Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

June 2013 Dark Forge Report


It looks like the last part of Phase 1 for the Dark Crusade is over. I am pleased to see that you guys performed admirably during this chapter and even though the results are not in yet, do not forget that Dark Forge had a big part to play in Arcona's score. Moving on to newer things, the three week Galerian event 'Homecoming' is out. Due to the time limit and the number of competitions, this is meant to be fairly relaxing after the intensity of the Dark Crusade, and so I won't need to urge any hardcore participation. Though know that it would be greatly appreciated and the chance for shinies are yours for the taking.

The second week has just been released, and the competitions involved seem to be simplistic, yet still challenging if that's what you like.


(Note: The IG medals are not included due to the previous reference in my last report.)

Troutrooper: *Seal of Rem. x 20 *Cluster of Fire

Legorii Kryotek Entar: *Seal of Rem. x 32

Skye Dulovic: *Cluster of Fire *Seal of Rem x 5

Inarya: *Cluster of Fire

K'tana: *Seal of Rem. x 7

Kyrun: *Cluster of Fire

Atyiru Araave: *Dark Cross x 1 *Seal of Rem. x8

Kalon Dane Beviin *Seal of Rem. x40 *Sapphire Blade x 1


Kyrun promoted to Guardian. Atyiru promoted to Dark Jedi Knight. Kordath promoted from Apprentice to Acolyte.

'''Shadow Academy'''

Atty passed Run-On studies and Leadership Fundamentals. Kordath passed Test of Lore, DB Basics, Krath Core, Sith Core, Obelisk Core, ACC Basics, Wiki Basics, Brotherhood History I, Philosophy I: Views, ToR Basics and Races and Species.

'''Final Note'''

On a final note, I would like everyone to welcome Kordath to Dark Forge. Despite joining the Brotherhood only sixteen days ago, Kordath has completed 11 SA courses (see above) and has already written up an informative wiki article for his character. Well done, mate.

Kalon Dane Beviin Sergeant, Dark Forge

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