Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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Right so first of all the big thing is obviously I have just been given the opportunity to serve all of you as your Aedile, a pleasure that I am honoured to have received. For those of you that don't know me I am Cethgus Tiberus Entar, and have served in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for seven years now. I have had experience as Battle Team Leader of Void Squadron and it is now my pleasure to be serving as your new Aedile. I look forward to hearing from all of you and getting to know everyone in the House.

Right, second bit about shuffling around of positions, I would like to say a massive congratulation to Etah who has inherited the responsibilities of being Battle Team Leader of Spectre Cell. I look forward to seeing what he brings to the table and what developments happen in the team.

And the second members Valhavoc who has inherited the roll of Battle Team Leader of the brand new battle team inside House Galeres named Shadow Forge. I eagerly wait to see what the future brings for this new team as well, at the moment Shadow Forge is a working name, we hope to expand more so we could see some changes happen here. Congratulations Gentlemen and good luck.

If any member wishes to ask a question in relation to joining one of these two teams, or just simply wants to ask a specific question,t he best bet is to email eather of the respective Battle Team Leaders, who will be able to get back in touch with you quickly and efficently.

Though it has been a while since Horizon is over, and we saw a spectacular turn out for Arcona in which we truly dominated over everyone, now is the time for us to look to what the future brings and the upcoming feud that will be taking place. I want to see us once more dominate over our opponents and believe me I will be going all out and I expect the same from this House, look forward to the future.

_ Medals _

So this week we have seen a lot of medals been awarded, I would like to say a thank you though I haven’t been around for that long, I can already happily say that my inbox has been flooded with medals and it would seem that the Seals have been given out, so keep up the hard work in participating in events and competitions, keep flooding my inbox with medals guys it really is great to see. The following medals have been awarded already:

Etah - Steel Cross, 7x Seal of Affliction Ood - Dark Cross, 10x CF's, 4x Seal of Affliction Celahir -Seal of Affliction Kalon - Seal of Affliction Timeros - 2x Seal of Affliction Troutrooper - 2x Seal of Affliction Kratus - 4x Seal of Affliction Teu - 9x Seal of Affliction Sanguinius -12x Seal of Affliction Valhavoc- 17x Seal of Affliction, Crescent with Topaz Star Legorii - 24x Seal of Affliction Cethgus - 22x Seal of Affliction Wes - Crescent with Sapphire Star

_ Shadow Academy _

Right, this is something that I will always say when you do have a moment or two free then I always suggest that you try and take a hit at some of the shadow academy exams that are there for offer, they are a good way to expand your knowledge of the brotherhood and always look great if you are a journeyman trying to achieve promotion. Or even if you are an Equite they are still able to look great by taking part in them, so I highly recommend if you do get the time do try a couple out, anyway the following exams where taken by members:

Teu - Chamber of Justice II Troutrooper - Chamber of Justice II

Antei Combat Center

Again, for new and old members alike we see a lot of ACC being done in GJW’s and Events so I would implore all of you to try your very hardest to get some matches done in your spare time, this would keep you like a well-oiled machine, also at the same time anyone wanting to qualify hit me up and I will see about getting you sorted, so just remember guys have a look at the ACC when you are able too.

_ House Work _

Right, at this current moment in time we are looking for help in developing House Galeres, we have a lot of writing work that needs to be done and this is your opportunity to get yourself involved in doing this work as best as you can, so if you want to volunteer yourself to help your House then please throw me an email and I will get onto sorting it out, any help is appreciated.This will involve a lot of development for the House and heavily involve wiki work, that will see Galeres advance to the next stage of its gloruiouse history. This will be diffrent ways the work on Spectre, Shadow and Galeres wiki page, and fictional rewards. If you want in on this please email me and Sang, the adresses are: [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

_ Last Words_

Right, with everything being said, I really cannot add much more to this whole thing, so I would just like to say that I am proud of the work that everyone put in Horizon and good work with it, at the same time I look forward to working with all of you in the future, and getting to know all of you.

Cethgus Tiberus Entar Aedile of House Galeres.

Way to represent. Good work, Stu.

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