategos winning the event from a spirited effort by Tirano. This means, the inauguaral Arconan Gaming Champion is none other than Scelestus!"

The room did not erupt into applause immediately, particularly among those members of Void Squadron who had arrived. The remaining places in the top were held by Strategos, who had won six of the twelve events and had been odds on favourite after winning three consecutive events early on, and Snabbie, who had been portrayed as the underdog. The other competitors were light years behind, the top three having won all twelve events between them; 4th placed Kratus had managed just two 2nd places all tournament.

Shadow Gate News:

As you can see from my fiction above, Dozen of Games has ended! Congratulations to QD Aedile Scelestus on winning overall, as well as to our own Strategos for coming second with six event wins!

More importantly, however, the 'Trial of Loyalty' event is now in its third and final week. Good luck to those Gatewardens who are taking part!

The 'Profiling the Targets' comp ended, but I only had one submission. I'm not going to pretend. I made a simple competition for you guys and I'm bitterly disappointed with the level of entry. Congrats go to Incendus on his win!


The following medals have been awarded to SG members since my elevation to Gatewarden.

Incendus - Dark Cross - For continued high levels of activity

Andrelious J. Inahj - Anteian Cross - For high activity during Operation: Rolling Thunder

Andrelious J. Inahj - Dark Cross - For submitting a question for 'Ask the GM'

** Zakath & Andraste Vivendi - Dark Cross, Andrelious J. Inahj - Anteian Cross** - For excellent work relating to Operation: Redacted

Congrats to all on those medals, and an extra big congratulations to former QD Quæstor Invictus on his Sapphire Blade! I was one of those offered the honour of writing part of the recc, which I readily accepted.


There are currently plenty of competitions for SG members to be getting on with. I'm now going to ask again that you remember to CC me, Scel, Socks, Wally and Wun on all your stuff. CC your master as well, if needed. (No, Cend, don't CC me twice :P)

A list can be found here

But, as of 26/8/2012, the comps available are:

Arcona-Wide (ToL) Webhunt

(ToL) GFX/Comic

(ToL) Fiction


Search and Recover

Jedi Knight Ladder #6

Retro Gaming: JK

BFII Smackdown

Curbstomp the Gamers!

ToR - Quick and Easy

Multicultural Darkness

Try to do at least one of these. :) There's pretty much something for everyone there.

Look out for more SG/Arcona related comps soon!

That concludes this report

Battlelord Andrelious J. Inahj Gatewarden, Shadow Gate House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona

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