Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

The dim candles illuminated the Quaestor's office on the Bothan Assault Cruiser Darkest Night as two shadows were cast upon the back wall of the office. The first was that of Sanguinius, sitting silently in the chair behind his desk, his hands entwined together and propping his chin up. The second figure was a bulkier mass that stood the other side of the desk, palms pressing down onto the cold metal. Both of them were in what could only be described as a heated conversation. Though the muffled topic they were discussing was barely audible, their tones spoke volumes to each other. Shifting his weight slightly, Cethgus stood himself upright, his eyes darting down to meet those of his brother.

"You've heard my suggestions, brother. You know that I am right about this."

Sanguinius scowled at the Zabrak, "Whether you are right or wrong, we have had a lot of change within Galeres, we cannot afford instability at a time of war with these One Sith zealots."

The Aedile leaned back down and slammed his fist on the table, "That is precisely why what I am suggesting makes so much sense, Sang."

Pursing his lips, the younger Entar sighed and shook his head. "I fear the consequences that this move will bring us."

"Fear is for the weak or have you gotten soft with time?" The Exarch's voice enquired as his eyes looked over to his former student, his friction laced words hitting home hard.

"As always you are too brash, rushing ahead of yourself during times like these." Sang's cold calculating voice reverberated through his office.

Cethgus sneered back as he moved away from the desk and kept his anger in check, his boots tapped on the floor as he began to pace around the space in the Quaestor's office. Pondering and calculating his reply, his eyes darted back over to Sanguinius, locking with the Anaxsi's gaze.

"We are at war brother, we need people to lead that can do so from the front line." his voice was harsh and threatening.

"And yet you talk to me like I was some little Journeyman you could intimidate into doing your bidding, Cethgus." Sanguinius smiled dangerously at the Primarch. "Just because you were my Master during my ill-spent youth does not mean that you can order me about like a two credit call girl."

"No, it means that you should listen and heed my advice." The Iridonian shouted.

"If you want it so badly, then let it be so." The Quaestor tapped his fingers on his desk, an action he often did when annoyed. "But when something blows up in your face.....and I know it will, do not expect me to not say 'I told you so'."

Cethgus smiled wryly, "To say such a thing is paramount to saying that you have no faith in your fellow Galereans." The Primarch had sensed an opportunity to catch his former student out and like a shark sensing blood in the water, he had attacked verbally.

"Correction, what I am saying is that I have no faith in you not causing another catastrophe for the Militant House." The Anaxsi laughed and rose from his chair. "I do enjoy these 'discussions', brother. But enough is enough, summon those who must heed the call of duty."

Nodding slightly the Primarch left the quarters before addressing the two guards that were stationed outside the Quaestor's Office.He watched both of them disappear off in different directions searching for two members of Galeres, both with different purposes. Cethgus came back into the office afterwards and slumped against the wall at that moment in time, standing there waiting and not saying a word to his Quaestor. Finally as time passed by a knock could be heard on the door of the office.

"Enter." Sanguinius acknowledged the presences of the two members summoned forth.

The door hissed opened and two cloaked figures stepped inside facing the desk, though to the right of their eyesight lurked the hulking figure of the Aedile. As they both stood in the middle of the office Cethgus prowled behind them, his eyes facing forward looking at Sanguinius. Moving swiftly he grabbed the more experienced member, his vice like grip around their shoulder. A booted foot collided with the back of the man's knee cap, sending him down to his knees in front of the Quaestor. The Entar quickly followed suit for the second member who was lower in rank than the first as the two knelt before the the Exarch, awaiting the reason for this summoning.

"Your paths will change, you will step out from following and begin leading, you will embrace darkness and the path it leads you down." Cethgus' voice could be heard from behind them.

"You will give your whole being to the shadows, they will bind you, clothe you and define you." Sanguinius continued, "You will be bastions of the darkness and you will represent your brothers and sisters in the Shadow Clan."

The Anaxsi moved from behind his desk, walking to stand before the two kneeling Galereans.

"You have knelt before me for the first and last time, when you arise, you will arise as paragons of Arcona, you will arise as examples of loyalty, dedication and belief in the darkness that surrounds us all." Sanguinius nodded to Cethgus who continued to stand behind the pair.

"You will serve with valour, bravery and cunning." The Primarch carried on, "You will serve the Militant House to the best of your ability, to incur failure is to...." Cethgus tailed off.

"To incur failure is unknown to an Arconan." Sanguinius finished.

The Quaestor gestured to the pair to rise, "Wes Biriuk, your dedication and skill has been noted and you have been given the honour of commanding Spectre Cell, do yourself and the Serpentine Throne proud."

Sang turned to the other, "Bron Vesh, your potential and drive to succeed has been recognised and it has been decided that you will serve the Serpentine Throne well as Commander of Dark Forge."

The Iridonian grunted, gaining the pair's attention, "Your badges of office." he looked down at the symbols he carried. "The One Sith are a canker that eats away at the Brotherhood, you will lead your brothers and sisters in the conflict to wipe the vermin from existence."

"ARCONA INVICTA!" The Quaestor bellowed, the phrase quickly repeated by the other occupants of the office.

"I believe you have work to attend to, you may leave us now to do so. Congratulations to you both." Sanguinius smiled at the pair and watched them leave the office.

"Watch them, Cethgus." the Anaxsi spoke quietly after the pair had left, "They will soon be approached...."

"As you wish, my brother." Cethgus nodded and left the office.

The Quaestor sat back at his desk and asked himself a single question to which the answer was unknown......

What would happen next?



So, another stage of the Dark Crusade is over and looky here, we are victorious!

If you don't already know, you have probably been under a rock these past few days and did not know we took Rhelg over HSP and TAL. You guys pulled together as a unit and slammed out entry after entry to bring us to a massive 162 entries!!!!! Which gave us a percentage of 2.31.

22 of you participated in the last chapter of Dark Crusade and you pumped out 85 entries of the 162 total. We had 20 fiction entries, 22 gfx entries, 17 ROers, 21 SA entries and 7 gamers. The sheer scale of what you guys achieved is immense and you should all be bloody proud of yourselves.

Spectre Cell and Dark Forge performed magnificently as did those of you outside of the teams and you represented the Militant House in a way that shows just how amazing you guys are. We are proud to be serving as your Quaestor and Aedile and we have always said that you the members are what make the Clan and you have proved it to everyone else out there.

So, with two chapters of the first phase of Dark Crusade over, Wuntila has informed us that we have got 1636 fleet points to spend. He intends to save them up to the end of Dark Crusade and beyond and then splurge on stuff that we need to round out our fleet. The more entries you guys put in over the next few months, the more shiny things we can buy for the Shadow Clan to use to exert its dominance over the newly won planets in our domain!

Wuntila has a Consul report out, you can find it on the front page of the DB, just scroll down underneath Xen's report to see pure awesome. He has loads of information in there that is relevant and gives you some insight into the current state of the Clan.

Wuntila also mentions the Independence Games, they will run during the month of April while Dark Crusade takes a hiatus, if you have any ideas for competitions, hit Cethgus and I up and I will pick the best one to run for the games. So April means a bit of a break for you guys, but the IG still mean lots of shinies up for grabs if you really want them

The ACC is still closed....

The new site is almost ready to be used, Jam3z is a god of coding...worship him in your free time.

House News

Some news on a House level now. Since this phase of Dark Crusade has finished, we have seen a few shifts in the leadership. Notably we have seen two people step up to their first time in leadership. We would like to welcome to the new Battleteam Leader of Spectre Cell, Obelisk Templar Wes Biriuk. We look forward to seeing what happens with the team under his command. The second leader to step up to the blade and assume the mantle of Battleteam Leader of Dark Forge is Guardian Bron Vesh, though new to the club she has stepped up to this calling. We look forward to seeing her hard work put into place with her new appointment. Good luck to both of you in your new leadership positions.

We would also like to thank Etah and Nath for their hard work as BTLs, they have contributed majorly to Galeres and the place would not be the same without them.

On a second note, we have noticed that some members are still outside of a Battleteam, but we just want to know how many of you that are not yet in a team wish to be in a team, to let us know please just email myself and Sanguinius as soon as possible and we will take your name down, remember that there are benefits to working in a team and expanding your experience inside of the brotherhood.


With the recent end of Dark Crusade we have seen several medals fill our inbox. We would like to take the time to congratulate everyone on their hard work. Though we still want to see more medals filling our inbox. But for everyone that has managed to achieve a medal, congratulations and keep up the hard work inside of Clan Arcona and House Galeres. The following medals were handed out since the last report:

Bron Vesh - Dark Cross

Maaks Erinos - Bronze Nova

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae - Gold Nova

We think they are slowly putting out the medals from the first round of competitions, so more should be coming soon hopefully. We have not put down all the merit medals you guys got in the first round, mainly because there is too many of them!!!


We have seen a heavy duty haul since the last report, promotions rolling into our inbox daily. But this is from both Journeymen and Equites alike. We cannot help but admire all of you for your hard work and how hard you push yourselves. A massive fourteen promoted people this time around, you guys are fricking awesome!!!

Obelisk Exarch CethgusTiberius Entar Arconae promoted to Obelisk Primarch Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae - (Well deserved, brah!)

Obelisk Prelate Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar promoted to Obelisk Exarch Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar

Krath Priestess Inarya promoted to Krath Archpriestess Inarya (Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!)

Obelisk Templar Kratus Vahillus promoted to Obelisk Prelate Kratus Vahillus - (BIG MAN!!!)

Dark Jedi Knight Maaks Erinos promoted to Krath Priest Maaks Erinos - (Wooooooooooo!)

Dark Jedi Knight Wes Biriuk promoted to Obelisk Templar Wes Biriuk - (Nice one bro!)

Dark Jedi Knight Kalon Dane Beviin promoted to Sith Warrior Kalon Dane Beviin - (My man!)

Guardian Nath Voth promoted to Jedi Hunter Nath Voth - (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!)

Acolyte Bron Vesh promoted to Guardian Bron Vesh - (On it like a car bonnet!)

Novice Atyiru Araave promoted to Guardian Atyiru Araave - (You rocked this round, Abbey, keep up the good work!)

Novice Riverche promoted to Protector Riverche

Novice Mordamen Bast promoted to Acolyte Mordamen Bast

Novice Dain Thurith promoted to Acolyte Dain Thurith

Novice Zuri Kaplan promoted to Acolyte Zuri Kaplan

Shadow Academy

We both go on about the Shadow Academy and how useful it really is, but what we have seen is a huge increase in exams being taken. We would like to take the time to say a massive well done here and to keep up the hard work that you are achieving. During your free time continue to expand your Brotherhood knowledge by taking these exams. But for now the following exams have been taken:

Zuri Kaplan - History of the Sith Empire I, Cryptography 201

Riverche - Run On Studies, ACC Basics, Training Saber Course, Cryptography 201, GMRG History

Bron Vesh - Training Saber Course, ACC Basics, Krath Core, Cryptography 201

Ood - Cryptography 201

Putra - Cryptography 201

Wes Biriuk - Cryptography 201

Celahir Erinos - Cryptography 201

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae - Cryptography 201, Leadership Fundamentals (Retake)

Troutrooper - Cryptography 201

Etah d'Tana - Cryptography 201

Legorii Kryotek Entar - Cryptography 201

Vynn Salm - Cryptography 201

Kratus Vahillus - Cryptography 201

Skye Dulovic - Cryptography 201

Andrelious J. Inahj - Cryptography 201

Sanginius Tsucyra Entar - Cryptography 201

Inarya - Cryptography 201

Maaks Erinos - Cryptography 201

Kalon Dane Beviin - Cryptography 201

K'tana - Cryptography 201

Nath Voth - Cryptography 201

Atyiru Araave - Cryptography 201, Wiki Basics

Dain Thurith - Dark Brotherhood Basics

Antei Combat Centre

Hopefully we are looking at the ACC being open soon, Shadow has plans for the ACC and we know that the character sheets are changing in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for more news on that in the near future on the front page.

Riverche - Character Sheet Approved

Maaks Erinos - Character Sheet Approved

Bron Vesh - Character Sheet Approved

Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae - Character Sheet Approved

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar - Character Sheet Approved

Atyiru Araave - Character Sheet Approved

Nath Voth - Character Sheet Approved


We have seen many people continue to come to Galeres. Since the last report, the three that have joined the House are as follows.


Mordamen Bast

Dain Thurith

We would like to say a massive welcome into Clan Arcona and House Galeres and look forward to seeing what you produce in the future. With that being said welcome to all of you! Make yourselves at home in Galeres.

Closing thoughts

Sanguinius - So, it has been a long time since my last report. In my last report I apologised for it being so long since my last one and that I would be doing regular reports again. Well, that was a bit of a lie wasn't it? It has been almost 4 months since my last report, but hey...this report is pretty long.

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been around as much recently, that has been mainly due in part to RL. I took on too many projects/jobs/roles and that transferred into the DB, especially when all my deadlines were during the last chapter of the Dark Crusade, which entailed me not being on IRC. I do apologise to you all for that and I can reassure you that I have taken a look at my responsibilities outside of the DB and I will be dropping several things or stepping back from them in increments. I do love being part of the Dark Brotherhood and serving as your Quaestor also means a lot to me. I get to see all of you enjoying your time here, participating and contributing to the lore and well-being of the club.

While I have been away, Cethgus has been doing a fantastic job of holding things together, mainly with daily phone calls to me when problems cropped up outside of his comfort zone. His hard work has been noted by the higher ups and he was given a Battlefield promotion for his dedication to the Club and the time he puts into making it a better place. Too often I have demanded that he gets some sleep and all too often he is too busy talking to you guys, gaming or generally helping members. I am glad that I have got someone like him to back me up when it comes down to it and I am pleased to see his hard work finally rewarded.

My inbox has also been full of promotion recommendations and I am pleased to say that no other unit has had such a successful bout of activity these past few months. A big shout out to Atyiru who got a triple field promo, a feat that no other member has ever achieved....I guess that 52 page fiction was worth the effort, eh? Another big shout out to Kratus who got Obelisk Prelate for his continued dedication and hard work, way to go big man!

Galeres has come a long way from when I first took over as Quaestor and that is mainly in part to you guys stepping up to the plate when it was called for. Fourteen promotions this time round, I hope to see more in the near future. Keep up the awesome work guys and let's win the next planet too.


Cethgus - I am proud to be an Aedile of Clan Arcona and once more seeing all of you continue to do amazingly and progress. Since the end of the Phase, many of you will be aware we have finally got our grips on a planet. Our hard fighting and determination as a Clan has seen this victory gripped firmly in our hands.

I want to see my inbox being continuously filled each day by you guys doing as much as you can. Though I am impressed as it is, we still have more work to continue to do. Sang and myself will be around so if you need us for anything please catch us on IRC or email, we will be able to reply to you quickly and efficiently. Keep up the hard work and of course make sure that you do it to the best of your abilities.


Obelisk Exarch Sanginius Tsucrya Entar

Quaestor of House Galeres

Obelisk Primarch Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae

Aedile of House Galeres

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