Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Hello Scholae Palatinae! Skipping the fictional intro this week. It's been a week of heavy fiction updates leading up the the opening of Horizons so go read those! They are fabulous and far better than anything I would have done. Also far more important!

Now, the first piece of big news is our new Aedile. There were several applications and honestly, it was really hard to narrow it down to who would be serving as the new second in command.

I am pleased to announce that Xan Phraz-Etar has been selected to be our new Aedile. I've known Xan for a long time and look forward to working with him on continuing on our advancement down the path to reclanning. The time of Xen and Xan is beginning.

Also I want to once again thank Archangel for all the hard work he has done as AED here in HSP. I also want to wish him luck as P:FIST

Also, the last week saw the end of Xantros as Caliburnus BTL. He is leaving to become a real life priest so his DB work had to be put aside. He was a fantastic BTL and it was a honor to work with him.

Replacing him as BTL is DJK Evant Taelyan. Evant transferred to HSP from the rogues back in early August. Since then he has impressed myself and other HSP members for his great work ethic and efforts around the House. He was nominated by Xantros to replace him as BTL and I am excited to have this chance to work with him.

By now you all should have seen the email informing about the logo change here in HSP. I wanted to reiterated it again here. Especially since I haven’t gotten updated headers for my report yet so they still show the old one. We do have a new logo. The old one was a composite of two battletech logos and the discussion of it being ripped off was brought up again and again. Muz went to the trouble to create a totally badass new logo as seen below. I can't thank him enough for it.

HORIZONS, a new vendetta is starting this weekend. Again the week 0 updates are on the main DB page so please read them. I hope you all are excited and gearing up for participating in as much as possible. We had great activity in the recent feud and I hope you all remember how we placed a very impressive 3rd in the last GJW. I hope each and everyone of you can come at this vendetta and have a great time rocking it. Show the entire DB just how incredible you all are!

That it for now. I look forward to seeing just how much awesome stuff happens in the vendetta. Set out to dominated it and have a blast doing so Scholae Palatinae!


  • Xan Phraz-Etar is new AED
  • Evant is new Caliburnus BTL
  • New HSP logo kicks major ass
  • Horizons starts this weekend! Go have fun with it!

FOR THE EMPIRE! Xen'Mordin Vismorsus Quaestor of Scholae Palatinae

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