Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

A Rollmaster and a Taskmaster

An Introduction to Eiko

For the time being, I'll be occupying two places. One, the position of Rollmaster, is a pretty universal position--the "third-wheel" of sorts that rounds out the Summit. My job is you. Really, just you. And the fifty-nine other yous in the House. And your questions, which I am using for the format of this introductory report.

Most of what Tra'an and Kal have hired me to do is maintain the Master/Student program which is known more colloquially as:

The Plagueian Path

"How do you intend to arrange Master/Student Pairings?" asks Kal Vorrac.

I think the word I want to use here is "individually."

"what Kal said cus im still waiting for one," states Silent. (Not a question, bud -- but I'll still talk about it!)

What you're wondering about is actually part of the struggle here. There are usually more active and interested potential masters than available potential students at any given time. Why? Because we open up our House's program at the rank of Protector.

Any student-less potential masters don't have a student because there are no students to have. Encourage any new members you see around IRC, hanging out in TOR, or fiddling with other acronyms. They could be your student once they earn Protector.

See a new member whose rank is Protector or above but hasn't made Knight yet? Talk to them. Figure out what they like, and if you think that you could serve as a mentor for them and help motivate them through that next big obstacle, then approach both them and me about starting a pairing. Simple as that.

Or they don't know that you're available, or even that you are active. Reply to emails, engage in conversation, show up and be yourself. All that will help broadcast that you're eager to have a student -- and I will be much quicker to pair up active masters when students ask me about this stuff.

"Can I have a student?" poses Furios.

Yes, you are capable of having a student. And we'll get you one. Tell me what you like doing and when we have a student who likes doing that thing too, I'll go ahead and introduce you two.

Also, you could always recruit a friend to the club, encourage them to get to PRT, and then ask them about being their fictional master. Y'know, if you're desperate.

Dealing with Your Rollmaster

"How often will you do reports?" Furios adds.

I didn't specifically go for one question per person here, because I really want to answer this one. And if you were on IRC when he asked, then you should already know what I'm going to say.


Unless you guys really really rock, I think I'll be planning on monthly reports.

So please rock. Please make me do reports every other week so that they don't get oppressively long with awards, achievements, competitions, nefarious goings-on, and various light-hearted shenanigans.

I would love to need to do bi-weekly reports.

From Telum: "Do you have any ideas or new structure insights that will guide you into your role, and if so what are they are how will you implement them?"

I know this is a disappointment to hear, but I don't believe that I have any radically "new" ideas to build into any portion of my job -- yet. So there won't be any sweeping changes made to the Plagueian Path, at least not upfront. I am wildly excited to work with everyone in the House, and I would love to hear ideas from you as you come up with them.

There is certainly room for innovation, if that's the best course. But right now, I think that the structure of the Plagueian Path (in comparison with a strictly vanilla MSP) doesn't need to be tweaked as much as it needs to be used, and used effectively.

Cough <small><small>But I think it'd be wise of my fellow leaders to consider Casual Fridays as an innovative step to a more casual workplace.</small></small> Cough

"What's the best way to contact me?" I ask myself rhetorically.

Good question, Self! I'll be on IRC as much as I can--likely in #plagueis, less likely in #db or in other spots around the DB-verse. If you need me and I'm not just sitting on IRC already keen on listening to you, then you'll have to email me.

Everyone click my name at the top of this report. Now look down at that email address. Chances are, I'm already in your address book if you've participated in the Plagueis Google Group at all, but my email address is right there, right below my sexy sexy robes. <small><small><small>(No, not there, ya perv.)</small></small></small>

"Am I one of those guys who writes fiction into his reports?" I interrogated.

Yes. Expect it. There's no fiction on this report, though. This is going to be a looooong first report.

"Are all my reports going to be this long?" I pressed.

I hope not. I figured this would be an interesting introduction, a good way for you to get to know me and hopefully start a conversation with you about promotion.

Promotions and You

"I'm stuck at Equite 1. How do I progress in rank from here?" I ponder.

Look no further! Yes, that link leads precisely where you think it does, and it's not just about Equite ranks either. I'm not a complete narcissist.

Be active. Get through the requirements for your rank (which actually does require being active -- funny how that works). It's tough to promote people who aren't around to accept their awards.

Why is the Rollmaster talking about this? Isn't he supposed to worry about everybody who hasn't hit Knighthood yet and then just release Knights out into the wild, flapping their wings and letting them soar onward to greater things, higher heights, and stranger worlds?

I'm on your side, whatever rank you're at. Yes, some of what I'm talking about has probably been hashed to death from Tra'an and Kal. But I'm saying it now, which means it must be important.

You can earn your next rank. And it'll feel good when you get there. Yes, it's an internet club with intangible rewards -- but that doesn't mean those rewards don't make you feel awesome.

It just means your family will look at you funny if you start introducing yourself as "Darth Blade, King of the Pseudonymous System, Threatener of the Stars."

Don't do that. You're here to have fun, right? Promotions are fun, right?

Be active. Get shinies, internet high-fives, and promos. Be happy.

"Didn't I say something about Taskmaster?" I muse aloud.

Yes! I'm so glad you reminded me, Me.

Taskmaster? That uniquely Plagueian position that has no official power, isn't an official position, and really just exists as a token post for someone learning how to lead?

No. Taskmaster, the uniquely Plagueian position with no official power, but serves to help ease up my workload by focusing entirely on new members from the rank of Initiate to Acolyte before dumping them back onto my plate 'o worries once they hit Protector.

Make no mistake: There will come a day when I will need a Taskmaster. But it is not this day! You want to learn the ropes of Rollmaster, perhaps follow in my footsteps after I peter out? I want to help you learn! Tra'an, Kal, and I will eventually open up Taskmaster as a position inside of Plagueis. Until then, I'll be carrying both titles.

But I have to get some stuff in order first so that you can learn instead of merely help me organize my messes. I don't want to do two jobs; I'd much rather just do one, but I can't really help a future Taskmaster until I have a grasp on both jobs.

Keep your eyes peeled for when we open Taskmaster, because it will. And I'd like you to be Taskmaster when it does open -- as does Kal, as does Tra'an.

We will get there. I'll be loud and obnoxious about it when it does happen. And that's a guarantee.

"Is there going to be a test on all this?" I squinted at myself as I asked..

Another fantastic idea, Self! Man, I'm so glad you're awake and thinking for me today, because I certainly am not.

I'd like to now formally open up a quick trivia contest. We're allowed one of these every month, so I now declare "Eiko's Rollmaster Trivia Cook-off of Destiny" open for business until November 2nd. I'll be waiting at the finish line with cake. And shinies. (And yes, the Cook-off definitely looks exactly like Slag's beautiful Plagueis Trivia event. Thanks, Slags, for letting me hijack your plans periodically.)

Beautiful, tasty shinies. They taste just like Prestige.

I'll be back early in November with a summary of Horizons activity and more festivities.

TL; DR Your loss.

you know i did all the EQ3 years ago still havent gotten a promo :P i need to hit EQ4 or i smash kittens with evil rainbows!

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