Deputy Grand Master Report


Deputy Grand Master Report

Trample the weak, hurdle the dead. - Unknown

<font color="#800517">Bhargebba & Ch'hodos Results</font color=#800517></font>

<font size="4">Dark Crusade, Phase One, Chapter Three Results</font>

Overall Participation


First Place - Arcona - SA Trivia (38) Chronicle Fiction (30) HVT Fiction (21) GFX (34) Gaming (23) Wiki (28) = 174 / 82 = 2.12

Second Place - Scholae Palatinae - SA Trivia (12) Chronicle Fiction (11) HVT Fiction (6) GFX (8) Gaming (2) Wiki (9) = 48 / 65 = 0.74

Third Place - Odan-Urr - SA Trivia (6) Chronicle Fiction (4) HVT Fiction (1) GFX (2) Gaming (0) Wiki (3) = 16 / 49 = 0.33

<font size="4">Clan Arcona is Victorious on Bhargebba!</font>


First Place - Plagueis - SA Trivia (16) Chronicle Fiction (10) HVT Fiction (10) GFX (9) Gaming (7) Wiki (13) = 65 / 41 = 1.6

Second Place - Taldryan - SA Trivia (18) Chronicle Fiction (9) HVT Fiction (7) GFX (14) Gaming (7) Wiki (11) = 66 / 52 = 1.3

Third Place - Naga Sadow - SA Trivia (11) Chronicle Fiction (8) HVT Fiction (7) GFX (10) Gaming (6) Wiki (9) = 51 / 73 = 0.7

Fourth Place - Tarentum - SA Trivia (4) Chronicle Fiction (4) HVT Fiction (3) GFX (0) Gaming (0) Wiki (3) = 14 / 38 = 0.37

<font size="4">House Plagueis is Victorious on Ch'hodos!</font>

Congratulations to the winners.

We stated previously that units achieving a participation score of 1.5 or better would receive an Attachment (Read further into the report for what this means) for the next Chapter. As you can see above, Arcona and Plagueis hit that mark and both will receive an additional player for their Special Forces team when we start Phase Two, Chapter One. Congratulations to those two units and their outstanding participation drive.

Well done.

<font size="2">Placements</font>

Shadow Academy Trivia


Gold Nova - Revenge X, Rogue Silver Nova - Andrelious, Arcona Bronze Nova - Archangel, Scholae Palatinae Fourth Place - Sanguinius, Arcona Fifth Place - Blarex, Arcona


Gold Nova - Locke, Naga Sadow Silver Nova - Solus, Plagueis Bronze Nova - Malik, Naga Sadow Fourth Place - Rian, Taldryan Fifth Place - Nyssa, Taldryan



Gold Nova - Cethgus, Arcona Silver Nova - S'nar, Arcona Bronze Nova - Dash, Arcona Fourth Place - Marick, Arcona Fifth Place - Atyiru, Arcona


Gold Nova - Orion, Taldryan Silver Nova - Quejo, Taldryan Bronze Nova - Nero, Taldryan Fourth Place - Ka'hava've, Plagueis Fifth Place - Carissus, Taldryan



Gold Nova - Wuntilla, Arcona Silver Nova - Montressor, Arcona Bronze Nova - Kyrun, Arcona Fourth Place - Marick, Arcona Fifth Place - Azasell, Arcona


Gold Nova - Xia, Naga Sadow Silver Nova - Sanjuro, Naga Sadow Bronze Nova - Solus, Plagueis Fourth Place - Vaar, Naga Sadow Fifth Place - Pandala, Taldryan



Gold Nova - Team Arcona Silver Nova - Team Scholae Palatinae


Gold Nova - Team Plagueis Silver Nova - Team Taldryan Bronze Nova - Team Naga Sadow


Folks, I apologize but I do not have these results yet. We're working on it as you read this and I will post the individual placements as soon as they're done. Thanks, all.

*Note from the developers: On some of the above events there was a disqualification here and there. If you check your numbers against what we have here and they don't match, calmly email Muz and I and we'll get to resolving it. Appreciate everyone's patience with this process and any issues that may arise.

Any errors in the above I'm sure belong to me. Again, a huge thanks to my Dark Council for getting us what we need to take care of you all.

<font size="4"><font color="#800517">Tactical Pause</font color=#800517></font> Right now the One Sith are reeling from the onslaught of the Brotherhood's forces. We have plunged the dagger of our will deep into the heart of their domain. Yet in order to not let our confidence outstrip our supply lines, all Brotherhood forces will hold their current positions and conduct a tactical pause. Combat operations will renew next month.

Use this time to rest and refit your forces. Intra-unit training is encouraged and authorized.

-> <font color="#800517">_ _ _ __

__ _ _ _</font color=#800517></font>

<font size="4"><font color="#800517">Dark Crusade Vendetta Schedule Update</font color=#800517></font> At this point in time, and subject to change as always, we're looking at the following schedule:

28-30 June 2013 - Units make planetary selections for Phase Two, Chapter One

5 July - 19 July 2013 - Phase Two, Chapter One

??? Can anyone see this far into the future? I can't.

Please continue to let us know how everything is working out for you.

-> <font color="#800517">_ _ _ __

__ _ _ _</font color=#800517></font>

<font size="4"><font color="#800517">Dark Crusade Phase Two Scoring Model (Refresher)</font color=#800517></font> The scoring model for Phase Two went out in my last report and to your leaders long before that. I include it here again so everyone is tracking with what we'll be looking at to determine winners, the role of participation, and the "Attachment" concept (described below) and its importance to your efforts. So if you read this last time, nothing has changed and you can skip down to whatever's next or move immediately to mocking me in the report comments.

I sent out the scoring scheme for Phase Two to my Dark Lords the Consuls and Quaestors a couple months ago. This is part of our effort to get things out there to the guys on the ground so they know what's coming and can offer feedback, criticism, questions, etc., so we can try to deliver a better, more tailored product. This way we also avoid the usual crap of jumping out of the bushes on you guys the day before the Vendetta starts and yelling, "Surprise!" and you have no time to prepare for what will determine victory or defeat.

By now it should have been disseminated to you guys and everyone is tracking on their role in each team's effort. It's different for sure. Offers strategic and tactical depth we've not had before and will give more members than ever a shot at Novae. I'll leave it there. Your leaders already have the rest of the information for you and anyone with questions or concerns can talk to their leaders or come talk to me and I'd be happy to walk them through it. But I already made my sales pitch on it to your leaders and won't try to convince you of anything here. The following is the basic premise.

<font size="4">Phase 2 Scoring</font>

Phase Two of the Dark Crusade is split into two major divisions:

Special Forces

General Troops

<font size="3">Special Forces</font>

These are elite 8 person teams constructed by each unit's Summit. These are your heavy-hitters that will be responsible for all the placement points earned by their unit. Points are earned by placement in the Top Three spots of each competition. First, Second, and Third. Placement points are what we'll use to determine which units will win the planet on which they're fighting. Top Five rankings will be announced and Novae will be awarded as usual.

Teams may be changed by the Summit from month to month for the Chapters of Phase Two. But teams are locked during the month. In case of extreme emergency during the month, we can work out replacements if needed. But be extremely careful in whom you choose. The whole idea is that these are your elite operatives. Skilled, motivated, reliable.

Special Forces members' participation will be factored into the overall participation score. So don't worry, they will count for you and not against.

<font size="3">General Troops</font>

These will comprise everyone else in the unit. Their participation will dictate how much of a reward (in fleet points) is available at the end of the month plus a special benefit explained below. For fleet points, this continues to work as it has before. Greater participation percentage grants more fleet points to work with.

Now here is where we get into the synergy between a unit's Special Forces team and their regular troops. If a unit's General Troops can manage an overall participation percentage of 1.5 or better, then that unit's Special Forces team will earn an "Attachment" for the following month only. Again, the SF team's participation is part of the overall participation percentage.

What's an Attachment? An Attachment in the military is an element (person, unit, etc.) that will work with another unit under certain circumstances. When I was in the Army we had attachments all the time in the form of Air Force guys, etc., who would help us coordinate close air support, etc.

An Attachment for our purposes here will simply be an extra member added to your Special Forces team. This means that in the following month only, you will have 9 members earning you placement points rather than 8. You can see the obvious advantages and the need to keep your general troops motivated and pushing forward as before.

General Troops will also be able to earn Novae. Just like Special Forces division, the General Troops division will be scored First, Second, Third, etc. Novae for the Top Three. First through Fifth will be announced as usual.

Again, Special Forces members' participation will be factored into the overall participation score. So don't worry, they will count for you and not against.

<font size="3">Judging & Events</font>

Both divisions, Special Forces and General Troops, will operate under the same events.m But for judging on each planet, a unit's Special Forces team will only be scored against the other units' Special Forces elements they are facing.

The same goes for General Troops. The two separate divisions will only be judged against each other on each planet.


Planet XYZ

Clan ABC vs. House DEF


Special Forces

Fiction (Same event details for General Troops)

  1. DJM Awesome Sauce (Clan ABC)
  2. DA Wicked Cool (House DEF)
  3. etc.
  4. etc.
  5. etc.

General Troops

Fiction (Same event details for Special Forces)

  1. DJK Badass (House DEF)
  2. JH Darkity Dark (House DEF)
  3. etc.
  4. etc.
  5. etc.

Obviously this goes for whatever events we run.r You get the idea, but I know this stuff can be confusing so figured I'd spell it out.

We'll remind you again later, but mark your entries with Special Forces or General Troops for easier sorting and quicker scoring.

<font size="3">Special Forces Placement Points</font>

Remember, your Special Forces teams are going to determine who wins the battle for each planet. General Troops are going to determine how many fleet points will be won and if your unit's SF team will get an Attachment in the following Chapter.

First Place in the Special Forces division is worth 15 points

Second Place in the Special Forces division is worth 10 points

Third Place in the Special Forces division is worth 5 points

Ties in placement points will be broken by whichever unit had the higher overall participation percentage.

Planetary theaters will be offered as before.

-> <font color="#800517">_ _ _ __

__ _ _ _</font color=#800517></font>

<font size="4"><font color="#800517">Leadership Turn-over</font color=#800517></font> The only constant is change. We have turned over some key leadership positions of late. If you've been here long enough, you've seen these kinds of cycles come and go. For those of you who have served and are moving on, thank you for your efforts. For those of you taking over, thank you for stepping up.

Korras is going to be heading up Naga Sadow for a time in order to maintain short-term stability for the Crusade and well-being of the membership. Muz and Korras have worked out a plan to oversee the unit and train a replacement so Korras can return to denying promotions and awards full-time.

The Plagueis vacancy has yet to be filled. This is a critical decision on our part and one further complicated and waylaid by the Crusade running and scoring. Now that Phase One is complete and scored (mostly), Muzenstein and I will move immediately to getting this slot filled and Plagueis back on its way to greatness. Apologies to those who've applied and have patiently awaited a decision. Apologies to the membership of Plagueis for the delay. You deserve the best leader we can find and that's what we're trying to do.

-> <font color="#800517">_ _ _ __

__ _ _ _</font color=#800517></font>

<font size="4"><font color="#800517">Some Poll Results</font color=#800517></font> Is the Krath Order legitimate? Shockingly, yes, according to this poll. I'll have to do further research to see if bias played a roll, but apparently 65% of those polled actually believe the Krath to be a legitimate Order. Purple. Strange.

Should the DJB pause the fiction timeline? According to the poll, no, we should not. I appreciate the feedback as we figure out which way to go, but the people hath spoken!

Undernet IRC Connection Issues. Oh, this old horse? Put your sabers away, folks. We're just talking here. A few months back I asked everyone to just kind of indicate what issues they were having. Most of you experience only mild issues, which is great. A few had moderate issues and another handful had severe issues. I wish the sample size had been larger, but I work with what I get. Just know we're working on this issue, have a plan, and are not going to do anything titanically stupid. Moderately stupid? Definitely. But we'll almost certainly avoid epicly stupid. Maybe.

So that's what you all had to say. See for yourself: Polling Center

-> <font color="#800517">_ _ _ __ ___

___ __ _ _ _</font color=#800517></font>

<font size="4"><font color="#800517">Next Time on the New <strike>Hit</strike> Series, ShadowHand...</font color=#800517></font> Phase One, Chapter Three FICTION results or I'm a monkey's uncle.

Updated Vendetta timeline.

Guest fiction. So far my calls have gone unheeded. If you'd like to write something about our collective DB story, send it to me.

Scandalsauce: The Recipe!

Stay tuned.

-> <font color="#800517">_ _ _

_ _ _</font color=#800517></font>

See you out there,

  • R</font></font></font></font></font></font>

Woo! I can haz a Nova, finally! Only took me 10 years :P



Plagueis is Three for Three! Ascendant Again!

Wewt. another win. Great job Plagueians :)

Gratz to the winners!


Looks like i get a Nova too. Great job all, including my house, Plagueis. That's three planets in a row we won, and this one the most satisfying since we had lost our quastor and many of our best had real life issues and couldn't participate.

Only shows that when we are backed against the wall, our members continue to overachieve and step up to the plate and keep hitting home runs out of the park

Arcona. Invicta.

I'm going on a break for a few months. :P

I don't blame you, Tarax. :/

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