Herald Report


Herald Report

Captain's Quarters KIN Masarao Approaching the Shroud

Another night recounting the horrors, another night remembering the abominations that dared to shake the foundations of his beliefs. Wiping the cold sweat from his brow, Shikyo looked over the new hilt that sat on his nightstand. Worn from millennium of blistering cold and searing wind, the weapon was a trophy of the greatest and worse battle the Keibatsu had ever fought in. He had made temporary amends with his enemy for the sake of survival and the pact alone nearly cost his life. Now as he approached the planet he thought of as his second home, the Herald began to question much more than his doctrine.

Sasuke took the saber in hand and made his way towards the training room. It was not nearly as big as the one on the Fallen Spear but it was quaint and served its purpose well. Pressing the jeweled activation switch, it took a moment for the Kyataran's eyes to notice the faint violet glow emanating from the black blade. Were it not for the Force enhancing his vision, Shikyo wondered if he would have actually noticed the blade's existence in the first place. Starting with basic twirls and movements with the saber, he could feel the tip of the weapon barely missing his body before finally kissing across his upper thigh.

A slight snarl and growl passed through the Elder's lips as he knelt down and pressed his hand against the seared flesh. He didn't bother to call on the Force to repair the damage done. Shikyo looked at the wound and the weapon, silencing the blade before accepting his predicament: he was not ready to handle "Nightshade". Looking over the details of the weapon, the hauntings of his failures seemed to have found him through space and began to replay images he fought hard to repress. He wasn't strong enough yet but he prayed to the Force that one day he would be.

Dark Hall Antei system Antei

Every step placed upon the obsidian floor was slow yet deliberate. Every breath that escaped his lips was gentle yet deep. He had seen quite a lot since being sent outside The Shroud. Now, he was ready to consider his mission over. Brushing past the Royal Guardsmen that stood outside the Iron Throne, he could feel new presences behind the armor. Someone must have asserted their dominance and proven themselves worthy to don the crimson armor of old. Some things never changed.

Closing the space between himself and his eldest brother, Shikyo knelt before the man, letting his fatigue finally bear down upon him and exact their vengeance. The Kyataran was beginning to wish he had gone to bed earlier or allowed himself a moment in the bacta tank.

"It's done."

Musashi looked over the Herald, noting the wounds both physical and mental that plagued the fellow Krath. A quizzical look fell upon the Dark Lord's brow.

"What have you seen?"

Lifting his head slowly, crimson swirled eyes found ebony ones as the Elder replayed the nightmares in his mind. He knew the Sith Lord was watching them and noticed the slightest twitch that would have gone on relatively unnoticed. That twitch was all the Herald needed to see to know just how disturbed the Grand Master was. Rising to his feet, Shikyo spun on his heel and made his way back towards the entrance. There was one more stop he needed to make.

Consul's Quarters Orian system Sepros

Another day of politics had come and gone for Locke Sonjie. The Sons and Daughters attempted to tie strings on the appointed leader and take control of his inexperience. Factions had been formed, old ties had been cut, and the Krath Priest was fighting day in and day out to solidify the clan for... something. Though his connection to the Force was not as strong as others, he could feel something raising the hairs on his neck. When the light clicked on to reveal the Dark Councilor sitting in his seat, he wished that the presence in his chambers was what made the hairs stand on end.

"Consul Locke... Has a peculiar ring to it."

The Equite scoffed and smirked, making his way towards the wardrobe that held his select collection of robes and combat attire.

"If you're here to mock me or teach me humility, Shikyo, save it for another day. I have more karking issues on my mind than what you may have to say."

"Then allow me to alleviate one of the concerns dwelling within. How is the rebuilding of San Korinar coming along?"

The first thing I would like to do is thank all the well-wishers for their sentiments and let you all know that I greatly appreciate it. These past several months have been a major hassle and I appreciate everyone's patience with me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

With my return, I have had many thoughts about things I would like to see accomplished from the Herald's Office, ranging from expanding the look of the site in its entirety to developing the Office on a more fictional level. I hope that the changes I am looking to bring forth from the Office will be a little more user-friendly and finally bring the images in mind to reality. I will be speaking to those whom this will impact a little later on.

I announced in my last report that I would be rewarding another set of custom robes to a member of the Brotherhood for their exceptional work and dedication. I've known this guy for years now and whether he is in a position to do something or not, his motivation and dedication to his unit and the club in general has always remained strong. I have had the privilege of working alongside him on a couple of projects and have seen him grow from a relatively active member, to a prominent leader, and eventually the head of his unit. He has had to deal with members who have quite the reputation (and egos :p) with them and has managed them in quite a fashion. For headstrong dedication to his unit, his House, the Dark Council, and the Brotherhood in general, I'd like to present Shaz'air "Sidarace" Taldrya with a set of custom robes to thank him for his continued service. Congratulations.

Also, I mentioned that I was on the look for Magistrates to the Herald for miscellaneous tasks that had been put on the back burner for quite some time. I have been reviewing the applications I have received, interviewing the applicants and have announced the people I look forward to working with in the Herald's Office.

Archangel is no stranger to the Herald's Office. His hard work and creative mind have been a blessing to this office and I look forward to working alongside him once more. In addition, I have looked over the fictional aspect of the Herald's Office as well as the wiki pages and found it a bit bland and dry. I'd like to change that. To bring a fresh perspective to the office, I'd like to announce Kazmir Natas (a.k.a. Tyre) as my Special Magistrate. He will be tasked with fiction development while receiving training in graphic design. To those who applied and did not make it, I will hold on to your applications for future reference and to those who have an interest in graphic design, I look forward to talking to you in further detail about potential classes in design.

Last report, I released the lightsaber of Ulic Qel-Droma for the lighties of the Brotherhood. Today, I decided to work on the saber of the one who held power in that same timeframe. For your enjoyment, I present to you the short saberstaff of Sith Lord, Exar Kun.

Now, let's move on to the sexiness!

Completed by Ekeia:

Shirai Ryo Dupar Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart Telum Vas Umbra Scelestus Incendus

Mirado Pepoi L'eonheart

Created by Ekeia:

Silent Kaira Rohana

I'm home... I'm drinking... I'm not putting anything here for this report.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to send me an email or find me in #HRLD_Office you can also ask a question here.

Robes: 243 Lightsabers: 1,082 Warbanners: 502 Miscellaneous: 194

-DA Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Daimyo of the Keibatsu Bloodline

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