Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Aedile & Quaestor Joint Report (my damn graphic disappeared)


This has turned out to be a pretty long report. We're actually writing this section last. So a brief summary of what's inside... Awards from the Independance Games have come out since the last report, as well as some info on the awards from the May Crusade. A short summary of the Combat Master Report, with info on the new ACC Character Sheets. Listing of current competitions including those that are part of the June HQD Event "A House Divided". And my analysis on how we've been progressing through the Crusade as a House. There's quite a bit to this one, so get to reading! No TLDR for you!

The Promotions, Awards, and Shadow Academy Courses listed in this report cover the time period between 26Apr2013 and 16Jun2013.


  • Blarex promoted to Dark Jedi Knight
  • Kanis Da'uul promoted to Jedi Hunter
  • Imperator promoted to Apprentice
  • Marrek Gunstinson promoted to Novice
  • Socorra promoted to Sith Battlelord


TONS of awards this report! Since my last report all of the awards from the Independance Games have been pushed out to everyone, so they're included here.

Congratulations to everyone who placed in the May Dark Crusade. I'll be including these in the official lineup in my next report (because administratively its hell to make sure I don't double count if I list awards that haven't been pushed out yet). Remember that the May Dark Crusade Fiction is still in the grading process, if the other Events are any indication our Clan's performance in Fiction should be stellar as well! Also, congratulations to everyone who participated on their Gold Nova for the May Dark Crusade Wiki!

  • Blarex - Crescent with Sapphire Star, Crescent with Amethyst Star, 13x Seal of Reminiscence
  • CyberGuy Quiritatio Entar - 3 Clusters of Fire
  • Fet'ai'narun - 8 Clusters of Fire, 2x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Kanis - Anteian Cross, 1x Cluster of Fire, 2x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Montresor - 299 Clusters of Fire, 1x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Morrighan - Silver Nova (IGs), Bronze Nova (IGs), Grand Cross, 2x Crescent with Ruby Star, Crescent with Sapphire Star, Dark Cross, 57 Clusters of Fire, 16x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Nadrin - Seal of Reminiscence
  • Ood - Dark Cross, Crescent with Sapphire Star, 8x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Saiketsu - Seal of Reminiscence
  • Strategos - Crescent with Ruby Star, 4x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Timeros - 3 Clusters of Fire, 2x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Wes Biriuk - Anteian Cross, 16 Clusters of Fire, 7x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Zagel1 - 12 Clusters of Fire
  • Nikola Valtiere - 6 Clusters of Fire, 3x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Invictus - 153 Clusters of Fire, 2x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Andrelious - 3x Gold Novas (IGs), 2x Silver Novas (IGs), 2x Bronze Novas (IGs), Crescent with Diamond Star, 3x Crescent with Ruby Star, 2x Crescent with Sapphire Star, 3x Crescent with Amethyst Star, 56 Clusters of Fire, 36x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Socorra - Crescent with Amethyst Star, some Clusters of Fire, 11x Seal of Reminiscence
  • Valhavoc - Crescent with Sapphire Star, Crescent with Emerald Star, some Clusters of Fire, 13x Seal of Reminiscence

Shadow Academy

Courses Completed:

  • Blarex: Poetry Studies
  • Dalk Darklighter: Training Saber, Krath Core, GMRG History
  • Kanis: Leadership Fundamentals
  • Morrighan: GMRG History

Antei Combat Center

This month's Combat Master report gave us another peak into the development of the new ACC, and specifically the Character Sheet's Aspects. In short aspects are a quick summary of character traits, personalities, history, or behaviors which give all of us a brief way to determine how each others characters act when writing about them. Think of it as the Cliff Notes to your wiki's. Interested in learning more about it? Read the report I linked. Interested in writing a Aspect? The CM has a competition out there to do just that! See the Competition Section for a link to it.

Remember that the Arcona Contract Bureau is out there if you'd like to get some writing practice in.

New Character Sheets: Kanis Da'uul, Marrek Gunstinson, and Morrighan

HQD June Event: A House Divided

The June Event for our House is still underway, we've got 10 more days until close of the Event. I've seen a few entries roll into my inbox this week, remember you still have time to knock out a few Competitions. This Event was organized to be fun and laid back, to give you all something to play with between the May and July Dark Crusade Events. As much as we'd love everyone to go nuts with it and participate in everything, its critical that we all go into the next round of the Dark Crusade refreshed and ready to crush the other Clouses faces.

That said, here is the current lineup of competitions for the Event:

Other Competitions

For a list of Competitions which apply specifically to you please make sure you're logged into the DJB website and follow this link. I've also put together a short list of the Competitions which are currently available, by type, for you to read at your leisure.

_Fiction Competitions: _

  • Create-An-Aspect - Create an Aspect for use in the Brotherhood's Character Sheet system! This comp runs until 28June2013.
  • Sentence Run-On - An Arcona specific competition to create a Run On one sentence at a time. This comp runs until September 2013.

_Misc Competitions: _

  • ShadowHand Secrets - An ongoing Competition to find Hidden Messages in the DGM's Reports.
  • Do ALL the Rage!!!!!! - Seen some funny stuff in #arcona or elsewhere in the DB? Make a rage comic about it and submit it to Sanguinius, Wuntila and Marick; cc'ing your relevant summit. It can be about anything, any length and must be funny.

May Dark Crusade Summary and Analysis

Still reading? Almost done, keep plugging along.

We had eight members finish the May Dark Crusade Round with full participation (according to the Activity Tracker)! Thank you Fet'ai'narun, Morrighan, Andrelious, Nikola Valtiere, and Montresor for your brilliant work on the last round! Yes, for those counting that was only six, Socks and I had full participation also.

So around four months ago the Dark Crusade rolled out, everyone trumpeted that this event was a marathon, not a sprint. It would be endurance that would prevail in the end. As we wrap up the first Phase of this Event it feels appropriate to look back and see how consistent we've been, as a House. During the February Event we had a total of 42 submissions entered, and 12 Top 5 Placements. In March we had 68 submissions, and 10 Top 5 Placements. For May we surpassed our previous submissions by 3, with a total of 71 entered, Top 5 Placements count is pending for the Fiction Events currently we're at 12 though.

Participation and placement wise, we're on target every month. Even showing a significant improvement between February and March. Based on our participation number in May the House had 1.91 entries per person. Yes, that's slightly lower than the Clan average. HOWEVER, it is HIGHER than all of the Houses outside Arcona and the one other Clan within the Brotherhood!

So, what does all this mean? You all are freaking awesome! You've been kicking in people's teeth and chewing bubble gum the last four months, and it shows (remember to switch to new piece of bubble gum when flavor gets old). We've still got plenty more planets to crush as we continue on in the Crusade, lots more Nova to win. The next round of the Crusade starts on 05July2013, be ready to DO WORK SON!


If you've gotten all the way to the end of this you're a Saint.

I'm not sure how much more we really have to go over at this point. The report has been pretty long and had a lot of good information in it (at least in the authors' completely unbiased opinion). Hopefully you all got some good ideas of how the House is doing, where we're headed and what all is going on currently.

Have fun with the June Event, be ready for the Crusade to resume in July! Hit up Socks or myself with any questions you have. Well done, stay classy House Qel-Droma.

Socorra & Valhavoc Quaestor & Aedile House Qel-Droma

(probably our last report together for a while /sadface)

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