Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

With a metallic hand gently resting upon a wooden banister, Solari slowly walked the length of the balcony overlooking his private study. His other hand held aloft a datapad, such that his visual receptors could scan the displayed information. It was, perhaps, the most inefficient way for the Headmaster to assimilate data, yet the novelty of the act made him feel more Human.

Continued on the forums.

Month In Review

This month the Academy certainly felt the effects of the Crusade with a massive decline in exam submissions. All up we saw 39 exams passed.

I'm not surprised, nor am I disheartened, by this number. As I have told me staff: Focus on, and put your all into, the Crusade. Your units need your efforts, and you can be sure you will be adequately rewarded for it.

On the topic of the Crusade, I am really impressed with what I have seen of the submissions (admittedly my view is very narrow.) It is obvious everyone is putting in a tremendous effort and (as a former Wiki Tribune) I was particularly blown away by the Wiki submissions.

Member Spotlight: Salem Creed

Special mention this month goes out to Salem Creed! Salem earned his second degree, a Dark Maven Combat, and was also awarded a Dark Cross for the sheer effort he put into one of his exams; where he provided a 1,600 word answer to a single question. Like Sanguinius said in the recommendation, it was "an actual essay answer."

Salem, keep up the good work!


I'll be running trivia in #shadowacademy on irc this weekend. Give me a day or two to figure out time zones and lookout for a dedicated news post regarding specifics.

Rest up, maybe take an exam or two, and get ready for the next chapter of the Dark Crusade!

I for one approve of this member spotlight business!


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