Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

GR-75 Bloodsport - Bridge Orbit of Abregado-Rae T-Plus 12 Hours Post Emergence At Spacedock

"Why must we wait upon these pesky beings as if they owned us? Have not we built one of the mightiest of slaving and raiding clans in the known Galaxy? Have we not made vast fortunes by selling creatures such as them into slavery in the mines of Kessel and the arms of the Tilanda Til?"

The roars of outrage were stifled as Gharm's presence became known to Tress'kar, the leader of the slaving guild. The glare he gave the crippled former Jedi was enough to impart the moderate amount of fear that he retained of the Force sensitivity the older Trandoshan still possessed, even as he knew that it remained just that, sensitivity.

"Well, I see that you've finally decided to join us. Care to impart some wisdom upon our predicament?"

The flat look he received in return was enough to make even the mightiest warrior flinch on the inside, as it implied non-violent threat. Such as it was, the Clan leader turned to his communications officer.

"Any word on those others?" he hissed. The snarl was met with an answering hiss.

"If they had, I would have told you. I've only been doing this longer than you've been off the homeworld!"

The resounding blow to the head which followed only seemed to stun the sitting reptile., earning yet another hiss of expletives that was interrupted by a droning whine. Hitting the button, the lackey entered some commands and was greeted by a few lines of text, which erased themselves shortly thereafter.

Sighing, the olive-skinned male turned to his superior and shook his head from the ringing still in his ears. "It's a good thing I can still see, or you would have missed that message." The growl coming from Tress'kar was enough for the older spacer to continue. "They are almost here, and we are instructed to open our port bay for them to dock. After which they will come to the bridge and provide us with nav coordinates."

The corresponding growl continued to grow until the snake-like being regained his self control. Beginning to pace, thoughts filled his head, plans and ideas spun wildly before he decided on the simplest course of action: do nothing.

"Then we shall do so for now, and wait to see what fate brings us."

The communications officer turned back to the blank console before him as the XO communicated the orders to the rest of the ship, and the waiting continued. To be continued... ## State of the House

Welcome to the House Plagueis Quaestor Report. We Are Plagueis, and We Are Strong! #### Order 66

We survived the AWOL check with 40 members reporting in as active. That's after transfers out of the House. That's pretty impressive guys and gals! It's a start though, to something much larger. Being a House is good, because it means we're a family, a cohesive whole. Is it enough though? I don't think so, and neither do many of you.

Some of you remember a time when Clan Plagueis was a solid competitor, with breadth and depth to have a finger in every aspect of the Brotherhood. Clanning is not easy. It's not for the weak, the desperate, or the faint of heart. The road to returning to being a Clan is fraught with peril, for it involves not only having motivated members, but motivated and dedicated leaders. It requires consistency, reliability, and the determination to stick to it even in the midst of crisis or overload.

To become a Clan again, means to never give up. It means that as a leader, I work hard to motivate you and keep you involved. It means that as a Summit, we work hard to make sure your needs are met (within reason), and that you want to be here. As we move into Crusade Season, I would remind you that we the Summit are here to help however we can. Our emails are open, and many of us have emails turnaround times of twelve hours or less, sometimes as fast as a few minutes!

If you wish to see Plagueis as a Clan again, and to this time next year be entitled to a State of the Clan report, you know what you have to do. Participate. Be Active, Find Something to do Beyond Competitions. Bring More People to Us! The more you guys do these things, the more likely it is that we will be Clan Plagueis again. #### Battleteams!

The long wait is over! With the ending of the AWOL check, the Battleteams are open, and the members who expressed a preference in assignation have been so assigned. Ajunta Pall is at eight members, while Karness Murr is at ten. Both have room for more members. So if you want in to an active part of Plagueis, who will play crucial roles moving forward fictionally and otherwise, let those leaders know, or let one of the Summit know, and we'll get you moved in. #### The Story So Far

As many of you know, I had this KICKASS epilogue for ending the Beyond the Horizons feud. You will also remember that it left us in a battered. near broken NSD, stranded in the middle of nowhere, next to a derelict spacedock. The fictional bit you see up above is the opening to a fiction that gives more depth and understanding to that setup, and where it's going. The first half is near completion. The release of these bits and pieces will be serialized daily, so that way you can consume it in bite size pieces that leave you looking for more! Look for the Second Installment within a day or two.

When you see that, you may look at it and go, really? It's taken how long to write what?

The answer is that over a month of work has gone into writing something near twenty pages of detailed fiction covering our recovery of Eiko, Alaris, etc that were left behind on the Invicta, and the exploration of some of our new home, as well as the taking of our new fleet from the hands of the Republic's under-manned, under-guarded depot at <redacted>. I promise you that it's worth the wait, and it's almost here. Before February, and the main events of The Dark Crusade begin, you'll get to find out all about our new fleet and the new homes of Battleteam Ajunta Pall and Karness Murr.</redacted> ## The Dark Crusade

The Dark Crusade is upon us. The Prologue Run On's are in full swing, the last week has arrived and they get to face a GM-Level opponent that is insane. Fun for them. What does this mean for those of you who haven't the pleasure of participating in one of these epic shots at Canon Immortalization? That February, and the first planet of the Crusade, is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.


So don't worry. Get Ready. Prepare for War as you've never seen it before. After all, you've never had a chance to re-take one, let alone multiple planets of stories Sith Lore and power before, have you? Remember of course, that this is the time to earn everything you've ever wanted. Absolutely almost anything is up for grabs. Seals in the form of Ribbons, Clusters of Ice and Fire, Dark Side Scrolls, Novae, Prestige (Don't forget about this, the all important Stige!) and making a name for yourself and your unit.

Zuser Whuloc asks, "Does my one entry really matter?"

The answer, Zuser, and to anyone else wondering the same thing, is that EVERY SINGLE ENTRY MATTERS! Not just to Plagueis, but to the entire Brotherhood. I'm not allowed to tell you what that means, just to drive home that EVERY SINGLE SUBMISSION MATTERS!

Brimstone asks, "For those of us with restrictions on time, or even how we can access the DJB, what does this mean for us and getting promoted or satisfying promotion requirements?"

Good Question Brimstone! I believe the answer is that since the first two weeks of each month will be events hosted by the DC, and the second two (or three) weeks for us to use for competitions and our own internal needs. So for those of you who are caught up against needing to make competitions, the time will come. For the others, there will be tons of opportunity. Let's not forget that during Horizons, our very own Arden Karn,got Battle Field Double Promoted to Dark Jedi Knight.

Anything can be done. Promotions can be earned. Sacrificial Awards can be earned. With the right level of activity, ANYTHING can be achieved. Activity IS key. ## Moving Forward

It is important to remember that we must continue to move forward. That we must remember the lessons of what has come before, even as we build anew. As such, let us not forget the members that are no longer with us as they have left for one reason or another.

To this end, the Summit and Di Plagia awarded Kal Vorrac a Grand Cross of the Dark Side for his long and distinguished service to Plagueis since his last promotion. We wish him well in real life and look forward to welcoming him back when he should choose to return.

We lost several other members to Rogues during the last AWOL check, including Braecen Kaeth, one of the founding members of Plagueis. We're sad to see him go, but are glad to have had him while we did,. His participation in Horizons was a great boon to us, netting a Silver Novae for the House while he was able to be involved.

We lost several other members, and are sorry to see them go. Eiko listed everyone in his report, but I wanted to make particular note to those who had worked hard for the House and had helped to set an example of the dedication and perseverance that has helped to revive Plagueis to the point that we garnered a shout out in the Arconan Consul's report as an Up and Coming House. ## TL:DR

  • Dark Crusade Upon Us
    • Activity Is Key
    • Story and Plot
    • Moving Forward
    • State of the House

-> Sacramentum di Plagia. Semper Fidelis di Plagia. Glory to Plagueis.


<font color="#ffb400"> -> Obelisk Exarch Tra'an Reith Adapt. Ascend. Avail! <- </font>



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