Aedile Report


Aedile Report

I'm aware that this is not your typical report, but a promotion of one of Taldryan's finest, and most loyal members deserves to be recorded in the annals of time, as more momentous an occasion than just quite simply reading a blurb on his history report.

As such, I want to pass on congratulations, that one of Taldryan's Finest, has just been promoted to the rank of Obelisk Primarch, one of the most prestigious ranks within the Dark Brotherhood. Below, you'll find the recommendations that Rian and Sid collected.

Congrats Primarch Chaosrain Taldrya, for your overdue, and thoroughly deserved promotion!

Every once in a while things get messy, either because of stressful RL or because of things simply get lost while we were buried with other stuff to do. Thankfully when it comes to the point where we throw our heads together, gathering recommendations to reward our Brothers and Sisters for their hard work appropriately one remembers of the outstanding work one has done in the past that went yet unrecognized. This time it has been Howie who has pointed me at your work Chaos. Chaos, it has been quite a time since you have last served officially as Taldryan's Consul and Proconsul. During the 17 month Chaos has served in office, he has been awarded 11 Crescents, 6 Novae, 4 Merit Medals as well as 42 Seals. That is a really impressive list but with this it hasn't ended. Since Chaos has stepped down, he has served a term as Right Hand of Justice and gathered a total of 6 more Novae, 3 Merit Medals, 8 Crescents with differing Star, 12 Clusters of Fire, 1 Cluster of Ice, 1 Legion of the Scholar and 40 different Seals, including a Seal of Loyalty for his service to the Brotherhood.

Chaos also has a steady voice on the Taldryan Summit sharing his ideas and views with the rest of the Elders/Summit for the best of the House.

For all this work and dedication there is only one appropriately reward, and that for I am now requesting that Obelisk Exarch Chaosrain Taldrya may be elevated in rank to Obelisk Primarch.

Obelisk Prelate Rian Aslar

Quaestor of House Taldryan


When I first joined Taldryan, I heard stories about Chaos - being failure incarnate, being the measure of fail, the failboard - that kind of thing. When I got to know him, however, these stories became amusing anecdotes to contrast against his loyalty and dedication to Taldryan - and tremendous amount of work he's put into this club in the past few years.

To that end, I decided to take a look at what Chaosrain has done since his last promotion - and it is quite something. He served as Taldryan's Proconsul and then Consul for over ten months - and later served the Chamber of Justice as the Right Hand of Justice for seven months. Frankly, I feel that his leadership activities alone warranted this promotion - but there is further icing to this well made cake we call Chaosrain. Additionally, he has earned over forty seals, six novae, four merit medals, and nearly dozen crescents.

Chaos has assisted Taldryan's Summit throughout the Dark Crusade, providing ideas and feedback (as well as pestering our younger members), and participating himself. Moreover, he helped with Grand Master Jac's amendments (retcons) to the Dark Covenant.

This promotion is years overdue - and that is a unfortunate oversight - but an oversight I am glad to help correct today. Promote his ass to Obelisk Warlord already.

Good job, Failbot.


Chaos is the quiet one no one really notices. He doesn't chat to random DB-ers often, and he doesn't have a...loud...presence that screams for attention. However, he has been a steadfast pillar within Taldryan for almost 10 years, holding it up at both its greatest and worst times.

In Taldryan we joke a lot about his failure, and we've even gone so far as canonizing that persona in numerous Brotherhood writings, but the fact of the matter is that Chaosrain Taldrya has contributed to some of Taldryan's biggest successes. In my time as Dinaari Aedile and Quaestor, Chaos lead Clan Taldryan as both Proconsul and Consul, using his positive and hardworking attitude to lead by example and inspire those below him. I'm sure he did good stuff in Ektrosis, but that doesn't matter because Ektrosis sucked compared to Dinaari.

Since stepping down from active leadership, Chaos has proved invaluable to the Taldryan Summits that followed, offering opinions, advice, and wisdom that is rooted in reality and facts, something that in this club tends to get overlooked as people try to pretend who's the meaner Dark Jedi. Chaos' level-headedness has many times steered Taldryan away from a path that would have seen it flying off a cliff.

Chaos' dedication to Taldryan and to the Dark Brotherhood hasn't gone completely unnoticed: for his 17 months in leadership and numerous competition and novae medals, he has been awarded a fair amount of merit medals in the process, and was made a Son of Taldryan. However, his contributions need to be put under a bigger and brighter spotlight: Chaosrain Taldrya deserves to be promoted to Equite 4 and given the recognition he rightfully deserves. I mean, if I managed to get EQ4, then he sure as hell must.


Let me start this off by saying quite simply, that Chaosrain Taldrya is one of the most dedicated, hard-working, and unassuming members that I have ever come across in my many years in the Dark Brotherhood. I've known basically every member that can be rightly regarded as one of the greats in the DB, and I have no reservation in saying this, Chaos belongs among them. The thing about Chaos is, he does everything that he does with almost no recognition. He works hard, he does what needs to be done, and he never yells, or whines, or complains about anything. He does what he does, because like the rest of us, for some sick reason he loves this club, and his loyalty to it, and Taldryan are second to none.

In the preparation of this recommendation, I went back into Chaos' history a little bit. I never had the pleasure of actively serving with him in Taldryan until I came back to the DB in a fulltime capacity a little over two years ago. What I discovered in my research is one of the most deserving members of more recognition that I have ever seen, and someone who truly should have been getting a hell of a lot more credit than he has been getting. Even I'm guilty of overlooking this stalwart and quite frankly, amazing member of the Dark Brotherhood. I always knew Chaos stepped up and helped out, but the manner in which he does things belies the importance of the work that he does.

Chaos never fails to lend a hand, a piece of advice, or an opinion when it is asked of him. He works closely with the leadership of Taldryan and makes sure that, despite the company he keeps, he maintains a level head, and approaches problems without emotion or ego. Perhaps it's the fact that he's quiet, that allows him to be overlooked so easily. I don't know, but I think it's a horrible tragedy that Chaos has had to wait this long for a promotion. I'm now going to do a laundry list of all the accolades, and activity that Chaos has done since his last promotion over 5 years ago, while serving as Proconsul of Taldryan.

After his promotion, Chaos served a further 253 days as Proconsul, that's roughly 8.5 months.

Following that, he served 56 days as Consul of Clan Taldryan, nearly 2 months.

After that, he stepped up as the Right Hand of Justice, and served a term lasting 224 days, roughly 7.5 months. During his time as Right Hand of Justice, Chaos presided over three CoJ cases as the prosecution.

That amounts to 18 Months, or a year and a half of time in a position of leadership and authority.

Since then, Chaos has been awarded the following medals:

Steel Cross x2

Antei Cross x1

Dark Cross x1

Gold Nova x4

Silver Nova x1

Bronze Nova x1

Competition Crescents: 1 Ruby Star, 2 Amethyst Stars, 2 Sapphire Stars, 4 Emerald Stars, and 2 Topaz Stars.

Seal of Loyalty x1

Cluster of Fire x20

Cluster of Ice x1

Furthermore, in Great Jedi War IX, Chaos earned 14 Seals of Unity, qualifying as one of the top 30 participants in the conflict within the entire Dark Brotherhood.

Later, in Great Jedi War X, Chaos earned 23 Seals of Decimation, marking himself as one of the top 12 participants in the Dark Brotherhood.

Since then, Chaos has participated in at least every major Brotherhood event, from Independence Games to the Horizons outbreak. Following that, and entering into the Dark Crusades, Chaos has participated in 15 of 17 possible events, while helping out Taldryan with guidance and support in every team oriented event, and encouraging members through his stellar example of activity.

For 5+ years of exemplary service to the Dark Brotherhood, and Taldryan along with it, I would like to emphatically recommend that Exarch Chaosrain Taldrya be elevated to the rank of Obelisk Primach, and finally be awarded for all of his amazing, and selfless work toward the betterment of all.

DJM Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor (Sith)/FM/Taldryan [TOR] [GMRG: I] [ACC: I]

GLS / DS / SB / GC-PoDP / SC-SoR / AC-ToSC / DC-DP / GN-AuL / SN-AuL / BN-GL / Cr-1D-2R-2A-3S-2E-1T-6Q / CF-GF / CI-GC / DSS-AgL / LS-GL / SoL-BE / S:-4M-2D-2Dk-6P-14U-33Dec-5Aff


Son of Taldryan

First Prophet of the Brotherhood

Chaos was my Proconsul during my tenure as Ektrosis Aedile, and has been a constant presence in the Taldryan arsenal in some shape or form there and back again. Aside from the obvious numerous Vendettas that have occurred since his last promotion, of which he has stirred from slumber to participate in, Chaos has been a constant voice in the happenings of the Clan/House as a whole in terms of the direction of the current summit as a whole. It's one thing to ask our mentors for the occasional entry to a Vendetta competition, but it's another thing completely for that member to step up to the plate without having been asked, and take up the un-rewarding role of leadership to take charge of that said unit. Chaos is more than deserving of this promotion, and I think it's about time we recognize him as one of the elite of this organization. He surely is already one of the elite in my own eyes. Chaos, keep failing for me. Taigikori Aybara; Justicar

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