AoC Update!


AoC Update!

Assemby of Consuls Announcements

Things going back to normal this week in the Assembly of Consuls:

  • Big Congratulations to Arion Sunrider and Duo Chronos Sterling on there respective appointments to Consul and ProConsul of Arcona. As Emmisary, I am very pleased with the GM and DGM's choices. I'm confident they will do a great job!

  • The Assembly is currently in the process of updating the Assembly of Consuls section of the Dark Side Compendium. We are adding a few more details, a list of our accomplishments to date, and a nice history. Look for it soon in a DSC near you!

  • With the Vendeta over, the Assembly will be starting a series of reviews. We will be doing performance reviews on each of the Dark Council members and a success review of the Vendetta. If you have any comments regarding either of those two subjects, please e-mail me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

  • The Consuls will be needing your ideas very soon! Start discussing them and sending them to your Consul!

<p>In Darkness,
**<a href="><font color="red" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">Lord Jac Cotelin</font>, Consul of Taldryan

Grand Master Emeritus, Emissary to the Assembly

Fleet Adirmal, Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet** </p>

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