Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Akatsuki plodded slowly away from Thran's office. Normally she'd get some insider information from her 'brother' (or at least a bit of juicy gossip!) but today...Thran was busy writing up something that seemed important so instead--she was shooed away. The halls in the Judeccan building were still. The whole city of Ohmen was placid. Many were still recovering from the affects of the plague, in fact some still showed remnants. The large predator slunk past Xen's office and made her way to her smaller...much

...Remaining silent Akatsuki mused as she looked around her humble office. Sometimes, I don't know about our much Royal Pride, so much energy...yet, we either misplace our drive or lose momentum...hmmm...even my poor office suffers from a lack of panache!

Looking over the reports, she took note of the new Aedile: Xan Phraz-Etar. Rumor had it that he'd been around the halls of Scholae for a good long while. He was a curious human, a bit too perky, a warrior, a strategist...heck...he jumped right into the position during the Plague's onset.

There's just something about him though...

The Horansi wiggled where her whiskers would be as she remembered her entrance into the glory of the Royal Clan. All of these curious characters, most human, had become confidantes...even friends. Her thought was disturbed by Xen's barking over the intercom, "Fuzzball! Get that report to me as soon as possible! In case you've not heard there's an impending feud and...."

Akatsuki clicked the intercom off.

Ugh...Xen can be such a Kimach of these days I'll be more than a glorified secretary...and then....

The Rollmaster grinned chillingly as she organized the report.

*Mirumaru from APP to NOV then again from NOV to ACO

*Maean Forchast APP to NOV

*Kell Palpatine Dante went to level VII in the ACC

*Sienn Dira from APP to NOV


No position changed this month. However, the position of the Voice of the Brotherhood is open. Xen commented on it in his report (which you should've read anyhow!)

First off, Archangel was awarded the Sapphire Blades. You can (and should!) read about it here:

Congratulations Archangel, well deserved!

Xan Phraz Etar received a Grand Cross of the Darkside:

Thran Occasus received a Grand Cross of the Darkside:

Akatsuki Tamalar received a Grand Cross of the Darkside:

Archangel and Akatsuki also both received the Seal of Loyalty on the Day of the Fox!

Now to the rest of the shinies!

Xan Phraz Etar received: 21 Clusters of Fire 2 Bronze Nova 1 Cluster of Ice 21 Seal of Affliction

Dante received: 21 Clusters of Fire 1 Steel Cross 1 Bronze Nova 1 Gold Nova 1 Cluster of Ice 13 Seal of Affliction 1 Emerald Crescent

Akatsuki received: 1 Bronze Nova 1 Cluster of Ice 20 Seal of Affliction 1 Sapphire Crescent

Evant received: 1 Dark Cross 1 Cluster of Ice 3 Seal of Affliction

Reiden received: 1 Dark Cross 6 Seal of Affliction

Kelvis received: 356 clusters of Fire 1 Pendant of Blood 1 Seal of Affliction

Rayne received: 273 Clusters of Fire 1 Dark Cross 3 Pendant of Blood 5 Seal of Affliction

Archangel received: 144 Clusters of Fire 2 Gold Nova 3 Pendant of Blood 2 Cluster of Ice 16 Seal of Affliction

Eetherbiail received: 1 Anteian Cross 1 Cluster of Ice

Thran Occasus received: 1 Gold Nova 6 Cluster of Ice 1 Silver Nova 16 Seal of Affliction

XenMordin received: 1 Gold Nova 1 Bronze Nova 1 Cluster of Ice 1 Steel Cross 13 Seal of Affliction

Koryn received: 1 Anteian Cross 1 Cluster of Ice 1 Bronze Nova 6 Seal of Affliction

Nawrhynn received: 1 Seal of Affliction

Congratulations for bringing all of these shinies back to the Royal House!

Xan Phraz Etar passed the Obelisk Core

Varkain Athanas passed the GMRG Poetry Studies Krath Core Old Republic History Run On Studies Grammar Studies Philosphy I Philosphy II Combat Tactics Lightsaber Studies Advanced Lightsaber Studies Dark Maven - General History degree Dark Maven - Philosophy

Mijumaru passed the Dark Brotherhood Basics

Eetherbiail passed the Poetry Studies Run On Studies

Glory and honor await you in the Shadow Academy! I'd encourage everyone to take a course or three! :)


Journeymen Promotion Guidelines:

Message Board (forums):


Shadow Academy:

- IRC -

IRC is the best tool we have in the DB. It's our way of communicating in real-time to one another. It's a basic chat program, there's no special features.

channels (or chatrooms) to remember in the Brotherhood are:

Our House channel: - #scholae Dark Brotherhood channel as a whole: - #db The channel you must be in to game on a normal gaming day: - #dbgaming


BTL Caliburnus: Evant Taelyan- [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

BTL Acclivis Draco: Koryn- [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Rollmaster: Akatsuki Tamalar [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Aedile: Xan Phraz-Etar - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Quaestor: Xen'Mordin Vismorsus - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


Baby Wookiee: your argument is now invalid.

-Good is a point of view, Anakin.- --Emperor Palpatine

For the Empire!!

Your Rollmaster (and token felinoid) Akatsuki Tamalar

There's something about me. I like that.

Great report as always. :)

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