Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

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With Phase I finally over, we can begin looking to the future and what Void needs to do to succeed in it.

Void Business:

The main news for Void is the joining of not one, but two new members. I want everyone to welcome Wes Biriuk and Dalk Darklighter to the team.


Service studs for the Dark Crusade Chapter III:

Dalk Darklighter: 0


Naradas: 0

Nikola: 2

Snabbie: 0

Tirano: 0

Valerius: 0

Wes: 1




At the moment we have plenty of competitions going on for the house divided event, entering it's second week on Monday. I urge everyone to take part, it's a good way to get some fiction going and get rewarded for some good old character development. <p>

<p>A house divided: </p> <p>During our time off, the Sith have begun their bid for power within Qel-Droma. Will you side with the summit, your own order, or strike out for yourself? There's still a week left to participate, so make sure to get at least one event in. Something as simple as updating your wiki page can count, so it doesn't have to be too long. </p>

<p>Dark Crusade: </p> In the final chapter of phase 1, Arcona has bagged yet another win, averaging 2.2 posts per person. Going from preliminary numbers, Void's contributions are ordered thusly: <p>Nikola: 6</p> <p>Nadrin:5</p> <p>Wes: 4</p> <p>Dalk Darklighter: 2</p> <p>Naradas: 0</p> <p>Snabbie: 0</p> <p>Tirano: 0</p> <p>Valerius: 0</p> With these scorings, we averaged 2.125, just under Arcona's overall average. A number to be proud of. However, only half of Void contributed. With this information, a score to be proud of loses something. I would like to see Void as an active team. Even if the other four members did the trivia round, Void's average would have been 2.6, well above Arcona's average. Void should show why we're the elite. We need to push harder, dig deeper for this new phase. Though it is weighted towards placement, participation still plays a large part in the scoring. As such, I want to see ever member of Void contibute in chapter II.
<p>-Mors Ex Tenebris</p>

<p>DJK Nikola Valtiere (Sith)/CMDR/Qel-Droma of Arcona [TOR] [GMRG: I] [ACC: CAN] DC-CP / Cr-1E / CF / CI-RC / S:-2Aff

{SA: MVF}</p></p>

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