Headmaster Report (2012-9-20)


Headmaster Report (2012-9-20)


Something was affecting the Shadow Academy. Ronovi couldn't say what, but it was there. Even the whiskey she drank seemed to recede from her lips and resist her tongue whenever she brought the glass toward her face.

Elsewhere, classes were resuming. Initiates were being trained. It was indoctrination at its finest. Like a dark wine being aged. No, Whyren's Reserve. That worked with every simile and metaphor that the Headmaster thought of ever.

The council room for the debate courses and events had been constructed quite nicely. They would be used again, but with the strange atmosphere of the place, Ronovi would most likely ask Solus to delay the proceedings.

It just wasn't right. Ronovi knew that the air of malice and cunning was natural to her, like a scarf she always wore in the dead of winter. But now the frost was thicker, and colder, so much so that the Epicanthix almost saw her own breath.

Elsewhere, young minions were squirming. This might be very, very bad.


With Horizons on the...well, horizon, you're probably wondering what the Shadow Academy will be up to. Or maybe you're not, but you're wondering now (HA!). The answer is that we're not doing anything particularly grandiose, though I will be judging events this time around, instead of ripping everything up and getting Novae and being a BAMF (Second Hero of the Tenth Great Jedi War? Oh, yes). While the Academy usually does not play a central role in vendetta fiction, we are always around to assist you in your more scholarly adventures during and after the competition.

And yes, there will be a second debate event after Horizons. Stay tuned for it.


Audit Status: General Studies and Clan History Departments are complete. Everyone thank Scelestus for being awesome with his work. He's doing a fantastic job to ensure that all of the exams are up to speed and takeable (for lack of a better word).

Spot any errors or inconsistencies that we may have missed? Don't hesitate to contact the Shadow Academy staff. You can find our e-mails on our dossiers or in the staff section on the Shadow Academy page (check your training tab on the main website).


Because some old guy told me to, I'm going to list the "graduates" of the Shadow Academy since August 20th (my last report). These people have obtained Mavens, Savants, and/or Sages over the past month. Here we go with the lists that only a handful of people will care about!


Dark Maven in Combat Jamez Gabriel (Rogue) Ood Bnar (ARC) Seider (HSP) Xan Phraz-Etar (HSP)

Dark Maven in Flight Arden Karn (PLA) Koryn Thraagus (HSP)

Dark Maven in Leadership Silent (PLA)

Dark Maven in Philosophy Sam Rajax (HSP)

Dark Maven in Writing Ood Bnar (ARC)


Dark Savant in Tactics and Combat Archangel (HSP)


Dark Sage in Law Etah d'Tana (ARC)

Dark Sage in Writing Archangel (HSP)

So, in short...HSP likes getting degrees. Naga Sadow, Tally, and Odan-Urr, wanna get on the ball, too? ;)


Before Horizons begins, here's one more educational/Star Wars joke for the road. Get ready, get pumped. Things gon' be crazy.


Ronovi Tavisaen Dupar Headmaster of the Shadow Academy

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