Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Incoming Transmission


From: Office of the Aedile

To: All Members of Scholae Palatinae

My Brothers and Sisters of the Royal House,

It's time for battle once again! The enemy lingers in our system, and it's time to drive them out. The battle will begin soon, so be ready. Sadowan ships have been sighted on the outskirts of our system, and we are currently investigating. Death to the invaders. Glory to Scholae!

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It's report time!

It's been a fairly quiet month for Scholae Palatinae due to the holidays (for those who celebrate). The Feud with Naga Sadow should be starting very soon, so be prepared to dominate. There will be a wide array of competitions to do, and some nifty shinies for those who place. We're currently in the final stages of getting the whole thing together, so keep your eyes open for upcoming developments. It's time to show Naga Sadow what we're made of. Do it...For the Empire!

Here's some currently running competitions to do while waiting for the Feud.

YetiSports -

Our Greatest Tool -

In addition to the above competitions, another great way to stay active is through the Shadow Academy.

Here, you can take informative exams, earn Degrees (Dark Mavens), and knock out some promotion requirements.

On the news front... Halcyon resigned from DGM, and Raken was chosen as his replacement. In addition to his resignation, Vodo stepped down from VOICE, and Ronovi stepped down from HeadMaster. Yeah, that's 3 DC spots in a month. Crazy isn't it? Aside from that, the Horizons seals were awarded. The Arcona/Plagueis Feud started and is in full swing. There's also a GrandMaster report out, as well as Raken's DGM go read them! More importantly... our Rollmaster Report and Quaestor Reports are also out for your reading pleasure. Links are here:

Rollmaster Report -

Quaestor Report -

Well folks, that's the end of my report. Pretty quiet month overall, but to be expected due to holidays and upcoming exams. Our Feud is incoming, so be ready. Keep up the great work Royal Family.

Here's a few pictures I liked, and thought I'd share.

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Until next time..


Aedile Xan Phraz-Etar

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