Grand Master Report


Grand Master Report

A brief report showing off the new Seal (before it is even in the system!) for Horizons, and teasing the next big thing(s) coming soon. Be sure to check the news post below regarding LucasFilm being bought by Disney and plans for a new film.

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As discussed previously, there will be some Clan and House Feuds coming up very shortly here. They will be awarded at a higher-than-normal level, due to the tie-in with Horizons. Basically, now that the central threat (Zoraan) is dead and the Horizons Plague has a cure, we only have to chase out the enemy fleets that are squatting in our home systems. These feuds will have to start before the end of November and Must be done before the end of the year (more on why in a bit.).

The first step is figuring out what units will be fighting each other. Nothing has been set in stone yet, although there are some tentative plans in place. If you have specific requests, get with your Quaestor and/or Consul and see what can be sorted out.

While we're on the subject, Major kudos go out to Halc for wrangling the graders on this event. I think we have the new record, with everything having been graded and done within ten days. Halc has also put together a survey on the event that you can find Here. You should take a look.

Big awards are getting brainstormed and recced as we speak. Watch this space for more as that develops.

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This is a normal ask the GM question, but it's very topical and deserves more than a brief blurb.

"How do you foresee the acquisition of Lucasarts by Disney to affect the DB? Do you think our recruitment levels will see another "Silver-Age" as we saw with last decade's prequel releases?"

Well, the good news is that it's more movies. The Great news is that it's not going to be Lucas directing them. The Bad news is that it will be Disney. The films themselves may be great. They may get a great team together and just let them run with whatever concept that they have with minimal Disney-ing. Like the Marvel films (so far).

Or it could be converted into a children's-only sort of property. The stuff us older fans of Star Wars enjoy the least about the movies are the things geared towards newer audiences...and let's be honest, it goes back into the Original Trilogy. Some of you may be too young to remember the groaning about how Ewoks beat the Emperor's finest on the Forest Moon of Endor. That trend continued into the new films with Jar-Jar Binks and hellafied awkward loveydovey talk and further into the Clone Wars TV series.

That said, the Clone Wars series has taken a turn for the darker, as we all knew it eventually must. Without giving any spoilers out, there's some stuff in the trailers that looks like it could be downright wicked. Add to that mess the potential for a Live-Action 'Dark' TV show...the one that Lucas said would be too expensive to make... Disney may very well just bankroll to use it as a cash cow. The guys at Disney are about making money first and foremost. They're not going to throw away all of the money we'd spend on movies. We might take our kids (or nieces and nephews) to a kid-geared star wars movie once... but how many times did you go see Revenge of the Sith? The money is there, and they're not dumb.

Now, we have had pretty steady recruitment across time, a good stream coming in just from the wide internet. Not much from the Clone Wars show, but that is to be expected. New films could see a dramatic increase in what we are doing here, but again, that depends ont he target audience of the films. Revenge of the Sith generated a huge amount of people wanting to know more about the Sith. Return of the Jedi might not have gotten us so many hits, if that makes sense.

Either way, it's an interesting time to be a fan.

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That's about all for this time. If you need anything, shoot me an email, look me up on TOR or PM me on IRC.

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Seal of Immunity? Seal of Resistance?

Seal of Fortitude. Seal of Invincibility. Seal of Struggle. Seal of Desperation.

Looking forward to getting some of those sweet seals as well as my last two Novae. ;)

Seal of Sang Seal of Infection Seal of Devastation Seal of Disney Seal of L4D Seal of Zombies!!!!

Only one fits this Vendetta.

Seal of Containment

Seal of Vengeance (Zorro wanting revenge against the DB) Seal of Affliction (plague-related) Seal of Ancients (old GMs-related) Seal of Chaos (part of Zorro's plan to weaken the DB to his attack)

No. No. No. Fail is Zorro? :P

personally I like Seal of Affliction that shad proposed

I like Seal of Affliction also.

Seal of Affliction sounds good to me.

And Sang, Disney hasn't yet destroyed Star Wars... not sure if we should really name something after them just yet ;P

I was going to suggest Seal of Inoculation since overcoming the Horizons Plague was the main goal although Affliction sounds darker.

Seal of Braaaaaaaaains

Seal of Alchemist Spit, that's what was used to cure us after all :P

Seal of Affliction

Seal of "You assume this is a democracy but you are wrong. It is a dictatorship"-ism ? :P

Seal of Zoraan's Head

Just "Seal" is fine with me.

I like seal of containment, myself.

I like the Seal of Affliction that is good.

Seal Of Virulence

Ooh, that's a good one.

Seal of Pestilence Seal of Infirmity Seal of Misery

  • Seal of Transmittable Disease

That way it can be put on the ID-line as "STD"

Seal of Seal

I'm down with Seal of Affliction.

Seal of Affliction sounds good to me, too.

Containment or Affliction sounds good to me

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