Aedile Report


Aedile Report

No fiction at this time, but you can check out Liam Torun's report, as well as the Run-On!

With the Dark Crusades concluded for Phase One, our house is now able to get back into the swing of things with something we have not done in far too long...

In Liam Torun's report, he announced that the house will be returning home after months of sabotaging the Dark Jedi's efforts in Sith Space. This also means that house fiction is back, and not all is well on the home front. New competitions (hilighted in Liam's report) are also released, which may be used in the future as house canon, to keep with the pattern we have been using over the last year. A Run-On is also up, in which we must infiltrate Menat Ombo to extract refugees and save them from impending doom. So, get into gear, ready your x-wing, and get ready, because we've returned home.

With the Dark Crusades concluded, I would like to thank everyone who has submitted to an event. I was swamped with schoolwork, myself (though I did fit in a few competitions!), but I hope you all had a blast. Once Chapter Three is graded, I will release totals gathered from our house participation. Also, take a look at the new house event, as it had a nice chance to get your submissions included in house canon!

Also, the JVC is still recruiting members for development. Please use the form on the wordpress site to get detailed instructions emailed to you directly.

Dark Crusades may be concluded for Phase One, but Phase Two looms over the horizon. The Jedi will have to get creative to thwart the Brotherhood and One Sith if they are to fulfill their objective.

In addition, house canon will be making a return as the Jedi battle against Cy Thuron and his myserious master, whatever his dark agenda might be...

No deatails at this time. Once the Crusades is graded, I will have something to share with you guys!

There isn't too much to cover in this report for now. Though, I reccomend checking on the current house event. As always, have fun!

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