Herald Report


Herald Report

Underground Bunker Location Redacted Khar Delba

It was like death sticks; the act of ending a life. The more they struggled for survival, the greater the euphoria became. It wasn't the act that created this effect. It was proving that his skills were battle-hardened that summoned this reaction from the Herald. He hoped that his apprentice would differentiate between the two.

Looking over his shoulder, Shikyo watched the Journeyman pull her lightsaber slowly from the chest from an ancient battle droid, smirking at her kill before turning towards her master. The Kyataran nodded before feeling the ripples of the Force alert him to new dangers. Two scarlet sabers carved their way through the air, desperately yearning for the Elder's flesh. Sasuke smirked at the situation; his sabers still resting in his bantha hide holsters. He didn't need them. The battle would be over soon.

Syntari unleashed a yell of a warcry as he jumped into the fray, swinging her emerald saber more like a bludgeoning object than a weapon of finesse. Her actions were enough of a distraction as the Keibatsu grabbed the wrist of the nearest heretic, placing his hand on the Zabrak's chest before unleashing a burst of radiant energy. The charred cavity consumed the man's heart and part of his lungs, leaving a painful and lamented expression on the combatant's face.

Watching his comrade fall, the Twi'lek male growled at the Dark Jedi Master before beginning his attack. Shikyo bob and weaved between the strikes, waiting for the proper moment to strike. The form of Shii-Cho is powerful and brutal... the form of a brute. The Herald waited for his opponent to raise his saber high above his head before extending his fingertips and unleashing numerous bolts of lightning into the Twi'lek's chest. Twisting and writhing, the zealot fell to the ground with a sudden thud.

A sharp gasp caught the Elder's attention and bringing the vision of Bastiayn with a crimson beam held to her throat. Golden eyes smiled at the Wolf as he pulled sharply on the hybrid's ebony hair.

"Do not move if you value the girl's life. I am Lord Naginai of the One Sith. The true Sith. Your presence..."

The Kyataran blocked out the words of the false Sith. "Lord". The One Sith prided themselves on using titles to prove their strength. Titles were the results of strength, not the cause. It was time a lesson was learned. He didn't wait for the heretic to finish.

"Apprentice, take notes and learn. If a man cannot stand, he cannot fight."

Without a word, the Dark Jedi Master extended his hand towards the combatant's exposed knee, allowing the Force to shatter it in place. A shriek escaped the man's lips as he fell, dropping his weapon to grasp at the stump. Syntari shook the grip of her captor at the cost of a clump of hair.

"If a man cannot see, he cannot fight."

Pulling the weapon he dubbed "Nightshade" from his belt, Shikyo ignited the ultraviolet blade to life and slashed the tip of the weapon across his opponent's eyes. Lord Naginai cried out weakly, unable to heighten the intensity of his screams.

"If a man cannot move, he cannot fight."

Lifting the "Lord" into the air, Sasuke allowed the dark side to fuel his actions and strengthen his resolve. Gurgling and sputtering herald the sound of muscle tearing and bones snapping as sharply as the Kyataran allowed. The angles started off obtuse before growing more and more acute. Blood dripped from every laceration until the heap that was once Lord Naginai bounced across the durasteel with a sickening squish and plop. Turning to the Journeyman, the Wolf of Kyataru smirked.

"And if a man cannot breathe, he cannot fight."

I'm going to try and bullet point the major topics to keep the information short, sweet, and without misinterpretation.


Unless it is very obvious that you're not on topic, there will be no disqualifications. People will be notified during the event. This was done last phase and the results led to only one disqualification.

Phase I: Ch. II Results:

We had 118 entries submitted for the graphics portion of this past chapter. It's a new record in total graphic submissions and an impressive amount for an event that is considered secondary to our usual platforms.

Independence Games:

I'm not going to give out the details of my competition for these games but I will say this: I can't wait to see how these entries turn out.

HRLD-related Wiki Pages:

We've changed things a lot regarding new perks, new lightsaber and robe options, etc. There are requirements for these new perks and examples to be shown however we have not gotten around to setting these pages up. I apologize for this. I will discuss things with my Staff and see who'd like the chance to update the pages for a little more notice.

Dark Crusade Ribbons:

I had mentioned this idea around on IRC and played with the designs but I never announced the set up officially. So for the past two phases, everyone who participated will get a pass and receive the highest ribbon decoration. Afterwards, the set up will be as follows:

In the event of 6 events:

1-3 events completed - basic ribbon for that planet 4-5 events completed - ribbon with basic ornament for the planet All events completed - ribbon with advanced ornament for the planet

In the event of 5 events:

1-2 events completed - basic ribbon for that planet 3-4 events completed - ribbon with basic ornament for the planet All events completed - ribbon with advanced ornament for the planet

The more decorative the ribbon, the higher the prestige. This is to provide an incentive for full participation but still give something to those who do what they can. Expect a news post with the ribbons posted during the IGs.

Shout Outs!

I want to give a huge shout out to Kazmir Natas on his promotion to Obelisk Prelate and to Syntari Bastiayn on her promotion to Jedi Huntress. Congratulation you two!

Now, let's move on to the sexiness!

Tarax Eosphoros Taldrya Kor Atra Ventus

Completed by Ekeia:

Alexander DelGotto

Completed by Kazmir:

Sephiroth Shamshan Kali Evant Taelyan Shadowkind Incendus Layon Krayt

Tarax Eosphoros Taldrya Kor Ekeia Iclo

Locke asks: What's the status on the Possessions Project?

Right now, you guys are seeing it. There's nothing new to show you all just yet and as soon as I have some teasers, I'll be sure to spill the goods.

Roxas asks: Will possessions allow Journeyman to have custom blasters?

As far as I know, yes and no. However for anything custom or rare, it's going to come with a cost. Will Journeymen have the credits to buy one? Well, if you have a lot of medals, been in for a really long time, and saved up enough, then I'd assume so. However, the perks of custom anything comes with the territory of hard work.

That being said, the option will be there but will they have the credits for it? Depends on how the system is designed although I'm very inclined to say no.

Howie asks: There have been issues with custom lightsabers appearing on the beta site. Will this be an issue when it goes live?

I know one of the issues we've had with some of the selector sabers as well as other customs have been the naming and the image format of the sabers. I mentioned this to a couple of DCers in the past but not James. Or maybe I did... Either way, I'm really glad you pointed that out. I have all of the ones that were done under my administration saved so we won't have to worry about losing those. For older ones, that'll be a different story.

Thank you to Locke, Roxas, and Howie for your questions.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to send me an email or find me in #IRC.

Robes: 270 Lightsabers: 1,150 Warbanners: 550 Miscellaneous: 194

-DJM Shikyo Sasuke Keibatsu Herald of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Daimyo of the Keibatsu Bloodline

I've got a badass saber and warbanner. Awesomework, graphics monkeys. ;P

Thank you so much for my presemt level of sexyness... :D BEEFCAAAKE!!!

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