Grand Master Report


Grand Master Report

A brief report wherein Muz discusses some progress on different projects and the ramp-up to the coming vendetta. Brought to you courtesy of loud music and strong drink.

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Project progress report:

1.) Lightsaber Combat Guide (2.0) - This is well on its way. We've got a great team assembled and we're starting to see the format we'll be using. There's a lot of content that is getting tweaked and enhanced. The eventual product will be comprehensive, and scalable...which is to say that if you just need enough to know how to write the form in the ACC, you can do that...but if you want the entire history of the form and the minutiae, you can get that, too. Add to it new graphics and a shift in how the forms relate to each other and all sorts of geeky awesomeness.

2.) Herald Style Hanukkah - Work is ongoing here. We're pretty sure that everyone is going to enjoy what is coming for this. Shikyo will have more in his report.

3.) There are some events getting worked on for the New Guild Wars game and a minor tweak to how Diablo three is handled in regards to gaming. Watch for additional details from Fremoc.

4.) As I understand it, the boys over in Taldryan will be hosting a Bryar Bowl in the relatively near future. This is a fun little ladder event that specifies that one can only use a Bryar pistol (the starting weapon) in the duel. It's pretty fun stuff, and as last time, the first and second place members will be able to get Bryar pistols added to their dossier weapon.

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Vendetta stuff!

Horizons - <p>

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We had a slight setback with Horizons. Tony, from Jedi Art Trick had overbooked himself and was unable to continue on our comic for Horizons. He did get a fair bit of it done, but it left us with a fair bit of work yet left to do. There was a moment where I briefly debated drawing it myself...


But then, cooler heads prevailed. I am not a comic artist, so I'd be constantly beating myself up over it. So I managed to track down another artist, who actually has been doing a wonderful job so far. With the speed of his work, I'm pretty enthusiastic, and we should still be on par for a late September launch.

Here's a taste of what Moe is doing for us. This is just a sketch of it, so it is NOT a final product.

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Great Jedi War XI - I was going to put something here about the GJW scheduled for next year... but we have a lot of kickass stuff happening between here and there...and how those little tests work out may impact how we decide to run the GJW in entirety, so it's premature to discuss it here.

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Ask the GM time.

Andrelious asks "Have the problems with the comic for Horizons put the DC off of requiring comics for future events?"

I am not really sure that it was a requirement. That said, I know that once we start doing something, the moment that we stop doing it, people will be expecting it and be disappointed if it's not there. That said, the new comic guy is pretty stellar (in my opinion), and it won't be terribly painful to work with him again in the future (if his work keeps going at the rate we have seen so far). That said, I don't thinkit'd be fair to expect that the next GM will continue that trend. There's a fair bit of expense associated with it, and it is entirely donated by the Dark Council and myself. I suspect that GJWXI will likely be the last regular vendetta comic.

Keirdagh asks "Why don't you force the people who make reports just once a month, to at least stagger them so it doesn't look like the DC does nothing for 3 weeks a month?"

My only real requirement is that the DC has to put out a report at least once a month, otherwise i get on their case. I think, for a lot of people, the end of the month works better for reports, be it because of work schedules or just because they see my report going up and are reminded of it. Smart DCers will read this report and this question and see the wisdom in it. Thanks for the feedback, Yacks.

Traan asks "Muz, for ask the GM, If we're only going to be able to do one Vendetta a year, how important are Feuds and other events to unit activity?"

As of right now, thre'll be time for short feuds post-Horizons. Given the enhanced rewards that can be won by those feud events (provided that the feud ends before the end of the year), they'll be pretty important, i think. After that, well, i have some things that we are working on.

For having such good questions, Andrelious, Keirdagh, and Traan are awarded Dark Crosses. Watch next time for when I change my nick on IRC to 'AskTheGM' or email me your questions to get featured and a shining DC for your efforts.

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That's about all for this time. If you need anything, shoot me an email, look me up on TOR or PM me on IRC.

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Soooooooo excited for the 2.0 saber guide! Also, Horizons I'm totally getting pumped!

As for designating reports, I'm under the notion that would cause more hassle/frustration for the one doing the reports when being forced to make a deadline. End of the month/beginning of the month are also very quaint for people who review schedules at the end and start of the month. Not that being a leader is supposed to be a walk In the park, but it helps when you can decide some things on your own (ala reports, which as you can see Muz has been more than reasonable in this regard).

This is also not to say that individual members can't report to theIr unit in advance to reporting it on the DB news page by a few days, or following through with other creative ideas.

Personally I do my reports at the beginning of the month because at the end of each month competitions have ended, new competitions released, gaming stats have been tallied, and GMRG ranks have been updated. Just makes sense for me to release my reports at the beginning of the month imo.

so much for smart dcers :D

I actually would put my reports in the middle/late part of the month because it used to be that reports inundated the site on the first few days of the month. Maybe I should reconsider when to put it up in order to stagger it more. Not like the SA has gloriously life-changing reports, either way, but it's definitely something for me to consider.

I'll try and make sure that when someone breaks the Covenant, they do it in the middle of the month. ;)

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