Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

*High Councilors Quarters- Evening*

The pale Nagai exerted his focus of attention to the far horizon in the distant southeast. He reminisced of his recent meditations with the Turico Priests of Nundushi. Their forewarnings of catastrophe were still fresh in his ears while his gaze drifted slowly to the ominous supernova known to the Gioki as a sign of end-times. The evening was calm and cool while bluish haze from one of Harakoas natural satelites spilled its milky rays onto the plains east of Menat Ombo and the Sabine river.

His datapad fell from his grasp at the realization of his role in the days to come when an echo from the recent past during the Second Battle Of Menat Ombo, projected itself from out of his memory:

_"I know you!" said the mercenary armies emissary.

"He's that Jedi warlord...."_

Kaira was there; she interjected: "Jedi, yes, but not a warlord."

In the distance toward the horizon of Odain Vonoro Spaceport as massive vessels began to penetrate the skies over New Tython once more. Drodik reeled at the mans prophetic fortitude and recalled swiftly his last utterances while he stood at the balcony.

The emissaries haunting voice broke through his concentration once more:

"No, he is no warlord yet, but he will have his day on the field soon enough."

*Dark Crusades Campaign*


In the lead up towards the next Great Jedi War the first phase of the Brotherhoods Dark Crusade is soon upon us. The Dark Crusade itself is a multi faceted vendetta event. In it we will be embarking on adventures and campaigns spanning multiple worlds across Sith space. Prizes for your efforts range from:

Entire Planetary Holding, Fiction Cameos, Campaign ribbons, Unit and personal prestige, as well as an optimized outlet to prove your own dedication and worth as well as that of our Orders i.e merit. This is perhaps the grandest venue for activity generated in a long time if not the history of the Brotherhood. This is big.

As you've probably caught through various sources, this vendetta will run like no other before. The entirety of it will consist of vendetta type competitions in which the victors of each world will ascertain supremacy over their conquered planet. Appropriately, Jedi are naturally not prone to being warmongers despite their role throughout the entirety of Star Wars canon; nor will we.

So, for the duration of this campaign each unit is to be tested on the field in the fictional and practical events of the venture. Each house summit was given the option of which world to begin the campaign on and as such Krayiss (II) will be the world of our first assignment.

I'd encourage all of you to familiarize yourselves with the Wookiepedia entry detailing the planet. The start of the Crusade is soon, beginning on February 1st, thats this friday, the start of February.

I can't stress to you enough the necessity for participation. Participation counts, no matter what. Try to do more than basic undetailed stick figures though.

Participate, participate, participate. We don't have to place, we need only put forth the effort. You guys are pretty good at delivering at times appropriate so I know we'll do fine despite the outcome.

*Odan-Urr OOB:*

For the duration of Dark Crusades I believe we will be allowed to use use DC forces in conjunction with our own Order of Battle (OOB). However we still need to build upon our Order Of Battle and purchase more troops and ships for future use. At the end of Horizons our unit chose to secure our earned points for use at a later time. Together we decided to save that money toward a fleet fund designed to bank points toward a pool for purchasing a fleet. We still need points for that fund and Dark Crusades is the perfect repetitive vendetta in which we can amass more points and bust out with some cool new toys.

The more we participate the more points we get the more/better ships and troops we can buy, get it, get it?

Les proove eet suckas.

*Jedi Vocational Corp:*

Beta testing for the JVC is still ongoing, and we have had much success in the Jedi Knight-Errant profession with Jedi Trooper Cable becoming the first to advance in rank. Congratulations on your advancement Jedi Knight-Honorant Xaezhul!

The Jedi Vocational Corp from the start of the first campaign of Dark Crusades will not be a first priority project but will nonetheless remain under development throughout. If you are looking for an extra outlet to participate and earn favor for advancement and accolade then I encourage you to become involved by contacting Morotheri and I.

One point of note I want to stress is that if you are considering joining the Corp I need you to understand that the concept is not that you achieve the top rank in a matter of a week or two, to assume the final and eponymous rank of your Profession is an accomplishment equitable to earning a unit surname (Sadow, di Plagia, Tarentae etc etc). By graduating into the final rank of your Vocation you will not only have honed yourself and your focus but will have proven yourself to be an asset to the Order, the Council Of Urr and your fellow Jedi but augmentatively, you are also granted special perks for graduating into the Professional rank such as:

  1. Being assigned to a Jedi Protectorate (Comparatively akin to a land grant)
  2. Assumption to Odan Urrs secondary leadership summit The Council Of Mirrors
  3. 3rd Level Merit Medal w/DC approval.

I cannot promise the third point but given the output and effort required I see no reason that such an award at the culminating stage is not appropriate based on your merit alone. I'm also considering making each month a month long competition event with high level crescents for JVC Vocationals. What do yo think?

*Member Of The Month:*

Unfortunately due to the January no-fly competition regulation our plans to put forth a Member Of The Month type recognition award were a bit delayed. We are keeping note of our most active and dedicated members of recent months and have no doubt been backlogged in our abilities to properly reward you guys for a number of reasons.

In that aspect we failed you so I want to express an apology for not being able to reward those who deserve it in full capacity as I wished at the end and beginning of 2012/13. Now that the new year is past we can begin to officiate to those members who are our Great Advocates of the Order their honorable award.

*House Projects:*

If you agreed to help out on a house project please contact the person(s) heading their committee(s) asap as per further instruction. If you'd like to get involved then I refer you to my last QUA report for details on the following projects:

Wiki Roleplay Guide: Kaira Rohana Jedi Shadow Academy Exams: Drodik Va'lence Jedi Vocational Corp: Morotheri und Drodik Battleteams: Raiju und Elleron

The more you can accomplish them more we can write on a recc, and believe me, we like writing reccs.

*Message from Ood:*

Ood asked if I would pass along a message to you guys, I thought it was really cool so heres to obliging Mr. Ood, thanks man!

"Saturdays at 8-9pm GMT (that's around 2pm for america) there's an EU friendly ToR op/raid. It's aimed at those members that can't make the regular time (cos that translates to around 4am GMT).

You can sign up on djbtor.com for the raid, just check the calendar for February 2nd. Anyone's welcome but the more members from diverse clouses means better odds at CFs and it allows us EU members a shot at the cool gear too.

I'm not sending this as a member of any staff or after being asked by anyone. I'm just an EU member who'd like it if these Saturday events got put more in the spotlight and so we get more people, allowing us to actually run the thing."

*Final address, mostly on Brotherhood s@^#($)&!%@!!!:*

Easter eggs? Love'em or leave'em?

Time? Do we freeze it until the new moobies come out?

As to the matter of Easter eggs, personally I think they're interesting in moderation. I don't mean to say that everything should inherently have some kind of hidden prize, but there is joy when you uncover something worthwhile for your efforts that you weren't expecting. Analogously, I would say not to be a spoiler. I don't like movie spoilers, and I don't like everything being revealed to me, it takes out the mystery and adventure of doing anything. In another analogy, like Real Life history, in-universe Star Wars canon is made by those in charge (Rome, England, Palpatine, Sadow, The Republic, Krayt etc etc). Noone gets to throw bitch fits because they want to win, it takes action and participation to bring change.

There's a lot of discord growing about this place because of the nature of the 'game''; that 'game' being the very Brotherhood itself. All I can say to you is to not stress about it to the point of cracking. The Brotherhood is everyones outlet for this vein of their creativity. The 'staff' of the organization are not in place by chance, they are on their own merit providing for you, their peers, quality and practical means to enjoy the spread within our scion of Star Wars geekdom. I urge you to never hold someone who does good for you in condemnation; the same goes for our leaders to their supporting members.

I do not feel the issue at hand is the matter of easter eggs, but a sign highlighting a symptom of the larger problem with the transparency of not only the governemental beurocratic isntitutions in place, but the very transparency between every member and the very construct of the Brotherhood. Given the responsibility of everyone to maintain a character/person seperation that issue in itself is a self-defeating circular argument; what more could you expect from people who will themselves as 'Darksiders' yet demand on real-life Democratic premises. Argument and debate in the manner as I've read on Muz's report does bring the issue appropriately to the table but also does more damage considering the grieviences are in conflict with the Dark Covenant itself.

If the matter of 'Easter Eggs' and Hidden Criteria's are the true concern of everybody whom this issue affects, than I urge you to refer your complaints to the Dark Covenant. The Covenant makes it clear that the leadership is charged with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining activity as well as the establishment and maintenance of identity and culture in their respective realms of duty. The appointed and trusted leaders have a duty to enrich the experience of their members, as a consequence the means to reward and encourage those who excel have themselves come under a degree of transparency. In my opinion and interpretation of the Dark Covenant, I see the point is being missed by a large number of people in that 'Easter Eggs' have their place and value, and the nature of Societies being entities whose leaders are appointed by the Grandmaster and afforded the same rights as Dark Councilors have a right to establish their own criteria for advancement within their respective realms as well.

While Odan-Urr is a non dark-side aligned faction, we are still under the mandates of the Dark Covenant, the Grandmaster and the Star Chamber, noone within the Brotherhood is exempt.

I'm going to dip into some in-character logic and say:

In this respect I urge you all to express humility and graciousness towards one another. The ones that carry out their duties over their realms do so under authority given to them by the Dark Covenant for the benefit of you their peers and at the sacrifice of their own time, energies and creativeness at the expense of enriching the experiences and enjoyment of others. Most leaders throughout the Brotherhood past and present, despite their 'force' alignment are inherently altruistic self-sacrificing persons of dignity who deserve thanks before criticism.

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