Herald Report


Herald Report

Temple Precinct Coruscant Coruscant system

Ekeia softly swiped the crimson-onyx bang that hung from the left side of her face over her ear. Her heart was racing; being so close to the home of the Jedi had a curious effect on her. She had swapped in her benchmark dark robes and business attire for a more regular outfit: dark green cargo pants and a khaki top with a leather jacket. She was still worried someone would sense her true alignment. She didn't know exactly why she had wandered so close to the Jedi Temple, there were millions of other places she could have gone to.

Her train of thought was interrupted when a small child, maybe around 12 years of age, bumped into her. Before she could react the kid had already disappeared into the sea of bodies that was so common on Galactic City. Instinctively checking her pockets for anything that could be missing, she was glad that everything was still there. Not that she carried a lot on her person anyway. Still, being around Jedi headquarters meant bad business.

Coruscant underworld

7 years since Coruscant's liberation during the Vong war, yet the lower levels didn't see the progress that the surface had seen. Overrun by wild, hostile creatures and criminals alike, it struck Ekeia as the perfect place to satisfy her darker impulses. Rustling trough the tall grasses that made up most of the level, she came upon a small camp. 5 creaky tents set up in a semi-circle around a crackling fire. The stench of decaying corpses permeated the air, causing the dark jedi to cover her mouth and nose with her hands.

Whatever had killed these poor bastards might still be around.

As soon as the thought came, two Voxyn fell upon her, growling and snarling as they approached her. With a delicately sadistic smile, the Epis snapped her lightsaber to life.

Great hall - courtyard Karufr Kr'Tal System

Taldryan's quaestor was hard at work drilling the new batch of apprentices in a rigorous physical exercise when he sensed Archangel's arrival. Turning to face the former Aedie, Rian screamed at the top of his lungs that the greenhorns keep running through the drills.

"Arch, what brings you to Kr'Tal?" Rian's deep amber eyes pierced through the Sith.

"The Herald requires the latest finance report. I'd not keep him waiting, you know how he gets."

"I see... I'll have Shaz'air send it through immediately."

Disgruntled at being dismissed so abruptly, Arch wasted no time in leaving Taldryan space.

Laboratory Misahide Castle Kyataru

The cauldron was alive with the Dark Side itself. Droid servants of many makes and functions stood by for future enhancements. Shikyo himself was sitting in the cold marble floor, perfectly balanced between the physical world and the mystical currents of the Force. The white hot flames of the furnace before him licked away at his outstretched arms, yet the Dark Adept did not flinch, the raging flames daring not to touch him as he was a conduit of the Dark Side itself. A bead of sweat rolled down from his brow, over to his jaw, tracing the sharp features of his face as it rolled to his chin and ultimately hit the marble flooring.

Deep within the furnace, a brilliant orange shimmer burned within the white flames. Shikyo's aptitude for alchemy was well known to those that were, even rudimentary, aware of the man's existence. An incoming holo-transmission had been bleeping away for the past 30 minutes. The Keibatsu's eyes opened slowly, glazed from the deep slumber of his meditative trance. With a wave of his hand he answered the holo-transmission.

The hazy blue figure of Kazmir sprung to life from the transmitter.

"I have the reports from Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow, your Excellency."

With a curt nod and a wave of his hand, the Kyataran sat upon the floor, extended his will towards the flames and allowed the Dark Side to flow through him.

I'm making this one really short, sweet, and to the point. Expect more from me a couple of weeks from now. This report is to give me a chance to get the new Magistrates' work up for all to see. Thanks to Kazmir for the fiction and Arch is already jumping into the fray with graphics.

Now, lets move on to the sexiness!

Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu

Completed by Ekeia:


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Graus Colvin Coop Ter-An

Created by Ekeia:

Marick Arconae

Expect more in October. ;-)

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to send me an email or find me in #HRLD_Office you can also ask a question here.

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