Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Private Meeting Room Royal Palace Judecca, Cocytus System "Well, that escalated quickly," Archangel said, before taking a drink. Everyone at the table nodded their heads in agreement.

"People wanted it done. We had a plan in place and the opportunity presented itself. Now will people stop hounding me about it?" Xen asked.

"Yesh, I tolds you guysh it was going to be fine," Thran slurred.

"We've been here for all of 10 minutes. Slow down there champ." Akatsuki said.

"He was pregaming sitting in his TIE fighter the whole way back here. He threw a bottle at Eether's head. Kid needs stitches." Xen said. Thran let out a loud laugh. Xen sighed and continued, "He is in the awkward drunk stage, give it a few minutes he will get going again."

"I think for the next time we attack someone we should have Thran's fighter painted pink, just so it is easier to identify who is pulling those slick moves." Arch suggested.

"Slick moves like listing lazily to the left?" Xen responded. Arch nodded. Thran threw a bottle at Arch's head and missed by several feet.

Hello Scholae Palatinae! This report's fictional introduction was brought to you by the letter N and the number 7! Bonus fake internet points to the first person who can call out that opening reference.

Obviously by now you all should be aware that the CNS/HSP/PLA feud has come to an end. Week 3 results and final scores are still being worked on so I will send out a separate email to the house when that is finally announced. I'm really glad a lot of you were able to put in the effort to participate. I saw some fantastic submissions from all the units involved. Hopefully this helped some of you get some more practice in before the Horizons vendetta hits this fall (or more specifically as Muz pointed out, a targeted late September if everything goes as planned).

Anyway, make sure to check out both the Grandmaster and Herald reports if you haven't already.

I'll quickly cover some recent DB wide news. The Horizons vendetta hit a bit of a rough patch, as we needed to find a new comic artist to finish the accompanying comic for the event. But that has been taken care of and Horizons is, well, once again on the horizon. Shikyo has announced two new magistrates that will be helping with misc stuff in the Herald's office. One of these was our own AED, Archangel. Also finally as the term for Right Hand of Justice is coming to an end, Arion Sunrider has been named as the new Right Hand.


As I stated earlier, the Feud has ended and the final results are being tallied. Once that is done expect some shinies to start floating around for things. Shinies are good.

Some of you may recall when I did my last report I included a survey to gather some information from people in the house. So I want to take a moment to go over some of the things I found.

First of all, from those who responded, most feelings feel in the average to pretty good range about how you all feel HSP is doing. I was actually rather glad to see this instead of straight excellent scores for the house. I know things can be improved and want them to be improved. You telling me that you feel things could and should be better is far greater motivation than saying you are all perfectly happy with the way things are. So let's work toward doing this even better than we have been.

The question about types of competitions that are most enjoyed was actually a bit surprising. Every person who took the survey said they liked short fiction. There was then a splattering of numbers for the other options and fill in responses. You all like writing fictions, which to me means maybe we aren't offering the kind of fiction prompts you would like to participate or that you lack the time to do them. So, if you are one of those people who like to do the fiction competitions but don't do them all that frequently, let me know what I can do to help change that! Fictions are cool. Also in regards to this question, people really liked the competitions that Akatsuki has been running, such as the crosswords and puzzles.

And finally, there was a unanimous answer of "yes" by all survey takers that Archangel does, in fact, smell.

Anyway, that covers it for this report. As always if you have questions or comments, my door is always open. Feel free to shoot me an email or PM me on IRC. Snide remarks or insights on the mating habits of tapirs can be directed to Arch.


*Feud is over, last results will be out soon

*Horizons vendetta sometime this fall

*Survey results discussed


Xen'Mordin Vismorsus Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

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