Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

January 2013 Dark Forge Report


The Dark Crusade... INCOMING!!! More on this in my Closing section. That is all for news.


Ood to Krath Epis (Equite 3) Montresor to Dark Jedi Knight K'tana to Jedi Hunter Valhavoc to Sith Warrior (Equite 1)


The awards listed in this report go back to the 31st of December.

  • Troutrooper: Grand Cross of the Dark Side, Dark Cross
  • Skye: Steel Cross
  • Ood: Dark Cross, Crescent with Amethyst Star, 7x CF
  • Inarya: Steel Cross, 12x CF
  • Montresor: Steel Cross, Crescent with Ruby Star, Crescent with Sapphire Star, 296x CF
  • Archer: Steel Cross
  • Jaek: Dark Cross, 22x CF
  • K'tana: Crescent with Emerald Star
  • Valhavoc: Dark Cross, Crescent with Emerald Star, Crescent with Sapphire Star, some Clusters of Fire

Shadow Academy

Courses Completed:

  • Troutrooper: Wiki Basics, HTML Primer, Wiki Editing, Debate I: Argumentation, Debate II: Refutation, General Warefare, Brotherhood History I, Brotherhood History II, Dark Brotherhood Basics, Freighters/Transport Studies, Capital Starship Studies, History of the Sith Empire I, History of the Sith Empire II, History of the Sith Empire III, Old Republic History, Pre-Republic History, GMRG History, Planets and Stars, Lightsaber Studies, ToR Basics, Races and Species
  • Montresor: Obelisk Core, Krath Core, Philosphy I, Leadership Studies, Leadership Fundamentals, ACC Basics, Planets and Stars, Astronomy Studies, Races and Species, IRC Operator Studies, History of the Sith Empire I, History of the Sith Empire II, History of the Sith Empire III, Old Republic History, Pre-Republic History
  • K'tana: Leadership Studies

Degrees Earned:

  • Troutrooper - Dark Maven: Flight and Dark Maven: History
  • Montresor: Dark Maven: Philosophy and Dark Maven: History
  • Skye: Dark Maven: Service


While the ACC may still be rebuilding Dark Forge is showing its ready to dive back in as soon as the doors open up once again! Several members have taken the time to create or update their character sheets to reflect new ranks.

  • Skye - New Character Sheet Created!
  • Montresor - New Character Sheet Created!
  • K'tana - New Character Sheet Created!
  • Valhavoc - New Character Sheet Created!

Dark Forge Wiki Page Updates!

The Battleteam Wiki has been moving right along in the last two weeks. Several areas have been created or updated: DF-1s Armored Vest portion of the article has filled out quite nicely. Jaek took on a project to write up some details on the Battleteam's transport, the Razalon FC-20M Speeder. He also has a pretty sweet graphic depicting this speeder which will be going up on the wiki soon! Additional details have been added to the Awards section, the Distinguished Service Designator will be modified slightly, based on another graphic designed by Jaek.


With The Dark Crusade coming in the next few days there are relatively few Competitions out there as I'm writing this report, but here they are anyway:

For a list of Competitions which apply specifically to you please make sure you're logged into the DJB website and follow this link.

_Fiction Competitions: _

  • Sentence Run-On - An Arcona specific competition to create a Run On one sentence at a time. This comp runs until September, details can be found on the Competition Center and the Thread can be found by following this link.

_Misc Competitions: _

  • ShadowHand Secrets - An ongoing Competition to find Hidden Messages in the DGM's Reports.


We're preparing to move into the Dark Crusade in the coming days. As a Battleteam this will be Dark Forge's first true Club wide event. During the Beyond the Horizon Event we showed just how much this group is capable of. Now is our time to step forward and represent the Clan to the rest of the Brotherhood.

Arcona has been THE leading contender in all recent Brotherhood events. As a Clan we are the unit that people are out to beat. There is a target on each of us, winning will not be easy. Quality will be a key statistic through this event, make your entries count. We each have a limited amount of bullets (time), select your targets (competitions) and knock them down. One shot, one kill folks.

I'll see you on the beach!

Valhavoc Sergeant Battle Team Dark Forge

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